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It's Official: San Francisco Giants to star in Showtime reality TV show


"...Showtime said TV camera crews are being embedded for 10 months with the team, its management and wives and girlfriends of the players. The untitled series will premiere around the opening of the 2011 Major League Baseball season in March, and regular episodes will be broadcast during the second half of the season." Finally we'll get to see Aubrey Huff's butt cheeks. Update: Plus I just thought that maybe Mark DeRosa could provide his super hot wife for the camera's and finally make himself useful. Also, maybe some laughs with shots of Lincecum and Zito sharing a doobie.

Chris Haft / MLB.com: Giants giving top talent Belt shot at starting role


"He has a better swing than I did," (Will) Clark said. The Golden Child can apparently do it all: Strong mentally and emotionally, lays off good pitches like Barry Bond's did, makes adjustments at the plate, good speed, strong arm, "self-effacing and ultra-competitive", plays J.T. Snow caliber defense at first base, good instincts in left field, etc... Hype or the real deal? We shall see come spring baby.

Video: MLB's 20 Greatest Games of the past 50 seasons #19


"Bob Costas and Tom Verducci recap Game 4 of the 2003 NLDS between the Florida Marlins and the San Francisco Giants" LOL Bob Costas and Barry Bonds/BALCO, he's a crusader folks. Just watch I remember watching another show from MLB Network on the 2003 season where Brian Sabean was interviewed. He said essentially that the Giants were screwed going into Florida because they had lost game 2 at home. Just to give you the heads up, I think the greatest game might be game 6 of the 2002 World Series.

Panda says he lost 17 pounds


"Rich Aurilia saw Sandoval at a Phoenix-area shopping mall before Christmas and said the 24-year-old infielder reported he had lost 17 pounds while training at a private Arizona facility." Discussion starter question: Why does hugely fat Prince Fielder's performance seem uneffected by his layers of fatty fatness while Pablo Sandoval's added weight in 2010 caused him to become undone? My theory is that that the amount of muscle mass is the key. Fielder clearly is an avid weight lifter, probably nurtured from his father, while Pablo grew up in Venezuela and never really took weight lifting seriously until recently. How are huge NFL lineman able to be so athletic while at the same time technically obese? Because they're beasts in the weight room. Pablo's trainers are probably trying to find a balance between cutting the excess fat while adding more muscle mass. This will allow Pablo to continue to eat a lot because his new muscles will maintain and even boost his metabolism. Pablo will still need to maintain a better strike zone at the plate because he will probably still be too heavy to consistently reach the pitches off the plate he was reaching before. I recall by the end of last season him not even trying to do that anymore but his balance was very poor. In order for him to reproduce his stroke he will need better balance which is the whole point of losing weight and improving his athleticism.

Reds Sign Fred Lewis


"The Reds announced that they signed Fred Lewis to a one-year deal. It's a $900K major league deal, according to MLB.com's Mark Sheldon." Good thing there aren't any gays in Cincinnati... Oh wait...

F.P. Santangelo set to join Nats' TV team


F.P. Santangelo was named the color commentator for the Washington Nationals on MASN. He will be paired with play-by-play announcer Bob Carpenter. LOL Miss February 2008

RENTeria Wants To Play Two More Years / Reds made an offer


"ESPN Deportes' Enrique Rojas tweeted in Spanish yesterday evening that the Reds actually made an offer to Renteria "several weeks ago," and that if he hasn't signed yet, it's because of a difference in money between the two sides. On the other hand, the amount of years could also be an issue, since Renteria said in an interview yesterday that he's planning to play two more years, according to El Universal in Venezuela (link in Spanish)."

mlb.com Video: Rox set to compete with Giants?


MLB.com Rockies reporter Thomas Harding: "...now with the Rockies sitting there believing the Giants won their World Series last year. I mean, that's kind of the feeling there in Colorado." OMG, the Giants better give it back then because they could face trouble with the authorities. But seriously, I just browsed the Purple Row blog and I didn't see anyone throwing shit at the Giants claiming anything close to what this guy is claiming. The Giants proved they were a better team last season by knocking the Rockies out of contention for the division and nailing the final nail in the coffin. The Rockies were a good team that at times was banged up. They'll be good again next season but they have several holes to fill. I sort of saw last season as the transistion of the old gaurd being replaced by the new. The Rockies and Dodgers had their chance the past couple of seasons but failed.

