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Should the NBA Hire FIBA Referees?


A letter from FIBA official Alejandro Sanchez Varela on the differences between FIBA and NBA officiating and whether or not the league should consider using FIBA officials as replacements during the lockout. Interesting read, brought to you by Henry Abbott's TrueHoop blog.

Hoopsworld: 5 Predictions for 2009/10


Oden leads the list of Hoopsworld's top five predictions for 2009/10 season.

Steve Blake is a good tipper!


Steve Blake is a good tipper!

Mr. Blake and his lovely wife attended the final Portland Beaver's game of the season today. His server, Mike Grost, confirmed what we already knew - he's a good guy. As for the source, well, that's me. I'm Mike's boss at the Park and yes, I did say hello to Steve. Class act.

Dickau on Webster


Today, from Hoopsworld.



This is in response to today's Oregonian article regarding the possibility of signing either Juwan Howard or Stromile Swift. Hopefully if we sign either of these guys it'll be Juwan. I was never...

Offseason Buzz: Trailblazers


Today from

More on Oden from Hoopsworld... Very often, the difference between a good NBA team and an elite,...


More on Oden from Hoopsworld... Very often, the difference between a good NBA team and an elite, championship-caliber team comes down to whether or not the given team has three All-Star caliber players. The San Antonio Spurs have Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili; the LA Lakers have Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom; the Boston Celtics have Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce . . .and so on. In each case, the teams who most often compete for an NBA championship have three players who can get their own shots and make big plays down the stretch of games to lift their teams to victory. A couple of days ago, while discussing the Portland Trail Blazers' talks with LaMarcus Aldridge and his importance as the Blazers' second foundational piece behind Brandon Roy, the question came up of who the Blazers' all-important third option is going forward. There are many who believe (or is it hope?) that Greg Oden will be that piece. And who wouldn't want to see the story play out that way? Oden came into the league with loads of potential, was derailed by injuries, and is fighting his way back. But the question isn't what we would like to see happen; the question is what do we think is likely to happen? What seems most likely is that for the next 2-3 years Andre Miller will be Portland's third option. "I actually can't argue with you there," says HOOPSWORLD's Wendell Maxey, who covers the Portland Trail Blazers and knows them as well as anyone. "It's a combination of Brandon, LaMarcus and Andre. They've never viewed Greg as an offensive threat or option, and have not deterred from their game plan that Greg should be about defense." Miller, on the other hand, is more than capable of getting his own points in the flow of the offense, even if he's not the first option. He showed in Denver that he's happy to defer, when necessary, as he averaged between 8-9 assists per game from 2005-2007, and he averaged over ten assists per game as a Cleveland Cavalier early in his career. When the Philadelphia 76ers needed more scoring from him he averaged between 16-17 points per game while still handing out more than six dimes. He averaged 21.2 points and 5.3 assists against Orlando in the playoffs last April and also pulled down 6.3 rebounds per game. In short, Miller's the kind of point guard who can content himself with setting up Roy, Aldridge, and even Oden as long as they have it going, but can then change gears and score the ball when the offense needs him to do that. The Blazers may have flirted with Hedo Turkoglu and Paul Millsap, but Miller seems to be exactly what they needed to take things to the next level. As for Oden, he'll be a big part of the Blazers' success, it just won't be on the offensive end. He's expected to be the enforcer, protecting the rim and cleaning the glass. He'll get some points, certainly, but he's not going to be the go-to guy. Andre Miller can be the third go-to guy in Portland's attack, and the belief in Rip City is that the Blazers are a deep playoff team now that they have their established third option in place.



Interesting article from Hoopsworld regarding your Portland Trailblazers.

Vote for Andre!!


Yes, I saw the Dephlator's post below but I want to get people to vote for this guy. I think Andre's addition will have a Chauncey-esque effect on our team for the next 2-3 seasons. Billups to Denver was underrated and so is Andre's signing (in my opinion). Plus, technically, it's a different link. Mine takes you straight to where you actually vote. Do it. Do it.

