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Vesa Gustavsson Doesn't Apologize. Leaves That to His Fans


"Superstar NHL caliber goalie Gustavsson was given the challenge last night of matching up against one of the greatest goalies of all time on a surging Devils team in order to keep the Leafs...

Leafs 1, Employers of Matt Cooke 0


Has Matt Cooke been re-born? The recap of last night's Leafs 1-0 win over the Penguins is curious.

Gustavsson Finished. Expects 12 Year Conditioning Stint in Swedish Elite League


You know, life is full of delicious little mysteries: How does the mind work? What is the nature of love? How does Pierre McGuire keep finding a job? Well it doesn’t take a strict...

Leafs Play Half Great, Win 4-3. Leaf Fans All Great, Win Everyday


Recapping the Toronto Maple Leafs' 4-3 victory over the Nashville Predators.

Toskala Gets Shutout, Says: "I've Had a Laser Pointer in My Eyes For Two Seasons."


It was refreshing to see the Toronto Maple Leafs do almost everything right.

Leafs Lose, Broad Side of Barn Safe


A visual representation of last night's shots by the Toronto Maple Leafs.

As heard on AM 640, Komisarek out 3 weeks with a quad pull. UNSEXY UPDATE: It's a tear in his...


As heard on AM 640, Komisarek out 3 weeks with a quad pull. UNSEXY UPDATE: It's a tear in his quad. Oh, well no problem, then.

TML: Here's to Future Days


A funny thing happens to a young NHL superstar on his way to setting a personal high in shots in a game: you electrify a nation driven mad with desire for culpable proof that their team will...

Maple Leafs: Turn Head, Cough


The latest Maple Leafs themed article from our star contributor Greener.

Game Review: TML 10


A review of the latest offering from EA Sports: TML 10.

And Burke Said, "Let There Be Goals"


I'm not a religious man, to say the least. This one time a street corner preacher asked me if I needed to have my soul saved, and I answered "It's 11:30". In spite of this, I know when someone is...

Talk to Your Doctor About DDoSS


If you're anything like me, and lets be honest, with all my charity work, how could you be, you're someone who loves the summertime. Long, hot days. Short, steamy nights. Tops go down and tops come...

Kerry Fraser: The Divider


Greener responds to AM640's Leafs Lunch's Kerry Fraser interview the only way he knows how: in interpretive dance.



Welcoming a new writer to the Pension Plan Puppets' stable.

L.A. Kings blog A Queen Among Kings blows the cover off the story of the shocking breakup of Jared...


L.A. Kings blog A Queen Among Kings blows the cover off the story of the shocking breakup of Jared Stoll and Rachel Hunter!

Game Preview: Leafs vs. Kings


The (American) Thanksgiving horn 'o' plenty keeps on giving for your friend Greener this week, and I keep on thanks-ing. This deliciously laden cornucopia brought to you by a peaceful, loving...

Allies 6, Axis 3


On a night when HNIC honours heroes of the real and sporting type, the Leafs pick a great time to play what is increasingly becoming the mark of these 08/09 Leafs: 60 minutes of being a team that...

He Score/He Shoot: He Said/He Said


We are just over a day away from the beginning of the season so it's time to make predictions for the upcoming season. Throughout the day we'll have a number of previews and first up are Steven...

McCabe/Fletcher: Two Men Enter, One Man Leaves


Editor's Note: You might remember Greener as part of the three man team that was needed to fill my shoes while I was gallivanting in Europe. He is also part of the team at He Score! He Shoot!....

FTB - ...And That Should Just About Do It


Seeing as the date is July 12th, by my (Romulan) calendar, I make it approximately 400 weeks since what's-his-name left his forlorn, run-down Toronto Maple Leafs blog, Pension Plan Puppets, for his...

FTB - Nieuwendyk > Smith


One of my favorite goals ever scored by someone in a Leafs uniform was scored by the Toronto Maple Leafs new Special Assistant to the General Manager. That man's name is Joe Nieuwendyk, and he...

FTB - We're All In This Together!


With the last privately exploded Mexican-made 4th of July firework going off in my neighborhood this Saturday night, I'm realizing that summer is really here, and for those of us who love hockey,...

Draft Shmaft


Cliff Fletcher has acquired Mikhail Grabovski from Montreal for prospect Greg Pateryn and the Leafs 2nd round pick in 2010. So yaaaay! No second round picks for years now! A C/LW, Grabovski is a 24...

FTB - Perspective? I Got Your Perspective Right Here


With the uproar of free agency dying down, there are only a few good players left out there still fielding offers. Guys like Mats, Jagr, and me. Mind you, the offers I'm fielding are along the...

Leafs Get The Finger


There. I beat the entire Sun media empire to the worst pun that Jared of London never made. Who the hell is Jeff Finger you may well ask. Well, go ahead and ask. No, I'll ask. Who in the hell is...

They Always Come Back


Underprivileged kids throughout the GTA are celebrating right now as the greatest friend the Boys and Girls Club ever had, Curtis Joseph, is returning to play for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Whether...

FTB - Move Along...Nothing To Read Here


I fielded a phone call from Moose on Sunday night where over the course of 2 minutes his mood went from "in shock" to "off his ass elated" at the news that his favorite team, the Oilers, just...

FTB - Read This Blog Post, Or Don't Bother Coming Back


You just know that somewhere, right now, John Ferguson Jr. is paying too much for car insurance. He must be, because he's paid too much for everything else. The aftermath of his regime is one of...

FTB - Good Guys Finish in Calgary


The road to Hell is paved with the best of intentions, and in the case of EX-Leaf Darcy Tucker, that means a certain well meaning blunder on his part will lead him right into the Calgary Flames...

FTB - I Told You So Edition


As all of you tore into your Meuslix this morning, your better halves sat across from you reading a story in the Globe and Mail in which intrepid cub reporter Dave "The Hammer" Shoalts reported...

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