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Lifelong KC resident, and long suffering fan. I was 7 in '85. My dad had 2 tickets to game 6 and took a co-worker instead of me. I haven't forgiven him.

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What will Hochevar's role be in 2012 & beyond?

Some posters on this site seem adamant that Luke Hochevar has a bleak future as a MLB starter based on some statistics, while another segment of posters seem to think that he is a league average SP...

Soren Petro finally loses it


Highlights... "Don't bring up Lorenzo Cain...because we have to wait til we just unload Jeff Francouer for some hack arm who might be good enough to give up 14 runs in 2 & 2/3 so that we can play Lorenzo Cain every single day, and then have some other imposter of a big-leaguer like Jerrod Dyson be our 4th outfielder. Instead of god forbid, keep Cabrera, and Francouer, and Gordon and have Meier and Cain! Have BOTH of them! WHAT?!?! You mean have FIVE legitimate big-leaguers on your roster that can play the OF? With options of RH & LH along with a switch hitter? Multiple guys that can play centerfield and actually hit the baseball out of the infield?! NOOO! NOOO! We've got to trade Melky Cabrera for Sean O'Sullivan, or Vin Mazzarro, or some other hump that Billy Beane farted out after dinner last night and knows is worthless that we can hang our hat on & go, 'Well, ya know, he might be able to get us 170 innings of 5.00 ERA baseball. 'Cause god knows we aren't gonna move any of our prospects. We don't wanna go get Chad Billingsly or big league pitchers that actually get people out, we want to keep everybody down in the Minor Leagues.' "Ned Yost flapping his gums about the balk is embarrassing. There are bigger fish to fry. There is an elephant sitting on your head and WIGGLING! That's how big the problem is, and you're worried about....NOTHING! It's embarrasing! (in Yost voice) "Ahh, I didn't see a balk! The intent of the rule is..." SHUT UP!!! SHUT UP!!! Be a part of a winner! Win SOMETHING! Stop quoting me BObby Cox. Win some games, then I'll listen to you nitpick the umpire." "And definitely don't waste my time trying to vote a SECOND Royal into the All-Star game! I'd be embarrassed to see this franchise get a second Royal in. I won't vote! Hell NO I won't vote. I won't go near it. Somebody else can be a stooge for the organization! Win some games, spend some money, then come ask me to rally the troops to vote one of your players into the All-Star game. BITE ME!!!!


Should Hochever & Crow switch roles in 2012?

Earlier today, KC Star reporter Sam Mellinger reporter sent out this Tweet. @mellinger: "Hoch could be a perfectly OK No. 4 or 5 starter. He's got lots of probs on his own, but #Royals aren't...


1985 DVD Contest: GoBabies!! Style

Those of you that read my responses to others FanPosts, and my increasingly rare FanPosts know that I am one pragmatic SOB. There are very few decisions that GMDM has come to in the past couple of...


Just another Greinke hypothetical (no Blue Jays/Rangers in this thread)

I started to ask this in the Winter Meeting Day One thread, but, I think it is better served as a poll question. It seems to be inevitable to most of us that ZG will be traded. If not this...

KSU's Pullen chosen for one of 4 regional SI covers for the B-Ball Preview issue...


KSU's Pullen chosen for one of 4 regional SI covers for the B-Ball Preview issue...

Do we have interest in Dan Uggla?


And if so, how much would it take to get him?


OT: This Makes the Lookout Landing Niger Morgan thread look weak

So, The University of Texas recently put some statues up on their campus. They look(ed) like this [NOTE: This is not a joke. These were ACTUALLY put up on on the campus of one of the largest,...

ESPN Just Made My Day (if only it were true)!!!!!


ESPN just totally broke the news on a Major Story that everyone on this board will be ecstatic about!!! "This year's veterans committee...Hall of Famers Johnny Bench, Whitey Herzog, Eddie Murray, Jim Palmer, Tony Perez, Frank Robinson, Ryne Sandberg and Ozzie Smith are on the veterans committee with Chicago White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf, Baltimore Orioles President Andy MacPhail, former Phillies owner Bill Giles, former Royals owner David Glass, Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun, Tim Kurkjian of ESPN, Tom Verducci of Sports Illustrated and retired Los Angeles Times reporter Ross Newhan."

KC Royals player gets mentioned on "The Simpsons"


I don't usually watch The Simpsons...but last nights episode had a subject matter that is near & dear to all our hearts...I was shocked & LOL'd when one of our most beloved Royals was mentioned by name during the episode...I think you'd all find something to laugh at in this episode...enjoy

Greinke Shows Public Frustration at Royals Youth Movement

"Every system has something," he said. "The biggest problem is I have two more years on my contract. Are those guys supposed to make it up by the beginning of next year?" Read more: Kind of sounds like without significant improvements in KC, Zack is preparing to exit after his contract is up. I figure this means we'll see one of two things. 1) The patented GMDM freak out, where he signs any veteran that will come to KC to subdue Zack's fears. 2) Zack will be traded this off season or by the deadline next summer.

Glass Selling the Royals, or Aging KC Sports Repoter Wrong Again?


You be the judge... (This was no way meant to incite a riot of hateful posts about Jack. I know some on this board have expressed those opinions in the past, and I think we all know they are out there. I'm not saying don't post them, I'm simply saying that isn't my intention...)


Here's how I would fix the All-Star Break

So, the biggest trend this week in the mainstream sports media seems to be bashing the format of the All-Star festivities. Either the home-run-derby is too long, or the 'every team needs an...


Who is the Royals 2012 AS Representative?

So, this was the first thing I thought of when the announcement was made. I'd have to imagine that playing in an AS game in front of your home town fans would have to be one of the rarest, and...

