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DH solution so that all rules are uniform

First off, this is a proposal by a Mets fan. I come in peace. After all, we're all bonded by having to root for Jeff Francoeur, even on a 1-2 count when everyone knows a slider low and away is...


A Proposal to Solve the DH Problem, FOREVER.

With interleague play expanding all over the baseball calendar instead of being concentrated to before the All-Star break like in year’s past, there’s been a lot of talk about finding a DH...

You thought Fernando Tatis #17 was bad


This link goes to the true #16 for the Mets. It's one thing to sign Rick Ankiel. But why do we have to give him the Doc's Number? I shouldn't be angry about it, but I'm definitely perturbed.


How do you want the Mets to win the World Series in 2015?

It's Spring Training and I've decided that I believe in Sandy's plan. Apparently, we're not going to contend until next year. In the spirit of the perpetual optimism that permeates all baseball...

Potential Minor League Bench Coach Available


His brother's a good coach for Ozzie Guillen in Chicago, and this way Alex Cora's job could actually be "intangibles."


7th Inning Stretch in Houston

They play "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" and then they don't play "God Bless America," like everybody else seems to. No, in Houston, they play "Deep in the Heart of Texas." The crowd actually got...

These hitters took the most pitches per plate appearance on Monday. Hitter Pitches PA...


These hitters took the most pitches per plate appearance on Monday. Hitter Pitches PA P/PA Kevin Youkilis 33 5 6.6 Luis Atilano 19 3 6.3 Shane Victorino 37 6 6.2 Ben Zobrist 35 6 5.8 Carlos Ruiz 29 5 5.8 Adam Dunn 23 5 5.8 Cole Gillispie 17 3 5.7 Jeff Francoeur 22 4 5.5 Drew Stubbs 22 4 5.5 Jason Bartlett 33 6 5.5

Buster Olney's blog. Frenchy made the list? I guess a blind squirrel can find a nut.

Which Mets pitcher coulda played the field after Wright was ejected?

In Sunday's game, David Wright was ejected and there was no position player able to take his position at 3b, leading to some speculation that in the game thread that Manuel would have to insert a...


Not Rushing Prospects: Why Terry Collins Will Help the Mets

I read this quote from Terry Collins, the Mets' minor league coordinator, regarding whether or not the team would promote prospect Wilmer Flores to St. Lucie and it got me thinking. "We’re going...


Pagan's baserunning

I want everyone to remember Pagan essentially stealing home in the 7th today next time they lament Pagan's supposed lack of baseball sense.


Josh Thole's Nickname: T-HOLE

I know everyone's excited about this guy.  And I know that Mets fans tend to love scrappy players who just seem to hit and seem to have a good attitude and work ethic (GRISSION).  Well, I think...

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