Rihanna and Matt Kemp Call It Quits


Rihanna was a secret agent working on behalf of the Giants org. She would destract Kemp and the Dodgers offense would suffer for it. Now what are the Giants brass going to do? Hopefully, a potential bounce back season for Kemp will be offset by a bounceback season by Kung Fu Panda.

[San Francisco Giants on Twitter] "Camp Panda 2 Update: Sandoval has lost over 10lbs of fat and...


[San Francisco Giants on Twitter] "Camp Panda 2 Update: Sandoval has lost over 10lbs of fat and gained over 7lbs of muscle in the past 30 days." In 2011 the Kung Fu Panda will put down the chopsticks and get serious because THIS TIME, IT's PERSONAL.

Tim Lincecum Raises 12th Man Flag for Seahawks


Video courtesy of Seattle Sports Central. If the 49ers win their last two games and Seattle loses one more, which very possible because they play St. Louis and Tampa Bay, they'll win the western division and make history. But this will be a SHAME history. Oh god!

Comparing the 1993 Braves to the 2011 Phillies


MLB Network contrasts the new Phillies rotation with the Braves pitching staff of the early 1990s.

Signing Cliff Lee Not All Cracked Up to Be.


I know it leaves out all the Sabermetrics shit but if you've studied your baseball history you should know that the best rotations, statistically, failed to win a ring. Think, 1971 Orioles, 1997 Braves, 2005 Astros, and the favored 2010 Phillies. The Giants may or may not repeat, but some team is going to knock the 2011 Phillies off.

Check out this video posted on Youtube from a Braves fan called: "1993 Atlanta Braves: Re-Live the...


Check out this video posted on Youtube from a Braves fan called: "1993 Atlanta Braves: Re-Live the Moments" It was broadcasted the day the Braves clinched the NL West in 1993. The videos are divided into ten parts but dont seem to be complete. The videos deal mostly with post game interviews of the final win against the Rockies and post Fred McGriff trade highlights where the Braves began their gradual rise to the division lead from ten games back. The video I embeded shows highlights of a heartbreaking Giants loss on September 2nd. What's so interesting about this season is how incredibly good the Giants were but also how the Braves seemed to mirror the 2010 Giants in many ways. The 1993 Braves, like the 2010 Giants, were far back in the division at mid season. They also had an amazing pitching rotation. A then young Steve Avery has been compared to Madison Bumgarner. The midseason trade for McGriff can be compared to Pat Burrell's acquisition. A then young Chipper Jones can be compared to a now young Buster Posey, though Chipper only had four PA that season. Like the 2010 Padres, the 1993 Giants went on a devastating losing streak in September which resulted in them losing the divisional lead. Like the 2010 Giants, the NL West was decided on the last day. The 2010 Giants exorcised some demons by the beating the Padres for the NL West crown and beating the Braves in the NLDS. The Padres were the ones who traded McGriff for what now seems like nothing and the Braves, of course you know the story. I hate that stupid chant. Anyways, listen to what Braves broadcaster Skip Caray has to say when your watching the video. Many of the things he says are eerily similar to what we heard from those covering the Giants this season.

Red Sox Acquire Adrian Gonzalez


"The Red Sox have acquired Adrian Gonzalez and a press conference is scheduled for tomorrow, tweets SI's Jon Heyman...The Padres will receive Casey Kelly, Anthony Rizzo, Reymond Fuentes, and a player to be named later in exchange for their star player, according to Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports" Seems to be the real deal this time. All the Padres have left to do is trade fat boy and the destruction of their team will be complete.


Juan Uribe a Genius???

I updated the post to add his 2008/2009 homers for good measure. 2008 White Sox: 04/29/08: 75 mph05/08/08: 90 mph  Slow tee ball location fastball.08/14/08: 82 mph08/17/08: 78 mph09/05/08:...

That's what I want, I want the team that wants me and likes me.


That's what I want, I want the team that wants me and likes me.

