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So What is FIP Anyway?

A summary of FIP - Fielding Independent Pitching - a new baseball stat.

Fangraphs, now with wOBA


Fangraphs has added wOBA (weighted On-Base Average), one of the stats that improves on OPS by essentially weighing the relative value of on-base and slugging more accurately and scaling it to league average OBA (.335 is average, .400 is awesome, .300 is virtually replacement value). The link above explains the basics in more detail. The Fangraphs version of wOBA does incorporate SB/CS. The Royals last year were 25th in MLB with a team wOBA of .314. Mike Aviles led the Royals (100 PA min.) with a .360 wOBA, with only David DeJesus (.355) and Alex Gordon (.344) also above average.

Jeremy Affeldt, Free Agent Bargain (No, Seriously)


I was kicking around drafting a post on impending free agent Jeremy Affeldt based on his surprisingly good numbers this year (in a hitter's park), but Fangraphs beat me to it. Affeldt added a couple miles per hour to his fastball and curve, which resulted in a jump in his strikeout rate and drop in his walk rate without affecting his high groundball rate. While his past struggles might keep the price down, hard throwing lefty relievers who can get righties out tend to do well on the free agent market, so he will not come dirt cheap. But paying a high-leverage reliever mid-leverage reliever money could make for a nice bargain. Relief pitching is obviously not an immediate priority for the Royals, but if the Royals are not going to spend big elsewhere, this is the type of moderate deal that makes the team better without breaking the budget. Plus, adding bullpen depth would allow the Royals to move a reliever for help in a different area of need (which the free agent market likely overvalues).

Royals Swing First, Take Pitches Infrequently


Fangraphs has a new article up on ranking teams by plate discipline, finding a strong correlation between a team's philosophy toward statistical analysis and the rate at which its players chase pitches out of the strike zone. The Royals finished 26th with German and Callaspo not playing enough to offset Pena and Olivo.


Meet Josh Bard, or Yes, the Market for John Buck Insurance is That Limited

As expected, the San Diego Padres non-tendered catcher Josh Bard, making him an unrestricted free agent.  With San Diego the last three seasons, Bard had tremendous success as a semi-regular in...

Jose Guillen Ranks First in Something


Unfortunately, the ranking concerns which major leaguer was playing "most out of position this year." Actually, Guillen is tied for first with Pat Burrell.


Blow Up the Royals

John Perrotto in an article today at Baseball Prospectus (sorry, subscription required, so no link) suggests that Dayton Moore is ready to turn over the roster:  It's not as though there are any...


Jon Garland, Free Agent Landmine

As the season winds down, it seems like every other post turns into a discussion of which players the Royals should target.  This not one of those posts.  This post is the opposite -- a well-known...

Waiver Wire Explained


In anticipation of the many "how does the waiver wire work?" and "how do waiver trades work?" questions that will be asked this month, here is a nice article from summarizing the process. The basics are: 1. If a player clears waivers, the Royals can trade him to any team. 2. If a player is claimed on waivers, the Royals can either (a) work out a trade with the claiming team, (b) let the claiming team have the player for free (other than assuming that player's salary and contract), or (c) keep the player (which is called revoking the waivers). If more than one team claims the player, priority goes to the team with the worst record in the same league (AL), then to the team with the worst record in the other league (NL). 3. Only players on the 40-man roster have to go through waivers to be traded. Thus, if the Royals made a trade with another team, the Royals could only receive (a) minor leaguers not on the other team's 40-man roster or (b) players on the 40-man roster who have cleared waivers. I like the note in the comments that the waiver process is now done by an email listing the players put on waivers that day -- as a kid, I imagined someone in each team's office sitting by a ticker tape machine reading off the player's names one-by-one.


New Study Finds Fastball Velocity Peaks at 29, Drops like a Rock at 30 and Beyond

Over at the excellent Hardball Times site, Josh Kalk (the guy who released all of the pitch f/x pitcher cards last fall) has a new article on the Preliminary Aging Curve for Fastball Speed....

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