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WHIIIIF: Alford Keeps Striking Out

Key takeaways on the sorry status of Dan Guerrero and Steve Alford's doomed program.

Another Elite PG Rejects #DaddyBall

Yet another top-flight local point guard recruit rejects Steve Alford's UCLA. Bruins didn't even make this recruit's top-10 list.

Fire Guerrero Billboard: DONATE TODAY

The debacle in Pullman is a jarring reminder about why folks need to chip in today to get this "Fire Guerrero Billboard" campaign over the goal line.

Fire Guerrero Billboard Update: Now Over $4,500k

Update on fire Dan Guerrero bill board campaign as the effort gains major momentum.


Alford's 2014 class back to 0? Tweets are saying Blueitt has decommitted

Well, I hope there is something more to this story if it is true. Maybe Blueitt received word that he is no longer a priority due to some other interest from some important must get recruits. We...

Hoosier Loser: A Bleak Future for UCLA Basketball

Alford’s recruiting approach paints a bleak future of UCLA hoops.


Dan is a liar and an idiot. We have the proof here.

The LA Times has a copy of Alford's contract available online. LINK If you take a look at it closely, a few things should stick out. The first point is the unusually large buyout clause in the...

ACT: Donate for an Anti-Guerrero Billboard in LA

Call to action asking the BruinNation community to contribute in support of an anti-Guerrero billboard in Los Angeles.


Fire DG Billboard Post #3: Need concrete ideas for the billboard. Also, updates on pricing.

In the two previous FanPosts I posted about putting a Fire DG billboard by campus, it seems like there is overwhelming support from the folks at BN to move forward on this idea. Update:...


Wanted: Ideas for a Fire DG Billboard. Also, any graphic artists available?

Following up on my earlier FanPost about putting up a Fire DG billboard, it seems like many folks are in favor of this idea. As I continue to finalize a price on billboards in the Westwood area, I...


Anybody in favor of a giant "Fire DG" billboard by campus?

What better way to make a statement than by posting our message on a huge billboard by campus? Thousands of people will see it every day. This will help in our efforts to create a groundswell...

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