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Fullscreen, volume up, defibrillator ready for Glopknar's latest work.

Wednesday Sips, sentient oranges incoming


It's 'Cuse week. These sips are a zesty blend of Cal recaps, injury news, and looking ahead to the Orange.

Heroic Wildcats shoot down hippie Bears

Trevor, you big stud! Take me to bed or lose me forever!

Friday Sips, Gameday Eve


Check your pulse. We're one day from Wildcats football and mine is off the charts.

B1G N-Alysis: NU vs. UNL


A comparison between the two most recognized brands in "N".



Sippin' on Purple's newest staff member Glopknar breaks down the Northwestern-Iowa rivalry, which has mainly consisted of Iowa GETTING DUNKED ON in recent years.

Vote for new rad vids


Within this post you should hopefully find a poll where you can vote for what you want highlighted by my next reel of bodacious highlights. So, get in there and do that or wutev.

Hold on to your butts


This will probably get lost in the mess of fanposts around here, but I have produced a video of respectful CFB analysis from a Northwestern perspective. This video meets my highest standards of professionalism. Enjoy.

Here it comes again


Recorded here for posterity

Glopknar Productions Presents


I'll just leave this here in case anyone actually decides to read the fanshots.

Full size here. 1) Olah and Ajou are huge. 2) Liberman yarmulke not purple. 3) Cobb...

Full size here. 1) Olah and Ajou are huge. 2) Liberman yarmulke not purple. 3) Cobb included. 4) Omar, Sobo, Hearn win swag smile award. 5) Cerina will break you.

Thanks for SoP guys

As we approach the end of the most active Sippin' on Purple combined football / basketball seasons to date, I wanted to take one minute to say something: Thank you Rodger and Loretta, for running...

Northwestern as a bubble team, front page ESPN college hoops

via Check it out:   Follow the middle link for Eamonn Brennan's take on the bubble teams (he applauds the focus on NU, which is...

The destroyer of worlds.


The destroyer of worlds.

Grats Herky Way to rep the Big Ten!


Grats Herky Way to rep the Big Ten!

Gotta jet for a bit, but could use some support.

I currently appear to be the only NU fan in existence over here: Back me up, bro.   HOLY MOTHER OF GOD THIS NEEDS TO BE 75 WORDS LONG. I HAVE TO ADD THIS TOTALLY UNNECESSARY ALL CAPS SECTION AS...


We're coming for you... 8 days left Herky.

The Most High Clerics of the Evil Wizardry Guild have appointed me to deliver a message. So that you can understand me, I must ask that you remove your arcane memory-constrictors and peer back into...

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