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KJ is helping the Sterling racism stuff apparently


Apparently the players wanted him, interesting.

Kings home opener amongst the 10 OTHER must see games


I think we all know why. Sacra-fucking-mento fans are gonna bring it.

Interview with Vivek, talks a bit about the Kings


Good to see Vivek making the publicity rounds.


What the what!!!!! Where is our draft article!!!

I woke up this morning basking in the hangoverous glow of keeping the SACRAMENTO KINGS, now Maloof free (well within the next day or so). I come to my beloved STR to start the discussion of the...

Another interesting piece on relocation saga, pretty solid


Talks about Balmer a bit, about setting bad precedents when purchasers buy a franchise. All in all a good read.


Looking for audio or a good recap of Grant's show yesterday with David Aldridge

Can anyone provide a link to the audio for that interview or provide a decent recap of what was said? My friend told me it was some pretty interesting stuff, and that Grant got worked up at D.A....

This seems a little unbelievable,


Seattle claims to have 44,000 season ticket pledges. I have a really tough time believing this. Every seat in the building twice over?

How do you finish last, by a landslide, in fan voting for owner honesty? For the Kings' brother...


How do you finish last, by a landslide, in fan voting for owner honesty? For the Kings' brother bosses, Gavin and Joe Maloof, it takes six easy steps: 1)Play footsie with Anaheim, where city officials and Ducks owner Henry Samueli offered to help you relocate. 2)Withdraw your plans, in part because local Sacramento businesses pledge to keep you in town. 3) Strike a deal with Mayor Kevin Johnson to build a $391 million arena in the Sactown rail yards, with the city paying up to 255 million, and the NBA footing a 67 million loan to help cover the rest. 4) Cry in public when announcing the deal. 5)Triumphantly hold the mayor's hands aloft at the first Kings home game after the deal. 6)Back out 6 weeks later. I was reading through the mag, trying to find something on the negative about the Magoofs and was pleasantly surprised to find this article on page 56. There is more but its good to see that a national sports magazine has the correct gist of things

ESPN the Magazine, page 56, best and worst owners in all of sports, Maloofs ranked 122/122.

"Eventually, winning solves all of these issues. And I wouldn’t be in this business if I didn’t...


"Eventually, winning solves all of these issues. And I wouldn’t be in this business if I didn’t think we would win. I’ve lived the American Dream, and I’m blessed financially. If you’re looking for a return on your investment, this would be one of the worst-performing businesses possible. That’s not why I bought the team. It’s a competitive challenge. I want to win." Must be nice to have an owner that sees things in this way...

Isaiah Thomas up to 4th on NBA rookie ladder


also has him listed as the biggest surprise to everyone BUT... no surprise, himself.

Lockout article from yahoo

David Stern is still acting more lawyer than commissioner as he attempts to satiate his newest brand of constituents, the younger team owners that paid outrageous prices for their teams, spent like mad and with little thought, and then decided that they wanted their team to be a moneymaker rather than a point of civic pride, when their moneymaking options in their other respective fields of business dwindled This sounds familiar, yahoo article but that paragraph really resonated with me, for obvious reasons.

Does Jimmer = more national television games/exposure?

I have to believe we are going to get more than 3 or 4 national television appearances this next season,  I would guess probably double what we had last year.  It has been nice to hear the national...


I'm looking for the sellout vs playoff seasons graph posted the other day.

Sorry to post this here, but I am not sure where else to ask.  I was talking with a co-worker about this Kings situation and I mentioned a graph that was either on this site or on the bee, which he...


Our very own Jim Gray is doing the announcement for LBJ.

James will announce his plans within the first 10 minutes of the special, Norby Williamson, ESPN’s vice president of production, told The Associated Press. He said sportscaster Jim Gray, who was...

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