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Chicago v KC thoughts: Slightly Encouraging Loss


Chicago v KC thoughts: Slightly Encouraging Loss

Why can't I Shake This Feeling? Thoughts on the win against Montreal


I feel like the template for beating the Fire is in this game somewhere. Montreal didn't find it exactly but they laid some of the groundwork.

Game 26 Chicago vs Houston: That was Positive


So last night was fun wasn't it? When I started writing this I thought the only thing I'd be able to say was "and then that was awesome". So prepare yourselves. Everything below the jump is going...

Chicago vs DC: ¡Que Horrible!


Last thing I wanted to do tonight was write this stupid recap. After that horrible game ended I wanted to do anything but this. Honestly I'd rather be working on anything else (including my...

Klopas vs Yallop in San Jose: A Tale of Two Games

Whatever the changes that need to be made I feel significantly more confident in Klopas and his abilities than I did earlier this year. His growth as a coach is obvious. Now let's see that growth...

Alvaro Fernandez - A bit of analysis


Whenever you get the opportunity to acquire a good player within the league it is usually worth the opportunity. This move wasn't just made to win now. Marco Pappa will be somewhere in Europe next...

Game 17: Chicago vs Houston recap: No goals? REJOICE!


Don't get me wrong this game was a GOOD RESULT. An excellent point on the road. These are exciting times for Fire fans. While all is not well (what is up with Seba?) things are looking pretty good....

USOC Third Round Recap: Michigan vs Chicago: ugh


Early this morning I wrote a "recap" of last night's debacle in Michigan on the way back to Chicago. Due to technological failure on my end, I wasn't able to post it right away. So join me after...

Game 11: Burn vs Fire: ENCROACHMENT!


This game was nuts. Inexplicable referee decisions. Overly physical play. Weird penalties. Poor set piece defending. Golazo! Dives. Goalie Coach ejection. Yellow cards. Two (!) penalty saves. Nerve...

Chicago vs Salt Lake Game 8 Recap: Lame Draw


This game made me angry. I left feeling like the whole evening was an exercise in futility.

Recap Game 1: Montreal vs Chicago


So this season finally decided to show up. After being off in week one the wait finally ended this past Saturday in Montreal. With the season finally here we get to see our relatively unchanged...

[UPDATED] Chicago Fire Sign German International Arne Friedrich


Chicago Fire Sign German International Arne Friedrich. This changes some things.

Let's Talk About Strikers


Here it is, the last leg of the positional preview. I finally manage to get around to talking about the forwards. There are several issues with trying to evaluate the forwards. The last road pre...

Let's talk about Midfielders


Grazzini is the straw that stirs the drink and other thoughts on the Chicago Fire midfield

Let's talk about Center Backs


The Chicago Fire's center back situation suddenly doesn't look so peachy. Austin Berry, your spotlight is waiting.

MLS SUPER Draft Road Report


Wednesday 3PM: For whatever crazy reason I ended up driving to KC. It wasn't always meant to be that way. At first I was going to fly, then I was going to travel with other like minded...

Who should the Executioner's Axe fall for?


The Fire roster might need some cuts. Here are the most likely casualties if the team reaches that point.

Re Entry draft targets


Re-Entry Draft targets for the Chicago Fire

Chicago Fire protected list: Sanity reigns supreme


Today is the big press releases full of protected players day.  Personally it feels like a healing balm to help with the festering burn wound that was yesterday's Cup final.  Here is your creamy...

Chicago vs DC: Smelling Salts


I picked a fine game not to watch live. You know something good has happened when you get a text message saying "Stop what you're doing. Right now. Ok. Watch the Fire NOW!". This option wasn't...

Chicago vs Dallas: K.O.


This game oh man this game. This one beat me. Right now I'm just glad there are only two games left to go over. Join me after the break as we go over this game. Not a whole lot of good things...

USOC Final: So Many Sad Faces


Look I know. I've put this off for far to long. Can you blame me? Who wants to relive last Tuesday night? The time has come to put some thoughts to html (otherwise Tweed may murder me). So...

Chicago vs Houston: A Draw We Can All Respect


Chicago vs Houston: A Draw We Can All Respect A bit of discussion regarding yesterday.

Chicago vs RSL: Let's Fight!


What in Hristo Stoichkov is going on around here?

Chicago vs New England: Trending


I like this called winning.

Chicago vs Chivas USA: Big [Expletive Redacted] Stones


Chicago vs Chivas USA: Big [Expletive Redacted] Stones Recap and thoughts on yesterday's win.

Chicago vs San Jose recap: How Embarrassing


That was embarrassing wasn't it? San Jose is, essentially, a one man team. Take away Chris Wondolowski and you are looking at TFC levels of ineptitude. The Fire let that one man run all over the...

USOC Chicago vs Richmond Recap: Cup Final Online


Chicago Fire vs. Richmond Kickers

Chicago vs Colorado recap: Drunk on Victory~!


Chicago beat Colorado. Awesome.

Chicago Fire vs TFC recap: VICTORY~!


Follow me after the break where I will basically give sloppy wet kisses to everyone in the organization. Seriously I have nothing bad to say tonight. I'm drunk on happiness. No lie, I danced my way...

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