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Native of Berkeley, in more or less permanent exile in Norman, Oklahoma, where I teach U.S. history at the University of Oklahoma.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Oakland Athletics
  • NBA Oklahoma City Thunder
  • NFL San Francisco 49ers
  • NCAAF Oklahoma Sooners
  • NCAAB Oklahoma Sooners
  • NHL New Jersey Devils
User Blog

Uni Watch Names A's Uniform Set the 8th Best in Pro Sports

A's Finish 8th in Uni Watch Power Rankings.


Scoreboard Watching: Texas vs. Minnesota Game Thread (Sunday, May 30)

Just thought it would be fun to post an AN game thread on the Texas-Minnesota game.    With the A's loss, we're now tied with the Rangers.  Texas takes a three game losing streak into this one.  D...


Interleague Play: A Plague on Baseball

As longtime ANers bored enough to pay attention to my thoughts on such things know, I am not a fan of interleague play.  Every year when the first series against the Gnats rolls around, I once...


mlb.tv: the annual ritual

As spring training games commenced, I bit the bullet and signed up for another season of mlb.tv (premium, naturally).  As an NRAF since 1982, mlb.tv has been an incredible blessing. Instead of...


World Series Ratings and ESPN: A Mini-Rant

So I'm watching Mike & Mike on ESPN2 this morning (I know, I know...what do I deserve if I'm watching these two?).  And they're having a conversation in which they're both puzzled at the low TV...


Looking Ahead: a Tigers vs. Cardinals Series?

This is jumping the gun a bit, I know, but while I'm enjoying all of the Hot Stove League talk on AN, and also can't wait for Spring Training, there's still baseball to be played this fall...and...


What Matters Most to You?

Years and years ago, during the 1988-1990 run, when the A's were making it to the World Series three years in a row, but winning only one of them, I had a conversation with a friend of mine who was...


The Wikipedia Baseball Article Improvement Drive

For some reason I'm becoming the font of wiki-related suggestions... Wikipedia has just announced an effort to improve all their baseball-related articles to featured article status.  Information...


What City Has the Best Uniforms?

Watching the Tigers-Halos game reminded me how totally awesome the Tigers' home uniforms are.  For some reason this also brought to mind Detroit's other awesome sports threads, the Red Wings' home...


Notes on a Roadtrip to Arlington

Last night, I drove down to Ameriquest Field at Arlington (or whatever its official title is) to catch the A's-Rangers tilt.  Here, in no particular order, are some notes on the trip, the stadium,...

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