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We are better off without Doc.

I was really moved by the reception Doc got last night and I will always be grateful for what he gave to this team. At the same time, I keep wondering whether we might actually be in a better...

So Jeff, is there some kind of siren that sounds on the CelticsBlog Thursday at 3pm to signal the all clear?

I for one can't wait for this trade deadline to be over. Here's hoping we've got a team I recognize come tomorrow night...


The "Kevin Garnett Is an Old, Washed Up, Dirty Player" Thread

Let KG know how you feel. And let's make sure it gets back to him. You know, just so he'll have something to read (in large print edition, of course) while he's watching Lawrence Welk reruns and...

Broadway Magic/Bird in Rehearsal

Rehearsal room for the new Magic/Bird play opening on Broadway this spring (I took it this morning). They had a hoop set up in the studio and actors were taking shots. Very strange scene.

Freakonomics Podcast Takes on the NFL Lockout

Earlier this year, NPR's Freakonomics podcast took a look at some of the more subtle and non-obvious aspects of the impending NFL lockout. I post it here because while the particulars are different, many of the principles at stake (revenue sharing, de-certification, sports monopolies, the fragility of careers in pro sports) are identical to those faced in the current NBA negotiations. And it caused me to reconsider my feelings about the lockout. Maybe in fact there are two sides to this negotiation who are digging in because they feel that there are issues vitally important to their lives and livelihoods at stake?

A Reason to Feel Good About Basketball: Satch Sanders's HOF Induction Speech

Lest we forget, before Havlicek, Bird, and Pierce, the small forward position was manned by the understated, underrated 8-time champion Tom "Satch" Sanders. Don't let the lockout get you down. Watch a class act and a piece of Celtics history finally get his due.

Bosh intimidated by Boston crowd

For real, Chris Bosh? You did this and you're intimidated by a little Celtics pre-game love? Give KG a pickle and a side of coleslaw and let him have Bosh for lunch. (A tip of the hat to Brian Windhorst for once again bringing this Miami crew down to earth.)

Tony Allen Leads Memphis to Victory Over Spurs

Looks like TA's found his niche. He scored 20 points (and only 1 TO) in the Grizzlie's defeat of San Antonio. Who was the high scorer of the game, you ask? None other than Darrell "Darrell Who?" Arthur.

New York Times feature on Bill Russell

I will never get tired of reading about Bill Russell. What a player and what a man. I'm so happy that he's being recognized with Presidential Medal of Freedom - not only the embodiment of Celtic pride, but one of the great sportsmen of the 20th century. These injury-ridden February weeks can be a slog, but reading this gave me a lift. May it do the same for you.

Windhorst on Pat Riley's Master Plan to Bring LeBron to South Beach

This is a must-read article. I've lost a some faith in the NBA, but this is some great investigative reporting on the events leading up to LeBron's Miami signing.

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