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HEAT Hoping For Amnesty?


My eyes bugged out of my head at this quote: "The HEAT would not, of course be the automatic landing spot for potential amnesty players. New York, Chicago, and both Los Angeles teams would certainly be of interest to players looking to compete for a championship." BOTH Los Angeles teams? Yay!


AppleTV NBA Game Time. Any good?

I cancelled Time Warner like 6 months ago, and I really don't want to restart it (although I can't miss the LAC broadcasts).  I have an AppleTV and it comes with an NBA Game Time app.  Supposedly,...

Steve Javie retiring as NBA referee


Good riddance. Too bad this didn't happen before he negated Blake's Mozgoving of Gortat...

NBA Lockout: Don’t panic, they are posturing


Sheridan seems way more candid now. I hope ESPN fires ALL of its reporters then.

Adelman Definitely Interested in ‘Wolves


This is devastating. Not only will this diminish the value of the Minny Pick, but if he's interested in the David Kahn Timberwolves then we could have had him with the Donald Sterling Clippers. Are you fucking kidding me?!

Source: Wolves, Rick Adelman to meet


Looks like Adelman is doing more than a phone interview. Still sounds like a courtesy meeting, but I've a feeling Minny is going to throw a huge offer at him. I hope to God he doesn't take it. One more (Lock-Out shortened) season of VDN and then Rick Adelman and CP3/D-Will are (hopefully!) ours.

Mr. Griffin


More Blake comedy goodness for the impoverished masses of ClipsNation.

Zgoda: Larry Brown to Interview With Wolves


Is anyone else as mad as I am that Minnesota (MINNESOTA!) is interviewing Rick Adelman AND Larry Brown while we sit on our hands looking at another year of VDN?

Nationally Televised Games


Per Lisa Dillman: "Clips open Nov 2 at Staples v Memphis. Franchise+high 20 nationally televised games. #maybe" For comparison, the Dallas Mavericks, the NBA Champions, have 23 nationally televised games. #blakegriffineffectinfullforce

Dwyane Wade undecided on 2012


Me likey. Opens up more room for EJ. We KNOW Blake will be on Team USA, would be sick to have two Gold Medal Olympians on the Clip Show...

Clippers season-ticket prices stable


Unlike the Knicks (who raised prices despite the on-set of a lock-out...), it seems the Clippers aren't sticking it to us (yet, at least). Nice to see The Donald being a little less greedy.

Sources: Cavaliers, Kings near deal


I don't get it. So some teams ARE dealing before the lock-out tonight? Then what was that non-sense about players killing trades by delaying their physicals?


On the crushing disappointment of last night...

Last night, commenting on Draft Day with my other citizens, it became hauntingly clear that the Clippers would not be making a major, or minor, trade.  Despite this fact settling in around 6:45,...

Sixers Not Interested In Trading Iguodala To Cut Costs


This is looking better and better. I take it this means the CLE offer (4th Pick/TPE) is not appealing to them. Kaman can be described as an impact veteran, and if they seriously plan on taking Jordan Hamilton (a SG/SF), then a decent center heading their way makes even more sense...

NBA At 2: Trade Rumors Galore [Beasley]


This article says we're still in the hunt for Iggy. And like I've mentioned earlier, with PHI up for sale they will be looking to cut costs meaning the Kaman trade should still have some life to it. It also mentions we've been having discussions about Beasley. I'm sure DTS would love a move for this guy on a rookie scale contract. Having said that, if the cost is something like our 2 Second Round picks, I might do that. He's a ballhog that plays zero D, but he's still a scoring machine. Futhermore, a package of Kaman, Beasley, the Minny Pick and filler sounds more than solid for Deron or Dwight, both of whom will be dealt by the Trade Deadline if neither signs his extension. Very interesting.



The Big Aristotle calls it a career after 19 seasons. I wish he would've went out before limping to the finish line with BOS (or at least could've gotten his fifth ring as a key piece in the Finals). C'est la vie!


NBA Finals online.

Reaching out for some help from my fellow citizens.  I finally cancelled my cable service seeing as how Instant Netflix keeps getting better and better and because I'm never home to actually use my...


BOS/LAC Trade Idea that might actually work.

I was as shocked as anyone that Doc Rivers waffled on returning to coach the Celtics for two straight seasons, and then suddenly signed a 5 year deal.  Yikes!  This got me thinking, the Big Three...

Knicks targeting Dalembert? DJ safe?


I seriously wondered how NYK would be able to make a compelling offer for DJ or Marc Gasol. Seeing that they may be going after Dalembert, can someone tell me how they intend to get CP3 or D-Will? They kept Chauncey at his current rate CLEARLY as the centerpiece to acquire one of these guys, but NJN will NEVER trade D-Will to the Knicks, and the Hornets can get way more than a lone expiring contract and filler for CP3.

Los Angeles Clippers: 6 Moves to Make Blake Griffin and Company Title Contenders


Articles like this frustrate me to no end because they're so pie in the sky. Not saying that Chuck Hayes or Leandrino are game changers, but how can ANYONE honestly say signing Brian Scalabrine as a FA will lead to a title?? We already have one seldom used "big" sucking wind at the end of our bench...and he has a team option.

Clippers' Jordan center of attention


Seriously?? Who is going to pay DJ 5 years/60m? That sounds like an outrageous number. Good thing Tyson Chandler is also a free agent. Though if we do keep DJ for 9-11m, gulp, Kaman is DEFINITELY toast.


POR/LAC Trade Idea.

There's a glaring trade opportunity I see brewing here.  Needless to say, Crash Wallace is lighting it up in POR.  (Why didn't we get him again?)  Besides Wallace making Batum expendable, the...

Fear and loathing of David Stern


Woj nails it yet again. Just like how everyone crucifies the Clippers for not paying for Kim Hughes' cancer surgery (while totally ignoring the f'ed up system of "health care" the country uses), everyone hates on Sterling but doesn't mention he's the exact model of owner David Stern wants. Please Jeebus, fire them both.

Wallace And The Nuggets?


I still don't see how DEN could acquire players AND a 17m TPE for Melo, but they have. Now, if they can acquire Wallace for nothing but a pick, they have to do it. If that goes down, I take back every bad thing I have ever said about Massai Uriji and DEN. That being said, the silver lining here is that we the could possibly nab Gallo! We better not walk away with nothing this year.

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