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Name these Broncos...

Ok...this is really driving me nuts... the group picture of the Broncos attending the Rockies game the other night has some faces I just can't place. I'm sure the dedicate Broncomaniacs of MHR can...


Grad's 2013 Mock Draft v2

Well, I took a first stab at a 2013 Mock a couple of weeks ago and went with Hunt in the first at #28. I'm convinced now that Denver won't be picking on day one and will let another team get...


Grad's 2013 Mock Draft

Well, here we are again...preparing for the NFL Draft and analyzing the tapes, the scouting reports and the other mock drafts in hopes of finding that overlooked diamond in the roof. Last year I...

Denver signs UFA Steven Johnson, LB, Kansas


Not a bad UFA pick up. Hopefully we'll be adding a few more. Dale Moss perhaps? Alex Hoffman-Ellis?


Grad's Mock v7 (The Face Edition) my v6 sucked...I can accept that. The likelihood of getting Richardson was pretty out there...I get that. It was more of an intellectual exercise to see what things would look like if we...


Grad's New Mock -- Thanks to Minnesota

Yes sportsfans...I did promise that my last mock was my last...but we go again... I've been hearing a lot about teams wanting out of the first round and trading down. The Vikings are...


Grad's Top 10 Sleeper Picks

It's easy to identify those first round gems. There is never any doubt about the Peyton Mannings or the John Elways of the draft. The harder part is finding the Terrell Davis's and the Tom Bradys....


Grad's Mock v5 (The Final Mock)

Alrighty folks...I've done 4 mocks leading up to this point. I've analyzed a lot of tape...I've read a lot of message boards...I've listened to a lot of pundits...and I'm finally comfortable...


Grad's Mock v4 (Trade-O-Rama)

Ok folks...its now time to start adding the element of TRADES to Grad's pigskin potential prognostication! TRADE: Michael Floyd having slipped because of character concerns and still being...


Grad's Ranking of the BDPA

Ok...I am conceding we MUST go Defense with pick #25. We need to add strength to our Defense, regardless of position and we need to add to its effectiveness. We did pick up Porter and Adams to...


Grad's Mock v3

Well...after doing a lot of reading and watching of Mocks and draft analysis, I'm convinced that there is no chance that either Fletcher Cox or Luke Kuechley will fall to Denver at #25. Ultimately,...


Grad's DT Analysis

It is clear to me that the Denver Broncos are/should be interested in the fine crop of Defensive Tackles available in this year's draft. There are a number of reasons for this sense of urgency...


Grad's Mock v2

My last mock was criticized for being too optimistic. Well...I haven't lost my optimism...but I also concede that Jenkins won't be around in Round 2 for us. I also saw today 3 different scenarios...


Gradishar's Mock Draft

Well, since everyone and their brother is doing mock drafts...I might as well add my 2 cents... Round 1 - Pick #25 Fletcher Cox, DT, Mississippi State I see Denver having a real decision to...


Karma, Contracts and 'Countability...

It appears that the Tebow storm continues (and will continue) to swirl around Broncos Country. This is understandable. Lots of hard working, god fearing folks plopped down $60 to buy their child a...


Osi in Blue & Orange?

Adam Schefter Tweeted: "The #Giants have given Osi Umenyiora's agent permission to work out a trade for the 2-time Pro Bowl DE, sources told Sal Paolantonio" Can you imagine a DLine with Osi on one...

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