Dylan Hernandez LA Times: Giants offered to match Dodgers' offer to Juan Uribe


The San Francisco Giants wanted to hold on to Juan Uribe –- enough to where they made the infielder a last-minute offer to match the three-year, $21-million contract he ended up signing with the Dodgers... Uribe’s agent was contacted by the Dodgers shortly after Uribe and the Giants won the World Series. If true, this makes me very angry. Glad that Sabean didn't spend that much on him though. Just mad he wanted to be a Dodger after all the support the fans showed him.

Cardinals Acquire Ryan Theriot


Theriot was a non-tender candidate for the Dodgers in the wake of their Juan Uribe signing, but the Cardinals have a need for him. He'll mostly play second base in St. Louis.

Video: Colletti on Dodgers' offseason


Good video of MLB Network talking with Dodgers general manager Ned Colletti about Los Angeles' offseason plans Main points: * still looking for a right handed hitting threat * Dodgers rotation to eat up innings * Jonathan Broxton still the closer * No decision on Russell Martin

Tulo and De La Rosa sign with the Rockies long-term


Shortstop Troy Tulowitzki has reached a contract extension with the club through 2020 and lefty Jorge de la Rosa has reached an agreement to re-sign with the Rockies to a three-year, $32MM deal.

Dodgers eyeing Uribe for infield help


Ken Gurnick / MLB.com: Continuing their aggressive offseason renovation, the Dodgers now are targeting free-agent infielder Juan Uribe... He most likely would become the starting second baseman and trigger the non-tendering of Ryan Theriot... Ken Rosenthal: For the Dodgers, he would make sense in a number of ways: * He could play third base, enabling the team to use Casey Blake as part of a left-field platoon. * He could play shortstop on days when the oft-injured Rafael Furcal is unavailable. * He could play second ahead of Ryan Theriot, whose .633 OPS last season was the third lowest in the NL. This is like if Boston was pursuing Jeter. It's getting ugly folks.

Mychael Urban: Sorting Out the Giants' Uribe Situation


"...they’re fairly certain other teams won’t value him quite as highly, and that they don’t value him as highly as Giants fans enamored by the jazz-hands homers, clutch at-bats and infectious personality Take a look at Uribe’s splits. That’s what other teams are going to do, and they’re going to reach the same conclusion they reached last offseason: Uribe is a pretty good player, but not worthy of the big-money, multi-year deal he seeks. With the exception of a September power surge, which underscores his local and deserved reputation as a clutch hitter, Uribe’s numbers -- his OPS, in particular -- dipped every month. That’s what clubs, including the Giants, are going to lean on at the bargaining table... In other words, Uribe isn’t going to get Aubrey Huff money from anyone. Perhaps the Giants are hoping he’ll soon realize that, accept arbitration and take the raise (from $3.5 million to, say, $5 million) that he earned in 2010."


Best Moments of the 2010 Regular Season

Accompanied with video from MLB.com. FYI: I was bored and had time on my hands. April 10 Edgar Renteria game-tying 2 run HR 9th Billy Wagner http://mlb.mlb.com/video/play.jsp?content_id=7341843A...

Dodgers Sign Jon Garland


The 31-year-old will be the fifth starter in a Dodgers rotation that already includes Clayton Kershaw, Chad Billingsley, Ted Lilly and Hiroki Kuroda. A better offense than last seasons would be a formidable opponent. A healthy Ethier, Kemp on Ritalin, etc... Are we to be concerned?



Ken Rosenthal "It could not be confirmed whether the Dodgers actually matched the Giants’ offer, but the team had definite interest in Huff, sources said."

Braves Acquire Dan Uggla


Marlins traded him away to a divisional rival for Omar Infante and lefty reliever Mike Dunn.

Marlins ponder Uggla trade with talks stalled


The article says the Marlins have been in contact with two national league teams. They want relief pitching and maybe a catcher. Freddy Sanchez is a former third baseman, just sayin'.

Brandon Belt in AFL Rising Stars Game


Clip of Belt in the game walking and scoring a run courtesy of MLB Network and MLB.com. Fast forward to the 1:25 mark to see Belt.

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