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A Wolf's Guide to Watching Oregon Football

We’ve all been through many Oregon game days. Those game days involve a wide range of emotions, even when the outcome shouldn’t be in doubt. In light of ATQ’s fundraiser on behalf of my son, Wyatt...


A Wolf's Tale

Many of you know this story, but some of you might not, and since I love telling it...well, here it is again! About a month ago, my youngest son turned three years old. We threw him an Angels...

Yu pitching on Sunday


Unless something unexpected happens, the Angels will be facing Yu Darvish on Sunday and the A's won't have to face him at all. Combined with the timing of Felix Hernandez's starts, we could start some nice conspiracy theories.


A Parting of Ways: Me and Mike Scioscia

A longtime Angels fans gives up on Angels manager Mike Scioscia.

Angels Discussion on ESPN Podcast with Law and Karabell


I listened to the whole thing because I happen to like both of these guys, but if you're only interested in the Angels discussion, go to the 34 minute mark. They offer some superlatives for Trout, laud Bourjos's defense, and make mention of Trumbo's newfound patience.


My Wolf, a true Duck

Two years ago today, I was sitting in a doctor's office in downtown LA with my wife. I had my arms wrapped around her, and both of us were crying. We were pregnant with our third child - a boy, our...

Can you guess?


A certain someone, who shall remain anonymous for the moment...let's call him "V. Wells." No, no, that's too obvious. Let's go with "Vernon W." Anyway, this someone piqued my curiosity regarding infield fly ball percentage. We currently have the #2 qualifying hitter in the AL in highest infield fly ball percentage. (I was surprised there was someone in front of him, and also surprised at who it was.) We also have the guy who's the very best at avoiding infield fly balls.

Farm System Rankings


Someone over at Minor League Ball summarized John Sickels prospect ratings and ranked each team. I was surprised (pleasantly so) to note that the Angels ranked 8th, largely on the shoulders of Mike Trout and a bevy of decent pitching prospects. Interesting stuff.


The Civil War as...The Civil War!

We’ve had a lot of Juju-pleasing, self-induced pain this week. It’s a good remedy for the panic that we’re all feeling and it helps subdue the hubris that tends to creep in when your team is 11 –...


Pac 10 Bowl Craziness

So I was looking at Pac 10 standings and wondering how bowls were going to shake out.  At the beginning of the season, a lot of analysts were touting the Pac 10's depth.  And I still think that's a...


ESPN Gameday Open Thread

Because I needed somewhere to declare Mark May the first Baver of Bad News for the day.  And to laud the stylings of the great Lee Corso.  What upsets do you like today?  Can Florida figure out its...


Howie Kendrick Doesn't Get the Angels "Luck"

How many times have we heard over the last few years how lucky the Angels are?  Since the explosion of stat-centric projects systems like ZiPS and CHONE and the increased focus on things like...


New Recruit for 2028

 He may be a little undersized now,  but just look at the way he carries the ball!  With authority!  That's right, Wolf is the future of Chip Kelly's spread offense.  


Little Gorby

So many people on here have been supportive and helpful regarding my family's situation with my son that I wanted to make sure everyone was up to date on how Wyatt is doing.  I created a blog to...


Tako Tuesdays: Idiot's Guide to...

When Takimoto first mentioned that he was looking for people to guest-write Tako Tuesdays, I wanted to jump at the chance.  But what could I offer?  What knowledge could I possibly bring to this...

Rob Beard in Hospital


Apparently Beard was beaten up at a party on Saturday and was taken to the hospital where he was in critical condition. He's stabilized now. My prayers are with him.


Rose Bowl Ticket Thread

  As a Duck fan living in Southern California, I’m incredibly excited we made it to the Rose Bowl, for the obvious reason that we’re Pac 10 champs in a BCS bowl, but also because it’s conceivable...


Turning points in the Stanford game

First of all, my hat’s off to Stanford.  I couldn’t have written this Saturday night or even yesterday because I was so mad.  But the truth is, as good as Oregon looked against SC, Stanford looked...


Need some ATQ input!

My wife and I are due to have our third child near the end of March.  We just went for our ultrasound last week and found out we're having our third boy!  The good news is that my wife hasn't left...


Is anyone else still mad?

I can't remember the last time I've been this worked up about a game.  I was upset with the way the Angels lost in the playoffs last year, but that seemed inevitable, if disappointing.  This was...


Angels should pick up Penny

Brad Penny was just released by the Red Sox. Given the Angels rotation problems, I would love to see them go after Penny.  According to Fangraphs, his FIP is only 4.48, which indicates that his...

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