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Kentucky's Michael Kidd-Gilchrist no longer bothered by his stuttering


Not really Clipper-centric, but a great feel-good story. I have a stutter, too. MKG suddenly got cooler.

Randy Foye Interested In Signing With Knicks


Oh, God. Please yes. Wouldn't this take the Knicks out of the Ray Allen hunt? If they are even able to be in it, that is. Had some fun times, Randy. But seeya. He always played great at MSG. Too bad he can't take Gomes with him.

Ray Allen, Heat Have Mutual Interest


I guess I can kind of understand this as Miami just got the chip AND there's talk of Mike Miller/James Jones retiring. But if Ray Allen can come off the bench as a role player for 3m or START for the Clippers at 5m (the MLE), which would he choose? I seriously believe he'll be back to form following ankle surgery (which he's had before and bounced back from) because he's just so well conditioned. We should give Ray the same deal the Bulls gave Rip Hamilton. I think it was 2yrs, 10m? If I'm the Clips, I feel WAY better about adding Ray than Rip (and Chicago did it anyway). Isn't this a no brainer?

Union Wins Arbitration, Giving Knicks An Advantage


I guess this is moot for us as, I understand, Chauncey's Bird Rights don't mean that much to us because of his huge salary last year. Wonder if the Knicks will keep Lin AND sign Nash now. Interesting.

Sources: Emeka Okafor to Wiz


Weird trade, guess it's for cost cutting. Rashard can be bought out for something like 10 of his 23 million dollar contract. On the Vet's Minimum, wouldn't he make a great Stretch 4 for us off the bench? He can play the 4 alongside DJ or Blake. And we can keep a big rotation of DJ, Blake, Shard, and Reggie.

NBA: Who will be the Clippers' next GM?


Dan Woike says Gary Sacks has been with the team for five years. Which is it? Five or eighteen? He doesn't look old enough to have worked here for nearly 20 years. And if that's the case, his hiring as GM (which I DON'T WANT) would suck less if he's only been with the team during the "legitimate" years (since MDSr. and 2003).

Olshey Sees Blazers In 'Asset Acquisition Phase' Of Rebuild Plan


This is just minor nitpicking, but it's always bothered me. I always thought the strange and flowery way Neil spoke was indicative of the Clippers as a whole. I don't know if people notice, but all of our press releases and memos always read like an idiot trying to sound smart. However, Neil is still doing it in POR so either he was behind it or it was just a coincidence that more than one person talks like this. Asset acquisition phase? Less is more, Neil.

Source: Latest Jackson to Magic Scenario DOA


So Phil wants to run Basketball Operations from his home in Los Angeles? And Jackson had decided to "go with another opportunity." Neil, who??

Clippers GM Rumors: Los Angeles Looking At Kiki Vandeweghe?


Kinda blah about this. Not the worst hire, but not that exciting either. CP3 and Carmelo are close, does anyone know what Kiki and Melo's relationship was like?


Mitch Kupchak for GM!

I know this has a terrible chance of happening (and all because of DTS, so sad). But has anyone considered Mitch Kupchak to replace Neil? He's being treated like crap as Jim Buss does everything...


Ralph confirms: Sterling offered to match, Neil STILL left.

Maybe this should be a fan post, but there's no direct article to link to. According to a few Tweets from sports writers here and there, and Ralph himself who has had to do some backtracking,...

Could be Worse..."Wizards To Bring Back Randy Wittman"


Wittman makes VDN look like Phil Jackson. He got a 2 year extension. I feel bad for WAS fans; D'Antoni was rumored as going there because of Front Office connections and the Wall-Nene tandem. We don't look as bad now, haha. Least we kept Neil!

Stan Van Gundy, Otis Smith out


Stan Van Gundy is avail, can we jump on this? So many great coaches are out there: Phil, Sloan, Nate, Mike. Hard to choose, but can we go wrong with any of them? (Mike is great, but by far my last choice). SVG would be great here, but that means we'd never get Dwight. Which is fine, it's almost impossible that happens anyway.

