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Appropriate Time to Share This


With Ted Berg revealing some of the pictures from Valdespin's Twitter, take a look at the full collection on his Instagram. The ones with texts in Spanish say "Before you criticize me, become superior to me" and the others is thanking God for strength and perseverance.

Reyes Comments


I guess maybe I should comment it's in Spanish, but I'll translate/summarize. A little more than your usual all-politically correct answers. How do you feel about 2010 about you specifically? Last year was frustrating since I only played 36 games, but this year I've been healthy and have to be happy for that, but not happy for how the team has gone since we are not doing what we want to do, compete for a play-off spot. What happened to the Mets the 2nd half? The hitting fell off and has been inconsistent. Their was a failed experiment to hit you 3rd, do you think that will be happening again soon? After letting out a chuckle when hearing Rojas bring it up, he says that he was not ready (in general not playing any training games), and that the manager took to that and I'll do it because I'll do what's best for the team, and maybe it will be revisited in a LONG time, but right now I'm comfortable where I am. Do you have any specific part of your game you wish to improve on? My selectivity at the plate, considering I have almost 500 ABs and only 25 walks. I have to be a more selective hitter if I want to hit .320, .325 in the big leagues. You could be a free agent this year, but the Mets have an option which everyone thinks will be exercised. What would you prefer, the option being exercised or negotiate a long-term deal? I don't control that, I'm focused on playing, and then what will happen will happen, but I will tell you something. I don't want to go anywhere, I want to play here, I want to finish my career here in New York, that's the only team that I've played for and they gave me the opportunity to play in the bigs, I have my house here, I have my family here, the kids go to school, I don't want to play anywhere else but I understand this is a business and I will just play and then happen what will happen in the off-season. You do know theirs another team in New York, you wouldn't have to move? After laughing says, I know, but I'm focused on here and I want to finish my career here. Have Minaya and the Mets given you any word on contract talks? Not to me or my lawyer (I'm guessing he meant his agent), but they did make a comment about it in the paper about an extension, but nothing to me or my lawyer. If the Mets don't make the play-offs, any team you like/root to make it to the WS? Right now I'm focused on my team, maybe if we don't make it I'll pick a team, but right now I'm focused on us and happens what happens with them. This doesn't seem like my much, but their are a few interesting things that you can pick up with the tone and language he used. A) He apparently keeps tracks of his numbers. He knew his games played last year as well as his PAs and BBs this year off the top of his head. Nothing wrong with that, I just found it interesting. B) It seems like he really hated hitting 3rd. The way he says "the manager took to that" is like when I ask my parents (I'm still a teen) for something I know I won't happen, but pester them anyway. Like it was ridiculous. C) Good to see him notice he's regressed on selectivity and still needs to work on it. D) It seemed to me like he was genuine and not just be PC about wanting to finish his career here.

Fan sues Castillo, Blastro, MLB, Mets and Rawlings


Fan gets busted up by broken bat, now wants to sue. Apparently didn't read the back of his ticket that explains how fans are at their own risk. This won't go anywhere. And to steal two jokes from the place I got this: Castillo's hardest hit all season. Fan also suing Isaac Newton for gravity.

Jenrry Mejia is back


Rehab game for the GCL Mets. 3 innings, 4 hits, 1 ER, 1 BB, 3 K, 6:0 GB:FB ratio.


The Road Ahead

With the 1st half of the season coming to a close, our Mets now stand at 48-40, 4.0 games behind the Braves for the division lead, and 1.0 game behind the Rockies and Dodgers for the Wild Card...


Anyone want to recommend a/some Mets books?

Well, so I am a recent fan, only a few years now. I was thinking, I don't really know much about team history. I mean, I know the big things, but I could really know a lot more about everything but...

Heyman tweets no Grandal


I know some people aren't very trusting in Heyman, take it as you wish. Well, it seems Harper, Machado, Taillon, Sale (p), Pomeranz and someone else will be gone by the team we come up. Grandal was probably the best choice at that point, as a lot of us here seem to agree since he has the chance of being a great bat at a position where great bats are rare. If it's not gonna be him, I'll take Sale and Cox, but this would be too early for Brentz and Matt Harvey doesn't sound good. College pitcher who's secondary stuff is still regarded as "having potential" and has command problems, doesn't read like a first round guy.

"Somebody maybe ought to check the Mets if they did that," Manuel said. "Their [bleeping] home...


"Somebody maybe ought to check the Mets if they did that," Manuel said. "Their [bleeping] home record is out of this world and they're losing on the road. Sometimes that's a good indicator of getting signs and [crap]. I see somebody setting there at (14-7) at home and (4-8) on the road, I'd get concerned about that. That kind of crosses my mind. "I'm not accusing them, but you look at that and -- damn. We're about the same home and road. I'm just saying their record is much better at home and they hit better."

Costa profiles Mejia


Worth a read if you ask me. Mejia's story is different than that of the usual Latin American player.

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