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July Rosterbation

In my efforts to clean up TC from the moderating perspective, I've taking down any excessive Rosterbation posts (including the Late June one). I apologize, but also don't care for playing armchair...


A wild moderator appeared! /OT Thread

Three years ago I left TalkingChop on a year-long trip around the world. Though I have been a moderator since then, I've moved mostly to lurking around the blog. But I'm here to change that once...

Jayson Stark on the Braves


Good read, with some great quotes. Chipper batted #3. Stark needs to do research.

Moment in Time- Bream's slide


I know, we already have a fanpost, but this is worth seeing anyway. It's beyond cool

"In acknowledgement of his Hall of Fame career and great performances in New York over the past two...


"In acknowledgement of his Hall of Fame career and great performances in New York over the past two decades,we're changing our name to Chipper's.... Sometimes you have to tip your cap to your opponent. " Foley's press release on name change. Your cap. Just gotta tip it.

Goodbye, TalkingChop

This is a really awkward post, so I'm going to cut the intro. I'm not sure how many of you realized that I'm no longer a moderator here at TC, because admit it- nobody reads past the FanShots...

ESPN on Luis Salazar


Always good to hear an update

Fangraph's Team Preview: Atlanta Braves


This is relevant to my interests. Though Remington is somewhat pessimistic when it comes to our beloved Braves


You've been moderated (a quick reminder of TC rules)

I want to start by saying that I am not an eloquent speaker (or a very good writer for that matter), hence the fact that I am a moderator and not an author, so don't look for good writing.  But,...

I love PeMo


Possibly one of the greatest things on his blog: "Frank Wren had another stellar week ( he is number 1 in the fantasy GM rankings at this stage ) by resigning my boy Eric Hinke, it’s amazing the difference team chemistry can make to the success of an organisation as seen this year. Ski was an integral part of this and I cant wait to see what he has install for us next year. He also signed Scott Linebrink, now I don’t know Scott personally but from what I hear he is a great addition and from what I have seen he is down right nasty. Im still sending Wags an email a week trying to persuade him not to retire but it’s not working."


OT: Let's go Photoshopping!- Alright, someone's gotta Uggla photoshop

Hello everyone. Long time, no internet speak. Things appear to be pretty slow around here, so I thought I'd start one of those classic Photoshopping threads.

TYIB awards


Braves all over the place, including 3 in "moment of the year" (Heyward's opening day HR, Conrads walkoff granny, Cox's tribute) GO VOTE!


Bobby Cox Tribute Thread

                                                                                                   All the best, Bobby. We're gonna miss you The game literally just ended and emotions are still...


NAHWAL Season Wrapup

Hello everybody. Who's excited for the playoffs? I am, and I can't go into the playoffs without wrapping up NAHWAL. On a side note, there will NOT be a NAHWAL for the playoffs. I emailed gondeee,...


FINAL NAHWAL THREAD- Update: I'm back. Sign up for playoffs NAHWAL

Yeah, so I'm on my way out of town, so this will be the final thread for the year. Hopefully we win some games so that it stays on the homepage. If you are still playing, congratulations, you even...


NAHWAL 9/22 through Sunday

Its a holiday weekend for me, so this is until Sunday. For each day: 1. Final Score 2. P2C 3. Wednesday: IP thrown by Hanson?     Thursday: Starter with the most hits?     Friday: Pitcher with the...


NAHWAL 9/21 Braves@Phillies

1. Final Score 2. P2C 3. How many runs do we score off Halladay?


NAHWAL 9/20 Braves@Phillies

1. Final Score 2. P2C 3. IP thrown by the starter


Weekend NAHWAL Braves@Mets- UPDATE: Add Sunday

Friday: 1. Final Score 2. P2C 3. IP by Hanson? Saturday: 1. Final Score 2. P2C 3. Strikeouts by the bullpen?   Sunday (forgot until now. You have until 1:35) 1. Final Score 2. P2C 3. Hits by Rick...


NAHWAL 9/15 Nats@Braves

Just get a damn win. Because we're the only ones that will help ourselves. 1. Attendance 2. P2C 3. Hits by the starting catcher (assuming it's Ross)?


NAHWAL 9/14 Nationals@Braves

That was nice. Let's get another 1. Attendance 2. P2C 3. Who pitches from the bullpen?


NAHWAL 9/13 Nats@Braves

Let's get a win. Especially in the comforts of Turner Field 1. Attendance 2. P2C 3. How many doubles will Heyward hit?


OT #2 9/12 Cards@Braves

Cards lead 6-1 going bottom 5. ESPN needs to shut up. We need RUNZ- Now. Real fans only. All of you fairweather fans can stay away


NAHWAL Thursday through Sunday Optimists vs. Pessimists

Yep. NAHWAL for that long. For each day, post Final score, P2C, and your own 3rd question. I'll score it on Sunday

Interesting read


He still needs to be benched.


NAHWAL 9/6 Braves@Pirates

Win one. Please.  1. Final Score 2. P2C 3. IP by the 'pen?


NAHWAL 9/5 Braves@Marlins

12 PM EST is waaaay to early for a game, no matter what coast you are on.  1. Final Score 2. P2C 3. How long will the game take?


Weekend NAHWAL Braves@Marlins

Let's go get a couple wins. Shall we? Friday: 1. Final Score 2. P2C 3. Hits by Heyward? Saturday: 1. Final Score 2. P2C 3. Which JJ has a higher strike percentage (strikes/total pitches thrown)?


NAHWAL 9/2 Mets@Braves

I'm very excited for tonight's game. Lets make it a good one. It's almost Labor Day Weekend, so I'm putting off scoring until then. So don't worry, the scoring is coming soon. 1. Attendance 2. P2C 3...

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