Vinny Del Negro rips Bulls


Pretty candid, but brief interview. VDN sounds like an asshole here, even though I'm not fan of John Paxson either. Guess VDN thinks one playoff series gets him off the hook. Please fire this dolt in the offseason.

Butler Hopes To Return Against Memphis


I thought the 4-6 weeks announcement was a little sudden, I was hoping for something like that Ron Artest injury a season or two ago where he broke his hand or wrist or something and was back in like two weeks. Also, maybe this shows we've turned another corner as a franchise. Instead of giving short time tables to string us along, like the Blake Knee Cap, maybe they've learned that overestimating injuries is better than underestimating them and thus shattering expectations...

Olshey Never Considered Firing Del Negro


One miraculous come back and everything is forgiven? Doubt the veracity of this story, but wanted to post anyway.

All Flash, Clippers Are Easy To Hate


Articles like this REALLY show how far we've come. People don't ignore us anymore; they actively hate us. Progress!(?) Weak article, but I just find the comments section funny. Apparently, we are one of the League's "annointed" teams, so the NBA wants us to win. Again, progress!(?) Overall weak article, but good for a laugh.

Clippers Marching On From Trying Times


"You should also know, for the record, that veteran forwards Kenyon Martin and Reggie Evans summoned me at the morning shootaround for a three-man summit to strenuously deny the idea raised in the Weekend Dime that they're in any way at odds. Both were adamant that anyone suggesting otherwise was simply looking for scapegoats after a rocky March." Stein himself is "anyone suggesting otherwise". Love how he doesn't take responsibility for making it up.


Blake for Love?

This Blake for Dwight trade talk has me thinking. And I want to raise the subject because, curiously, these guys are always compared but no one discusses swapping them. I'm by no means a Kevin...


It's 2:35 pm and NOTHING has happened.

I've been checking my Twitter feed all day long. VDN is still the coach as far as I know. Today would be the day for something to happen, I guess nothing will.I get that changing coaches w/...

Pierce Offered To Blazers By Celtics


Was wondering when the BOS rumors would heat up. So the Big 3 is most definitely on shaky ground. If we can't get Ray Allen, Paul Pierce can definitely play the 2... Bled/Foye/Cook/Gomes?

D'Antoni Out As Coach Of Knicks


This is ridiculous. D'Antoni MADE Jeremy Lin. Oh well. I still say we'd be trading up if we get him over VDN. PHX's D was always under-rated, and besides, both our offense AND our defense sucks. CP3 and Blake are dream fits for SSOL.

Sloan Would Be Interested In New York Job


This sucks. If the Knicks are willing/able to fire D'Antoni and replace him w/ Sloan (or even Phil) mid-season, why the hell can't we do the same thing? We need Jerry Sloan way more than we need Jamal Crawford or Raja Bell.

Magic In Talks With Wolves On Jason Richardson


Obviously, the Wolves still think they can make the playoffs sans Rubio. And maybe they're right. Shouldn't we be talking about J-Rich? He's more or less the same as Crawford and is contract isn't crazy.

Mike Dunleavy to take active role in Hornets front office


Very interesting. In that case, Kaman and Gordon aren't going anywhere as the article suggests. If healthy, those are two solid pieces for a team. But they're never healthy (and Kaman will never be able to catch). Hope it works out for MDSr.

Jamal Crawford mentioned as being available in trades


We're directly mentioned in this piece by Sam Amick (SI). What would POR ask for? Would Randy's expiring be enough? Jamal would be a sick fit. We only need him to do one thing: score. And that's what he does. He's 6'5'', right? Decent size at the 2.

Ray Allen reportedly drawing interest from Clippers; Paul Pierce from Clippers, Lakers, Rockets


Any feasible way for us to get the Celtics starting wings? Bledsoe, Foye, Cook, Butler? Caron and Rondo would at least be two pieces to help them stay competitive as they rebuild. Too bad we don't have any First Rounders to trade...

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