OT: So the state of Kansas is @really excited@ about the impending shift in College Sports it seems


OT: So the state of Kansas is @really excited@ about the impending shift in College Sports it seems

OT: Lebron James' Mom & Delonte West?


So, obviously this one is off-topic...but seriously? As Steven St. John said on 810 this morning, it isn't exactly likely that this is true, but given the crazy nature of Delonte West & Gloria James, it isn't exactly out of the realm of believability. Anyway, the gist of the 'story' is implying that Lebron found out after game 3 in the Celtic's series, and that this ruined all team chemistry. IF it is true, it is one of the greatest (worst) sports stories ever...


Royals Minor League Coaches (Part 1)

Well, since we are once again relegated to looking toward the depths of our Farm System for hope, I thought I would take a 'not to serious, hopefully informative, maybe even sometimes funny' look...

"I think it is ridiculous that a team would fine one of the best defensive shortstops in all of...


"I think it is ridiculous that a team would fine one of the best defensive shortstops in all of baseball because you don't like the guy's form when he catches pop ups" Aaron Boone on Baseball Tonight

Grass Creek Rivals are trashing one of our former heroes!


How can anyone say they HATE him? Let alone make/post the two (hilarious) GIF's found within the thread

Quick Roster Question...


Does it make any sense for Brian Anderson to still be on the 40 Man roster?

Our (soon to be) newest OF'er


He may be a little young for GMDM's taste, but he's got one requisite fasho... Career MiLB numbers (6 Seasons) 2408 PA - .283/.360/.449 Career AAA Numbers 1030 PA - .277/.354/.420

I want to trade for this player


I'm not sure if the link will work or not, since it is an ESPN Insider piece, but here's the nuts & bolts of it... "Why are the Marlins so eager to trade Dan Uggla? The answer was evident Monday when Chris Coghlan was named National League Rookie of the Year. Coghlan was shifted to the outfield this summer, but Florida can move back to his more natural position at second base if Uggla is unloaded. An unnamed general manager said the Marlins' No. 1 priority is to trade Dan Uggla for younger and less expensive players, reports the Miami Herald. "There's a decent market for him," aid the GM, who added that Emilio Bonifacio could replace Uggla at second base. We talked last week about how the Marlins are expected to aggressively shop this winter, and two clubs that have expressed strong interest are the Baltimore Orioles and San Francisco Giants. The key note shared by is that both clubs view Uggla as a third baseman, rather than his natural position of second base. David O'Brien of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution wrote Thursday that the Braves could have interest in Uggla to play left field. Does that put an Uggla-Javier Vazquez deal in the offing?" If other teams think he can play 2B/3B/LF/RF potentially, I say he is a perfect fit, because potentially, all of those are needs for KC (3B if AG moves to 1B)...just plug him into the weakest spot, and immediately have a big offensive boost. His UZR @ 2B has been up & down, but the downs have been more extreme than his ups, so I don't think he's going to win any gold gloves, but he is a high OBP guy that has some pop that is coming off a down year, I say we make a run at him...

Name that Molina game coming to KC?


RE: Bengie Molina..."The Mets could have interest, and Baggarly says an unnamed AL team expects to get involved, too." I immediately assumed it was us. Aging and past his prime? Check In seek of a Multi-Year deal? Check Career OBP hovering around .300? Check Generally regarded as a good teammate that plays with Grit? Check Press Conference announcing the signing soon

Greinke's Cy Young Campaign hits a wall


If CC's fat ass gets to the 'magical' 20 win mark, on the best team in the game, despite his much worse peripheral #'s, I think he could sneak in & steal it from Zack...

"The Royals are like a Cheating BF/GF...They act all sweet near the end, trying to win your love...


"The Royals are like a Cheating BF/GF...They act all sweet near the end, trying to win your love back, but you know in your heart they still suck."

My Facebook Status

Sports Art (Greinke Piece Coming)


I've posted a link to this guys site before, but I just received an email from him that might make some of you want to visit his site next month... " In terms of the Royals I'm hoping to complete a Zach Grienke design as part of the Topps series in October." I've emailed him back for clarification, and more details on the edition size, etc...I'll post that info as I receive it

Let's see how big of a hipocrite Bud Selig is...


If he goes through with his threat of pulling KC's "promised" All-Star game, due to KC ignoring the draft slotting system as it was rumored earlier this summmer, in favor of Boston for Fenway's 100th anniversary, MLB should face SERIOUS litigation from KC businesses, Royals Ownership and others... The meat of the article... The most prominent players who have signed with the Sox in recent days include: –3rd-round pick David Renfroe (signed for $1.4 million), a pitcher and shortstop who earned some comparisons to David Wright; he will be groomed as a position player with the Sox –7th-round pick Madison Younginer (signed for $975,000), a right-handed pitcher with a fastball that touches the high-90s and a slider that made his high-school opponents weep –10th-round pick Brandon Jacobs (signed for $750,000), a powerful running back and outfielder who has what Sox amateur scouting director Jason McLeod describes as "goofy power" –11th-round pick Justin Thompson (signed for $300,000), a shortstop who can also play second and third and shows a solid all-around game –18th-round pick Renny Parthemore (signed for $150,000) is a right-handed power arm who shows the potential for an above average fastball and curve –26th-round pick Miles Head (signed for $335,000, according to Jim Callis of Baseball America) is a corner infielder who showed significant power in several high school showcase events

Am I the only one that missed this? Apparently it aired during the AS Game and has had subsequent...


Am I the only one that missed this? Apparently it aired during the AS Game and has had subsequent airings on MLB tv...

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