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The Penguins and The Kings: Team Defense


A look at team defense by examining shot totals and comparing how many scoring chances the Penguins and the Kings gave up in recent postseasons.

Revisiting Old Wounds, Part II: The Flyers Series


Though we all want to forget it, this article takes a look at what went wrong in the playoff series versus the Flyers two years ago.

Paul Martin and Kris Letang: A WOWY Analysis


This article explores how well the Penguins did with and without Martin and Letang in the lineup this season.

Did Malkin Defer to Neal?


We'll dig into the numbers to see if Malkin was deferring to Neal while he was with the Penguins.

Forward Usage and PDO


How does a forward's usage affect his on-ice shooting and save percentage at even strength?

Combined Playoff Save Percentages 2010-2014


A look at the combined playoff save percentage for each team over the last five years, and where the Penguins (and Fleury) rank.

The Nashville Effect?


Do players really score less when they join the Nashville Predators?

2013-14 Season in Review: Joe Vitale


He falls down a lot.

Revisiting Old Wounds, Part I: The Boston Series


Looking at scoring chances in the series that saw the Bruins sweep the Penguins.

2013-14 Season in Review: Taylor Pyatt


He will not be back.

2013-14 Season in Review: Rob Scuderi


At look at just how bad things were this year when Scuderi was on the ice.

The Penguins Powerplay In The NYR Series


A look at how the league's best PP unit during the regular season ran cold at the worst possible time.

How Often Do Goalies Get Hot in the Playoffs?


A look at the teams that ran into hot goalies in the playoffs over the last three years.

On the NYR-PIT Series: Scoring Chances and Luck


A detailed look at scoring chances from the Penguins-Rangers series and what that can tell us about things played out.

2013-14 Season in Review: Marcel Goc


A pleasant surprise at the trade deadline.

2013-14 Season in Review: Tanner Glass


How bad was he? Pretty bad.

Evaluating Defensemen: Paul Martin


A look at how good Paul Martin really is and whether his partners were holding him back.

2013-14 Season in Review: Deryk Engelland


A look at the Penguins' proverbial swiss-army knife.

The Penguins and Their Net-Front Presence


Do the Penguins display an unwillingness to go to the net?

A look at the Penguins' Depth in the 2014 Playoffs


An in-depth analysis of whether the Penguins' bottom six forwards were really holding them back in the playoffs.

A Response to Wyshynski


A Response to Wyshynski and a Note on "Out-Coaching"

Rob Scuderi: Past and Present


A look at what's happened to Rob Scuderi.

Sutter and His Linemates


Were Sutter's linemates holding him back this season?

Pens-Jackets Game Four Analysis


A look into game 4 of the Pens-Jackets series.

The 2013-2014 Penguins and Possession


Some analysis heading into the playoffs has analyzed each playoff team's possession metrics since the Olympics. If you've paid attention to these articles, it's no secret that the Penguins'...


Evaluating The Narratives From The 2014 Olympics

Evaluating The Narratives From The 2014 Olympics


Despres v. Engelland in the Month of March

Since the Olympics ended, the Penguins blueline has delivered performances that have fluctuated from serviceable to total garbage. This is no doubt driven by the injuries to Kris Letang and Paul...


How Well Do The Final Games of the Regular Season Predict Playoff Performance?

I've been wondering for a while now how well a team's march through the end of the regular season predicts their playoff results. I think the conventional wisdom is that it's not good to go into...


Bylsma and Match-ups

A lot of people have been complaining recently that Bylsma doesn't know how to match lines, or that he stubbornly refuses to do so. Neither claim is true. We can see whether Dan Bylsma line...


Capitals v. Pens Game

Hi All, I am planning on going to the Caps-Pens game in DC on March 10th with a friend, and we were wondering if anyone knows of any tricks or secrets to try and get some tickets in decent seats...

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