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I'm Cathy. A's fan since 1999, Barry Zito fan since 1998. Don't read too much into it. Recent University of the Pacific graduate. Newly transplanted NRAF. Living life on the East Coast, representing the West Coast. I like to write, especially when I can write about my life AND baseball in tandem. Sometimes, the only thing that's fair in life is between the foul lines.


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  • MLB Oakland Athletics
  • NBA Los Angeles Lakers
  • NCAAB Pacific Tigers
  • NFL Chicago Bears
  • FIFA Mexico
  • EPL Chelsea
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Hello everyone! For those of you who know me, I miss you and I need to come around more often. For those of you who don't know me, I am GreenNGoldGirl and I have been an AN member since I was 14...


Life in the Empire of the A’s East

My freshman year of college, I took a class during my first semester called "Intro to Sport Management". My professor introduced herself and, as an icebreaker, asked everyone to state their names,...


GreenNGoldGirl Rises (so much cooler than Batman)

After years underground, I've left my cave to thank AthleticsNation for being AWESOME.


DLD March 24, 2009

In response to Leopold Bloom's plea for a DLD, ta-da, here we are. It's been a while since I've posted one, but college is boring and I'm sure I haven't lost my touch ;] March 24 is the 83rd day...


The something pitch

Fastball, curveball, slider, change. Fastball, curveball, slider, change. Fastball, curveball, slider, change. This is what makes sense to me.   


DLD 27 de Octubre del 2008

MORNING!!!! It's Monday, October 27, 2008! While I SHOULD be celebrating the fact that my first class of the day was cancelled, I'm slightly annoyed because I'm locked out of my building and my...


DLD!!!! 8-18-08!!! AHHH!!!!

Morning!!!!! Wake up!!!! It's August 18, 2008!! TODAY IS THE LAST DAY BEFORE FRESHMAN MOVE IN AT UOP!!!! AHHH!!!!! Okay. I'm calm. August 18 is the 230th day of the year (231st in leap years)...


DLD: August 9, 2008

I know people don't post as much on the weekends, but no matter. There's some very sad news today. Bernie Mac Dies at 50 Comedian and Chicago native Bernie Mac died early Saturday morning from...



Happy August 8th! I'm not at work today, but since I woke up at an indecently early hour this morning (in proportion the the atrociously late hour that I went to bed last night), I decided to give...


DLD. August 5, 2008.

With exactly TWO WEEKS left before I move into college, therefore beginning my life (or ending it, in some's opinions), I decided to terrorize AN with a true GNGG DLD. WOO HOO! August 5 is the...


Sports, Life and College

I'm attempting to think of something witty, baseball related that I could write here, but it's impossible. I have nothing. I don't have something funny to write about. I don't have a poignant story...


This is just an excuse to distract me from my future

I cried on Thursday afternoon. They weren't tears of sorrow or tears of joy. They weren't tears of excitement or tears of confusion. On the contrary, these were tears of apprehension. My AP English...


DLD. August Fourteenth. Yeahhhh :)

HAPPY AUGUST FOURTEENTH!!!!!! Today is the 226th day of the year. Happy birthday to... Cupid Childs, Paul "Daffy" Dean, some guy named Steve Martin, hot stuff Halle Berry, baseball player Juan...


DLD 8-8-07: not MORE on him...

Welcome to August 8th, 2007. On this day in... 1908 - Wilbur Wright makes his first flight at a racecourse at Le Mans, France. It's the Wright Brothers' first public flight and the French public...


D.L.D. :)

WOO HOO!!!! FINALLY!!! :) Hopefully someone doesn't post a DLD before I post mine. I think I'd cry. Ladies and Gentlemen, today is August 4, 2007. In a day of milestones, Tom Seaver of the Chicago...


When all you need is a sign

Rewind to 1998. In 1998, before gametime on July 16th, the Oakland Athletics had a record of 44-49. In that same year, the A's had a nine game losing streak in July, from July 21st to July 28th....


AN, I'm at war and I need your help!

AN, I need your help. I've got the most dumbass Giants fan on my case and I can't shut him up. I've gotten him to settle down a few times (my most recent shot being thrown yesterday-- I screamed...


Oh, what a day.

Today, Thursday, April 19, 2007, was a momentous day. It was a day which started out quite peculiar, because I had a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach. I felt deep down that today was going...


Shut it. I'm entitled.

Everyone knew it was going to happen. It was just a matter of when and with who. I was already having a crummy week. A crummy month. Hell, a crummy winter. Already. I knew Barry Zito was going to...


Dealing with the Off-season

I've cried. I've been distraught. I've thrown a few (okay, a lot of) verbal punches at Giants fans. I've overanalyzed. I've panicked and I've had nervous breakdowns. I've had nightmares and I've...


Diamondbacks series? =] + Open thread.

Hello AN =] I was just wondering... Who here will be going to the D'Backs series? I'll be there tomorrow for my BIRTHDAY =]. I had a dream that Z gave me a kiss on the cheek for my birthday, so...


Open Thread slash questions slash Butt Thread =]

Golly. IT'S EFFING SUMMERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR =] I'm so glad I can finally go back to my way of life in the summer. Baseball, baseball, baseball! I'm really bored, and I remembered that there...


Traumatizing Huston stories. [[picture diary 5-5-06]]

Just to show you how behind I am in my whole diary-posting, blogging attempts.... pictures from the 5-5-06 game =] I was sitting in the bullpen seats that I got from jb [[thanks! it was a blast!]]...


I'm calling out for AN help :]

Hey everyone :] I need some help with my homework. See, in English, everyone gets assigned a vocab word every unit and we have to bring in an object that represents that word. I have an ongoing...


Hiiiiii there :]

Hey AN :] I hope you guys remember me because I remember youuuu. I've missed AN so much. SO MUCH. It kills me that my time is insufficient to hang out with the Internet People. Think about it...


Ohh my first Opening Night :]

On my way to the Coliseum Monday afternoon, I had already resigned myself to the loss awaiting in Oakland. I had a feeling that Barry Zito was not going to pitch a stellar game and the A's would...


GNGG's Cheering Up Open Thread

I have decided that my depressed/irked soul needs some cheering up. (OK, that sounded really really lame. Oh well. Y'all won't judge me. =]) Open threads=love. Open threads=randomness. Open...


The Tale of an A's Fan: Part 1 (Disclaimer: It's mildly long...)

EDITOR'S NOTE I've moved this diary to the front page, hoping this will cause it to be read by more users, and will afford G&GG the chance to get a maximum amount of feedback. Other than Cindi,...


MLB Survey... Nothing official, just fun! :)

I'm blatantly copying this off of a Myspace bulletin, but I thought it was fun and wanted people on AN to take the survey. :) Besides, I think it would bring back some nice memories... 1. Favorite...


Mychael Urban @ Livermore Civic Center (updates)

Hey everyone!!! I don't know if you guys remembered, but yesterday, Mychael Urban was at Livermore Public Library for a book signing. I has soooo much fun! I took notes the entire time and I...

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