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Billups jersey 55% off at the Pepsi Center

Hey guys, just thought I'd let everyone know that all Billups apparel over at the Can is more than half off right now. I just went over there and scored a $90 jersey for $40.


Celtics vs. Lakers Thread

Big game for us in my opinion. I think the Lakers trade still isn't entirely out of the question and even if it is, what the hell it's always nice to see the Fakers lose.

Well, this is just one more to add to the "I'm fed up with the Melo Drama bull sh*t" llist. It's...


Well, this is just one more to add to the "I'm fed up with the Melo Drama bull sh*t" llist. It's quite long these days.

Mavs interested in JR


Says the Nuggets have rebuffed anybody calling about players other than Melo, that is until he's traded. I'm just wondering what the Mavs would offer. If they were willing to give up Haywood do you do it?

Chandler likely off limits + Nets quotes


Al Iannazzone: I've heard there has been some "movement" from Nets side in Anthony talks. Looking at multiple things, multi-team or two- team deal. If Nets and Nugs deal straight up, NJ could send DEN three first-round picks - theirs this year, GSW's and Houston's they recently acquired. Twitter I remember a few weeks ago when I asked him if he was insulted by the notion that the Nuggets didn't want to make a trade with the Knicks because they felt there wasn't any valuable talent on the roster. Wilson looked up, shrugged and said, "No, I don't want to go to Denver." Newsday From what I can gather, the Knicks are not yet serious players in the Carmelo sweepstakes. Maybe they're hoping 'Melo opts for free agency and then they'll sign him in July. New York Daily News


A second look at Anthony Randolph + Knicks contractual situation

So after David Aldridge's most recent column stating that Carmelo Anthony "again, told the Nuggets last week that he had no intention of re-signing in Denver," I've pretty much given up all hope of...


The Blueprint: How to get Melo in a Nets jersey

In the most recent "Golden Nuggets" thread I mentioned that there are a few things the Nuggets should consider doing in order to ensure that Carmelo Anthony becomes a Net. This post will basically...

Nuggets asked about Love


Not much in the article, but it's certainly interesting. I wonder what they offered?

Nuggets look to give it one last gasp before trading Anthony


This piece is by Broussard, whom seems to carry more respect around here than a lot of other journalists, and rightly so. Here are some of the more important quotes I found in this piece, followed by short commentary: "Portland is one of many clubs that could wind up in a three-or four-team deal featuring Denver and New Jersey involving Carmelo Anthony. Of the Blazers' players, Nicolas Batum is the one most coveted by the Nuggets." Me likey. Batum looked nasty tonight and would definitely be a great fit for us going forward. I really hope he gets included in any deal at this point in time, but that's likely only going to happen if we deal with NJ. "Once Carmelo Anthony returns to the lineup, the Nuggets plan to give the club -- which is healthier than it's been all season with the return of Kenyon Martin -- a few weeks to play together and gel. They will then approach Anthony one last time about signing the three-year, $64 million extension that they’ve had on the table all season. If Anthony balks, which is a certainty, Denver will increase its efforts to move him." This is kind of what we all expected. Broussard put it bluntly, saying Melo will tell the team he wants out - and we really have no reason to think otherwise - but it should be interesting seeing what happens if we really go on a run. "Denver is trying to put Al Harrington and his five-year, $33 million deal into any trade it makes for Anthony." Well, I don't know what to say. It was nice having Big Al here while it lasted, but it shows that we're not impressed with his play as originally thought and that our new front office is basically admitting the old front office made a mistake with his contract.

Nets have deals on the table, waiting for Nugs to choose


Here are the best quotes from the article, which is mostly about the Knicks backup plan of going after Iggy if they don't get Melo, but these quotes are pretty telling of where the situation stands right now. "The Nets have several potential trades for Anthony on the table and are merely waiting for Denver to choose one, according to sources. That doesn't mean a deal could be completed immediately; just that the Nets would then begin getting agreements from the various parties involved." "The Nets have trade scenarios based on two-team deals between them and the Nuggets, as well as three- and four-team deals on the table." I really don't know what more Ujiri would be waiting for, unless he needs the Russian Billionaire to convince Melo to go to N.J. Hopefully whatever it is it ends soon because I'm starting to think if we continue to let this play out, some of the better deals might not be available anymore and I don't want our new regim to rub people the wrong way like they did earlier in the season.


Dissecting the Melo-Drama

Recap of the latest Melo-Drama and what could have been done better along with looking at the future.


Need two replacement owners for Denver Stiffs fantasy basketball league

So basically in the Stiffs fantasy league we created a while back, there are a few owners who havn't taken care of their teams and thus are not really playing. We held a vote to see if people...


First ever: Denver Stiffs Column of Doom!!!

A very pessimistic look at the Nuggets first 12 games...and an even more pessimistic look into the future.

Aldridge article on Melo


This is a pretty good article on the Melodrama and where it might all lead.

Great article on the Melodrama and front office


This article just talks about the situation with Melo these days, but also talks a lot about Uriji and his plans. Thanks to hvino for mentioning this in another thread.

George Karl on Jim Rome today talking about the win over the Lakers.


George Karl on Jim Rome today talking about the win over the Lakers.


The Winter of our discontent

So through seven games of the 2010/2011 NBA season our Denver Nuggets are 4-3. Not too bad, not too good, but considering our schedule and injuries you'd have to be optimistic, right? Normally the...


Denver Stiffs fantasy basketball league needs owners! [UPDATED]

Here is the link to the league home page. Make sure you check out the settings and just have a look around.

We should go after De'Sean Butler


The Heat released this kid because Miller went down with an injury and they signed Stackhouse. Butler was supposed to go in the first round, and some even though maybe late lottery, but because of his knee injury he dropped. I know we're heavy on SGs as it is, but this is a talent I don't think you can pass up on, because he might turn out to be a great player down the road.

Look at the new jerseys


This is a pretty cool article I came across on ESPN that I thought I'd share with you guys. For those into design it's probably extra-interesting. Make sure you check out the new Nugs unis!


Great article on Melo & CBA

http://www.cbssports.com/mcc/blogs/entry/11838893/25408691 So this is a great article that adresses what has been a hot topic here at Stiffs for the past week: the CBA and how it relates to Melo....


Knicks look to be the frontrunners

Check this out... http://sports.espn.go.com/new-york/nba/news/story?id=5705466


Alphonso Smith anyone?

So lying in bed the other night, eyes half-open watching NFL Network, I happened to catch part of Deion Sanders "Top 10 Players of the Week," or something of that nature. To my surprise, my eyes...

K-Mart thinks Al's money should have been his


In this article K-Mart mentions how he feels Al's contract should have gone to him, how he's in no rush to return and how he "ain't won a Nobel Peace Prize for nothing". That contract just get better by the minute.

Melo trade talks heating up


Sounds like things are heating up a bit with the Melo trade talks. Also from what I've heard sounds like Bearup is very high on Favors and is looking for NJ to take on more bad contracts the Nuggets have.


Nets Fan's Perspective

Since the Nets emerged as the frontrunner to land Melo I've naturally been wondering what players might be involved in a deal for Anthony. Though we've discussed deals here on DenverStiffs, the...


Rockies Contractual Situations

Man, this season is starting to get really reminicent of 2007 and I'm already looking towards the future. With so many young guys on this team it seems like we already have a solid core that could...


Nuggets land Harrington!!!

Holy crap is this for real? Are we actually making a move???

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