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Eric Wedge blamed sabermetrics for Dustin Ackley's struggles?


Can we use this excuse for Ike Davis' horrible season too?

Wheeler/d'Arnaud for Stanton?


I'm seeing this trending in my Facebook feed, and now WFAN (which I haven't "liked" but somehow got into my feed anyway) has asked what YOU think about the above trade proposal. What do the non-WFAN mong types of Amazin Avenue think? I hate the idea of both Wheeler and d'Arnaud being shipped out for Stanton. I could live with one going.

Cowbell Man (not Cowgill Man)


I'm sure we're all familiar with him as he makes his way through the concourses of Citi (and Shea before that). Here's a little background info on the man. Didn't know he's been at this since 1975.



Yes, Ruben Amaro decided that Delmon Young was worth a major league contract when he has Domonic Brown who a) actually can take a walk and b) is not an anti-semitic drunk. Between Amaro and Loria, the Mets may not have to worry about 40% of the NL East in their quest to rebuild themselves into a contender.

Please Never Fire Ruben Amaro, Phillies


"First of all, the makeup is extraordinary. He's the ultimate team player. He knows how to play baseball. He's a winning baseball player. He's had the opportunity to be in big games in the playoffs and he just fits real well." Good lord, it's like a Fire Joe Morgan mad-libs game. This is how the Phillies are making decisions these days? Great, as long as he's the Phils GM, and Loria the Marlins owner, the Mets really only have to worry about 2 teams ahead of them.


New Islanders fan, so where do I begin?

Hi all, Just joined Lighthouse Hockey, so this is my first post. I've been lurking for the past 24 hours as my membership became active, and the consensus seems to be that this move was the best...

He's still got it


Because the Orioles are just a little more magical when Endy Chavez is patrolling the outfield.

Just a bit late on that fastball, Lance


No real reason to post this, except that stuff like this makes the end of another disappointing season worth it. Harvey hopefully becomes a key piece of the next Mets contender.

Bartolo Colon suspended 50 games for testosterone


Maybe it's in the water supply in the Bay Area. Suffice to say, the odds of a 1989 World Series rematch were a lot higher 10 days ago than they are today.

Yahoo's Tim Brown endorses Dickey for All-Star starter


I usually don't give a damn about the All-Star game, but there would be no way I'd miss it if Dickey is the starting pitcher.

R.A. Dickey book signing


He'll be signing his new book in April at a Barnes and Noble in Midtown and one in Queens. I know I'll try to get to one of them.

Braun wins MVP


Not a terrible choice, but I don't see how he was better than Kemp except that his team was good. Also, Ryan Howard finished ahead of Reyes and his own teammates Lee and Victorino despite having a lower WAR than Jamey Carroll.

My Mets calendar for July before.....


My Mets calendar for July before.....


Favorite baseball movies?

OK, it's the dead of January and most of the big trades and/or free agent signings have already happened, so there's not much baseball to talk about for at least another month.  So what is...

Adrian Gonzalez to Boston


Wow. I don't know if I've ever seen a team coming off of a 90-win season wave the white flag while it's still December. Maybe the Padres were a fluke, but so were the Giants, I think. The division is wide open. Now, they'll be lucky to have an offense better than Seattle's.


Will MLB expand the playoffs and add another wild card?

It sure looks like it. What does everyone think about this?  There's a part of me that thinks its cosmic justice for the Toronto Blue Jays, who may finally make the playoffs like so many of their...

Feliz, Posey win ROY


I personally would have voted for Heyward over Posey, but Buster is a fine choice.

R.A. Dickey running for Governor of New York on the "Knuckleballs Are Too Damn Slow" ticket.


R.A. Dickey running for Governor of New York on the "Knuckleballs Are Too Damn Slow" ticket.

Dibble canned for idiotic Strasburg comments


Rob Dibble has long struck me as the biggest douche in baseball media, and his comments accusing Strasburg of being a wimp for, uh, not pitching through a blown-out elbow just seemed beyond the pale. I'm glad the Nats management thought so too.

run differential


Check out the run differentials in the standings after 1 month. The Mets are no fluke, based on this. Other thoughts: San Diego? Really? Also, the Rays, woah!

durned parents valuing education...


Ubaldo Jimenez could have been a Met if only his parents hadn't insisted on his graduating from high school. Grrrr......

If only he liked baseball too....

Insert joke about Russian gangsters making the Wilpons an offer they can't refuse. As a Nets fan, I'm very excited about this, but as a Mets fan, I sigh that the Mets ownership will still be a bunch of incompetents.



This is what it's like to have lefty starter who DOESN'T WALK ANYONE!!! I was at the game last night, as Niese looked pretty good, even as he was hurt by some of the worst defense I've ever seen. He certainly inspires a lot more confidence than the $36 million man he replaced.

This is a nice story


And the guy is a Mets fan too!

She's gone


It's going to be weird heading out to the Willets Point stop on the 7 without the big blue ballpark there. I just hope the friday-night-in-June zaniness of the upper deck lives on at Citi (FDIC?) Field. I have a bad feeling it won't.


Fire Joe Morgan calls it quits

http://www.firejoemorgan.com/ Well, it isn't exactly surprising, but (with apologies to Eric, who runs a great blog) this was my favorite baseball site ever.  I'm sure it got way bigger than they...

From Wrigley Thursday night. Just remember, Mets fans, that it could be much worse: we could be...


From Wrigley Thursday night. Just remember, Mets fans, that it could be much worse: we could be Cubs fans.


Favorite Shea Stadium Memories

Last Friday's 3-0 loss to the Phillies was, barring the unlikely event that I, living on student loans, pay the going rate on Stubhub for Mets playoff tickets (if the Mets make it), my final game...

Baseball Prospectus Postseason Odds


BP is bullish about the Mets chances. Lets hope they're right. Also, Go Rays!

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