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A Thought Experiment

Imagine it's the day of Game One of the World Series. The Giants are playing the, uh, whoevers. Some generic AL team. The Twins or something. The game is going to start in roughly five hours, and...

Giants Interested in Jayson Werth


According to Jayson Stark, at least. I know Sabean has said he's not interested in rentals (and I happen to agree) but I think that we should absolutely make an exception here. Werth shouldn't be all the expensive (in terms of prospects) to obtain, since the Phillies want to dump salary and have a replacement from the minors waiting, and Werth is a guaranteed Type-A, so, hey, free draft picks. GIT R DONE SABES. It makes too much sense not to.

Patience wearing thin with Molina


"Just before Aaron Rowand’s playing time was curtailed, I got the strong sense that patience from the manager’s office was coming to an end. I am getting that same sense with Molina now. Whether it’s because of his ailing left elbow or not, he simply is not driving the ball. And because his running is such an extreme liability, he presents no shortage of lineup problems. You can’t sacrifice him as the No.8 hitter. But you also can’t afford to bat him any higher in the lineup. Molina grounded into a double play tonight. He also had a single, but that would’ve been a double play, too, if Edgar Renteria hadn’t taken off with the pitch, causing Geoff Blum to vacate his shortstop position."

I'm not saying hosannas and leis are in order; I'm just amused that for the press and certain fans,...


I'm not saying hosannas and leis are in order; I'm just amused that for the press and certain fans, Bad Giants = Bad Sabean and Good Giants = Lucky Sabean

http://www.leftymalo.com/2010/06/national_respect.php I'm with Lefty on this one. Give Sabean some credit, he improved the offense.

Huff says he'll move to left if asked


"If I'm told to go out to left field, I'll do it," Huff said. "I've played outfield before. I played (right field) for a whole season in Tampa and played fairly well out there. It's not something I'm not comfortable with. I definitely enjoyed my time out there. I'm not the kind of guy who has to be at one certain position every day. Whatever they want. I'll play third, first, left, right, DH." Huff smiled and added, "It would ruin my Gold Glove opportunity at first." I'm not down with this, but I'm not worked up about it either. Basically, you're gambling that Buster Posey at first is worth more than Torres (and sometimes Bowker) offense PLUS the defensive downgrade that Huff would be.

AAA catcher not ready for the big leagues


A catcher with the Oklahoma City Redhawks has a throwing problem - not to second base, but back to the pitcher.

I love you, Matt Cain


Baggs article on various topics. The potential Cain extension is touched on. Money quote: "Cain said he doesn't envision playing anywhere else and he'd welcome an extension." We don't envision you anywhere else either, Matt. Stick around!

Sandoval the Elder at MiLB training


He looks good in the uniform. I like the 'M Sandoval' thing. He just looks like a buffer Panda. Hopefully that means good things.

Bowker won't compete for RF


Sabean says Bowker is more of an LF, and won't be competing for the RF job. I guess that leaves it down to Nate and Eugenio?



Jesus Guzman apparently cleared waivers; no one wanted him. He's in AAA now and will get a spring training invite.

Dayton Moore and the Sexually Oblivious Rhino


Make sure you scroll down a bit. By all means, read through the Royals angst too, though.

Sabean still saying some of the right things


"Uggla, a sorely needed right-handed pull hitter, is widely believed to top that list. With the Marlins perennially fighting to keep their payroll at modest levels, they are expected to actively shop the arbitration-eligible second baseman. But Sabean said he won't give up any prime assets for a player getting close to free agency, and the Marlins are asking for players like left-hander Madison Bumgarner. " Why the hell do the Marlins think that they can get MadBum for Uggla. Everyone knows they need to unload the payroll. I'd send them FLew and AAAA change.

Duke's battle with depression


Rough stuff. I'd love to see him on the back end of the Giants rotation, though...

Randy Winn and JT Snow pep-talk the youngins


This article gives me hope that Randy will stick around in the Giants organization. I think it's been brought up before that he might be a good minor league manager or coach of some kind. I've always loved Randy, his offensive decline notwithstanding. (PS: I know I've posted more than my share of fanshots recently. I'm sorry. It's all that's keeping me from rosterbating till my hands fall off.)

Sabean Interview with Haft


The good: Sabean flatly refuses to bring Molina back for more than a year The meh: Sabes says that Uribe and Penny's current contract demands are too high The bleh: Sabean doesn't want to trade this offseason if he can, and would rather fill needs via free agency. All signs seem to point to Jason Bay.

Getting to 725 runs


Smart blogger theorizes that the Giants will need 725 runs to make the playoffs next year, 68 more that this year. Lays out a reasonable way to get them: 1) Enjoy the benefits of a full year of Sanchez as opposed to Burris et al, 25 extra runs 2) Sign an offensive outfielder, Damon and Cameron are mentioned (I would prefer Cameron), 15-20 more runs 3) Trade for Dan Uggla (which, no matter where he played, would be compared to our 1B production this year), 20 runs 4) Hope that Posey is an offensive upgrade and that someone like Nate steps up, 5 runs That gets him to the right number of runs needed. I think this is a good approach. We need offensive upgrades in the IF and the OF. If we don't want to sign one of the two "big" bats, then lets get two half-bats.



Well, the Yomiuri Giants. And the Japan Series.

Giants need to trade an arm they love for the bat they need


Are you guys willing to trade Matt Cain or Brian Wilson (or maybe JSanch) for a hitter? Do you accept the premise that a young pitcher must be traded to improve this offense enough?

Timmy on Buster


"When you say, 'This guy's here for a reason,' you're talking about someone just like him," Lincecum said. "He's getting more and more comfortable down there. He doesn't have the experience you need at his level, but he looks ready for it."

SFGiants.com video of Uribe Homer


Lol, what? The highlight they posted is completely silent.

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