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The Penguins Powerplay In The 2013 Playoffs

My goal in writing this post is to paint a clearer picture of what exactly happened to the Penguins powerplay in the playoffs when they played the Bruins. Part of the shock related to scoring no PP...


The Pens-Isles Series and Score Effects

With the series between the Penguins and Islanders wrapped up, both the mainstream and the Internet media begin the annual process of constructing narratives to describe what happened. There are...


Morrow and Cizikas

The best angle of this "incident" between Brendan Morrow and Casey Cizikas: I think this clearly shows that Cizikas was holding Morrow's arm the entire time, specifically, CC's left arm was not...


Playoff Expectations

With the playoffs come expectations. Teams like this year's Penguins are expected to go far, and the fan base (myself included) will be immeasurably disappointed and distraught if the team is not...


Winning One Goal Games: Persistent Skill?

In one of the fanposts I wrote, a topic that came up in the comments was how to explain the New York Rangers' great 2011 season even though they were an average possession team. One of the reasons...


The Not As Possessive Penguins

One of the hallmarks of the team under Dan Bylsma has been its ability to dominate possession throughout a game. In Bylsma's first full season with the team, it was second in the league in terms of...


Some Context on the Murray Deal

A lot of people have been commenting on the Penguins' acquisition of Douglas Murray from San Jose. Some view it as a positive, others a negative. But this story over at Hockey Prospectus...

False Narratives


Unfortunately, false narratives are all too common in sports. People avoid statistics, evidence, and arguments in favor of a feel good story or something that "just sounds right." I'd like to look...

After the Flyers have done literally ALL of the whining the first two periods, the referees decided...


After the Flyers have done literally ALL of the whining the first two periods, the referees decided to help them out.

The Penguins Are The Best Possession Team In The NHL


This has been a fantastic season for the Pens, and its nice to cap it off leading in the possession category.

This Is Madness


Why the Rangers and Flyers Need to Stop Complaining

John Tortorella Postgame


John Tortorella Postgame

Pens Beat Bruins But Are Playing For The 4th Seed Due To Dumb Seeding Rules


It was great to see the Pens win tonight, but also a little frustrating because it was simultaneously decided that all of the work the team has put in this year will get them no more than 4th place...

Evaluating Goalies - Part I


Evaluating Goalies Part I

The Importance of Situational Metrics


Situational metrics in hockey are important. They illustrate how and why the Penguins' defensemen have been used the way they have this year.

Should Michalek and/or OV be Suspended?


Both players delivered questionable hits in the game today and could face supplemental discipline. What say you Pensburgh readers? UPDATE - both players will have hearings tomorrow.



I came across an article by Josh Yohe today, which said: Martin, who signed a five-year, $25 million contract with the Penguins in 2010, produced an indifferent campaign during his first season in...

John Carlson Elbows Matt Cooke in the Head


John Carlson Elbows Matt Cooke in the Head

SI Hops On The Possession Bandwagon


Sports Illustrated -- hardly the poster child for fringe hockey nerds -- has a decent article describing why possession is the best way to win hockey games.

Niskanen And Lovejoy Are The Two Leaders in Zone Start This Playoffs


Lovejoy and Niskanen are giving the Sedin's a run for their money as some of the most sheltered players in hockey. But so far for Dan Bylsma, it's worked pretty well, and I doubt he'd make a change anytime in the near future.



That's Fleury's even strength save percentage, and he leads all playoff goaltenders in that category right now. Don't let the fact that our PK unit took the night off the last two games fool you: Fleury has been stellar so far. He is definitely the reason the Penguins are in this series right now. Go Flower!!

Pens Cap Off A Great Season And Beat A-Town 5-2


Pens Cap Off A Great Season And Defeat The Birds 5-2


NHL Standard of Discipline fails once again with Todd Bertuzzi letting off easy

Matt Cooke, The NHL, and Player Safety

Crosby's Backhand


Absolutely sick, at about 40 seconds in. Thanks to Tony at Kukla's for the link.

Pens Can Clinch


The Penguins can clinch a playoff spot tomorrow with a win and a Carolina loss!

Penguins Having Trouble Winning


The last time the Penguins won in regulation was one month ago on February 4th, versus Buffalo. Kinda scary how rough it's been since then.

Boudreau Upset At Cooke


"It’s Matt Cooke. Need we say more? It’s not it’s his first rodeo. He’s done it to everybody. Then he goes to the ref and says, ‘What did I do?" He damn well knows what he did." I wonder where Boudreau was when his star player performed an identical maneuver two years ago in the playoffs? Was this just OV being OV?

Letestu Signed To Two Year, $1.25 Million Dollar Deal


Nice move by Shero. Does this make Talbot irrelevant? (Heads up to Seth @ Empty Netters for the point).

"I think that's been the strongest aspect of his game so far. He's been a large reason why our PK...


"I think that's been the strongest aspect of his game so far. He's been a large reason why our PK has risen to the top of the league."

Penguins' Assistant Coach Todd Reirden on Michalek
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