Michael Beasley's First Day (Video)


Watch Michael Beasley check into rehab for marijuana addiction.

No specific date set as of yet for single game ticket sales, however it will probably be in mid to...


No specific date set as of yet for single game ticket sales, however it will probably be in mid to late September.

From a Blazer's ticket sales rep via telephone when asked whe single game tickets will go on sale for the upcoming season.

How The Media Is Ruining Our Rip City Uprise

The media is a poison. It has been for along time. Over the last few years, news stations like Fox and CNN have been pushing the propaganda of their largest sponsors, while the truth has taken a...

Millsap dunks on Joel.


Here's one to whet the appetite. I like this a whole lot more than "plan A" but still realize there is a chance that Utah will match. We'll see. If they don't we won't have to worry about this anymore! Until then, enjoy. BTW - Note T.O.'s stellar defense. He kinda sets Joel up here.

Dwight Howard on Hedo Turkoglu: "I really would love for Hedo to stay, I really do. I believe...


Dwight Howard on Hedo Turkoglu: "I really would love for Hedo to stay, I really do. I believe that we can believe a championship. We came so close and we’re right here. I really want Hedo to stay. He’s been a big part in my development as a player and I hope he stays around. I think that lineup would be great…Hopefully he stays around. He’s been here since I’ve been here so it’s a little bit of a sad day because you’re losing so many people that you basically grew up with, that’s how I look at it. Since I’ve played, I’ve grown up since I was 18 until now and seeing some of those guys leave, it hurts."

Sports Radio

My 'Dream' NBA Pre-Draft Camp:

Agents. Dang agents. It seems that they are trying to take over the process in which teams go through to evaluate potential draft picks in their favor. While I understand they are looking out for...

Rudy on Rubio


After the Brandon Jennings interview I think this kid is getting called out. Even Rudy isn't sure that Ricky is ready for the 'L'. Sorry if this already got play. I hadn't seen it yet but I've been working a lot.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.


Live from 'Fear the Sword': "Dwight Howard Get More Calls Than LeBron" LMFAO!

Rubio: Official Demands


"In this business, everything is about leverage. He's got some," said Bernie Bickerstaff, a Chicago Bulls assistant coach.


5/26 JD: Everything's Peachy Drawer

Hey guys, welcome to the offseason. While I am thoroughly enjoying watching K*be and LeBron get beat on national TV despite the best efforts of the officiating crew i am finding it increasingly...


BEdge Challenge: Ramon Sessions

That's right, it's back. The BEdge Challenge. Pondered by some, hated by others. To clarify, this is a post that is meant to challenge all of you future NBA execs out there to come up with a...

NBA Breakout Stars 2009


More from Hoopsworld, and I'm done for the day. LaMarcus Aldridge is at the top of this list (we knew that). Check out the squabbling in the comments portion. I guess there is now a Portland Bias? Weird, but I like it!

NBA Trade Watch: Top Eight Candidates


From Travis Outlaw (with Sregio in parenthesis) comes in at number eight.


BEdge Challenge: Brandon Bass

Does this team have room for another Brandon? Or this one in particular? You heard Roy call for a banger. This guy is definitely that. Would he be a better fit than Channing? Would he be happy with...


BEdge Challenge: Chris 'Birdman' Andersen

You commented on Monta (barely), came up with some pretty good ideas regarding Kirk, a few of you got down right nasty with the LeBron James post (thanks for playing tikiliki) and now MiledAnimal...


BEdge Challenge: Kirk Hinrich

For those of you who read the first challenge re: Monta Ellis, here we go again. Remeber, the goal here is to provide a viable strategy for bringing this player to Portland: A trade that would...


BEdge Challenge: Monta Ellis

It seems like there are some posters in here who are very well versed at the NBA salary cap and collective bargaining agreement. And I can tell by some of the posts lately that you're all bored as...

Salary Cap Summary


This thing has Norsktroll written all over it.


This joint...

I've been reading posts here for awhile and I mostly like this site. Seems like it's run by good guys (Dave and Ben) but it also seems like it holds it's fair share of loud-mouth know it alls....

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