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Lifelong KC resident, and long suffering fan. I was 7 in '85. My dad had 2 tickets to game 6 and took a co-worker instead of me. I haven't forgiven him.

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A Bright Spot in '09 (not named Zack)

You may find it hard to believe, but we may have one other bright spot in the 2009 season other than the impressive Zack Greinke. Billy Butler is currently on pace to hit 49 Doubles. He is only 23...


Shouldn't we be doing what the Pirates (the NL version of the Royals) are doing?

By my math, the Pirates have been involved in the following trades lately... June 4:¬†The Pirates traded Nate McClouth to the Braves (!) for Gorkys Hernandez, Charlie Morton & Jeff Locke. June 30:¬...

Royals get Blasted on ESPN's 'Least Trade Value' list

9. Aaron Rowand, Giants Total left: $39.96 million through 2012 It's not that he's bad player, it's just that ... well, he's Aaron Rowand. He's on the wrong side of 30, his one big season came in Philly's bandbox and he's signed for three more seasons. Which probably means the Royals will try to get him this winter. Oh wait, there's more (and it doesn't involve JoGui surprisingly enough...)


Visual Proof of my lifelong of suffering (Camera Day Content)

A month or so ago, the subject of Camera Day @ old Royals stadium came up in the UL Washington, greatest Royals thread, and I said that I'd try to find some old pictures of me, with legends of days...

Grudz Signed...a few months too late

Correct me if I am wrong, but since the signing was after the draft, we do NOT get any compensation, correct?


Doesn't somebody on this board live in Seattle? (no Royals content)

SSIA. I need to find someone that lives in Seattle that may have interest in making a hundred bucks or more this weekend by running an errand for me..A piece of art goes on sale up there this...


Trade Rumors, started right here in this post!

God I'm BORED! I spend the vast majority of my Sundays in fishing tournaments, but, alas I have the weekend off! Since it is raining, and I don't have to be, I'm not out on the boat. Instead, I'm...


An Exploration of the Trade Value of the Current 25 Man Roster

  Who has the most & least trade value on the current 25 man roster when all factors are considered? I took all contract info from Cots, and tried to be as objective as possible; i.e. think how...

This is a must have for all fans of Spork

Hurry. This site sells its shirts for 24 hours only and then they are unavailable after that. Any true fan of WIllie B needs this shirt


OT: The RR Official .gif thread of Madness

One of the other message boards I frequent (an art collectors website) had a similar ".gif madness thread" a while back and it proved to be a laugh riot.   With the explosion of .gif's in the...


Name the Bobbleheads in '09...

I was thinking about this just now...Which current Royals greats will be forever enshrined in bobblehead lore with their very own bobblehead day in 2009? Last year we were treated to the epic Tony...

Andruw Jones to Sign Minor League Deal with Rangers

Said he likes the Rangers specifically to work with their batting coach. Apparently he hadn't heard we have Seitzer in our corner now? 1 year, $500K if he makes the MLB roster w/ incentives over $1 M

I totally would have bought this!!!!!!!

I wonder how they got it to sell it in the first place!!!


40 Man Roster

So, I just started looking @ the 40 man roster, and some space has to be made in a couple of weeks...They have to drop at lest 4 from the current 40 man roster next week....Maybe more if the...

"What If"

• What if Mark Littell had thrown a different pitch to Chris Chambliss? • What if George Brett didn't have hemorrhoids? • What if John Schuerholz hadn't traded David Cone for Ed Hearn? • What if Schuerholz hadn't spent millions on Mark Davis? • What if the Royals had protected Jeff Conine in the expansion draft rather than David Howard? • What if they hadn't wasted their first-round draft pick on Colt Griffin?

Here's a trade discussion to keep your eye on!

Padres are shopping Jake Peavy around heavily... This could be a good gauge at what we could get for Greinke, more importantly, if it is a haul, it could show GMDM & Mr Glass that even if you give a young guy in your organization a good contract extension, you can get MORE for them when you trade them because a 'big' contract for us is small potatoes for most!


Zack Greinke... Trade?

Steven St. John  & Nate Bukaty (sp) just interviewed Buster Olney on 810 AM in KC. At the end of the interview, Buster talked about how there is 'growing talk' that the Royals will probably trade...


Statheads, help me out

Is there a stat that measures a batters performance based on situation? i.e. If DeJesus in 5 AB's... Reaches base safely with nobody on & nobody out in his 1st PA Moves a runner from 2nd to 3rd...


What do we do with Guillen?

At this point, seriously, what CAN we do? After the 'incident' last night where he reportedly 'went after' a fan, what options are there for GMDM & the organization. There are conflicting reports...


The Gordon injury got me thinking...

About something that I thought about last offseason.... Anyone remember last season, in Buddy Bells lack of infinite wisdom, when he was shuffling players around the diamond, and Alex Gordon wound...


Well, I think it's time...

To officially start looking forward to next year.....again.  Actually, it was time to start looking ahead a while ago, but what the heck, I'm bored @ work, so I need something to keep me in front...


GUILLEN IS HAPPY IN KC   Royals outfielder José Guillen denied an online report by that surfaced Tuesday claiming he wants out of...


Trade Rumors

I thought it would be helpful for a thread to be devoted to "credible" sourced trade rumors that are taking place as the deadline approaches, to feel free to chime in with links & discussion...


Interesting thing about Olivo...

Has anybody noticed that when he fouls off pitches he often smells his bat? I know WHAT he is smelling.  For those that haven't hit w/ wood before, occaisonally when you hit the seams of the ball...


A's - Cubs trade

Wow, hows that for a response to C.C.!   The Cubs acquire right-handers Rich Harden and Chad Gaudin from the A's for righty Sean Gallagher, outfielders Matt Murton and Eric Patterson, and minor...


I'm finally fed up enough to post

Hey everyone.  I've been checking out the Royals Review for a little over a year now, but haven't taken the time to pick a user name since it switched over to this site.  Well, last nights tirade...

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