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The (Mock)ing Jay Draft 2.0

So here's my second go at a mock draft. You may remember my first take where I took Mike Evans first and Austin-Sefarien Jenkins in a general mock draft that emphasized the offense. This draft is a...


The (Mock)ing Jay Draft

So here's my first attempt at a mock draft this season. Like Boomsauce and DanRoc I'll be making a couple iterations of my mock drafts as my mind wanders from one prospect to another. The following...


The Entirely Too Early 2014 Draft Look-ahead: Tight End Edition

Hey Bills fans. I'm hoping to make this an ongoing series that I intend to do this year where I explore and attempt to shed some light on potential draft picks the Bills may be looking at for next...


Next Year's Compensatory Picks?

So I was thinking today about what free agents this Bills lost this season and what Free Agents we signed and what level of compensatory picks we are likely to receive next year. We lost Levitre...


2014 Draft Needs

With the 2013 draft concluding it's never too early to start looking towards the 2014 draft! My question is, what do Bills fans think will be our biggest needs going into next years draft? We...


Jets might release Sanchez, are we interested? apparently the jets might release Mark Sanchez, could we possibly...


We Need to Draft: Desmond Trufant

As Brian previously noted in his piece regarding Xavier Rhodes: don't be surprised if Nix drafts another cornerback in the first round this year. My only issue is I think Brian picked the wrong...


Cuts Around the NFl Thread

Instead of a bunch of individual fanposts, I thought it would be more constructive if I just made a fanpost that lists all the recent cuts and discusses whether we think the Buddy Nix should...


Cotton Bowl Open Thread

Hey Bills fans. This game has some very good prospects in it, including Landry Jones, who as of the early second quarter seems to be playing pretty well against a great defense. Also be sure to...


What is the main problem?

I'll be asking this question once the season is over but as of right now, at the halfway point of the season, what would Bills fans say is the main problem with the team that needs to be fixed...


Besides QB, Where will the Bills Draft Next Year?

I was thinking about this today, let's say the Bills finish the season in a spot that's too high to pick a great QB in the draft. Where would you like to see the Bills go in the next draft? This...


Bills Ticket Buying Question

So I'm looking to buy tickets for somewhere in the beginning or middle of the season to a Bills game for me and my girlfriend and I'm worried that if I wait even a few weeks, I'll only be able to...


If we have a bad season, who's job is in jeopardy?

So my question on this slow Monday, is if the Bills have another losing season, lets say....4-12 or 6-10, who's job is in the most jeopardy? Is it Ryan Fitzpatick? Would we be drafting a QB to...


What Caused Our Stars to Drop?

I've been wondering this for a while. Some of the best players on our favorite football team were very low draft picks or were undrafted free agents. How did these star players drop this far?...


Lesser Known, but Potential Bills Prospects

I'm sick of hearing about all these first round prospects and their potential so I'm going to list a few names of guys that will show up in rounds 2 or later that could end up being Bills picks....


New Type of Mock Draft

I don't really like to do traditional mock drafts as no one really know for sure where each individual player will be at each round selection. Furthermore, no one really knows which players the...


For Whom the Bell Tolls??

According to Revenge of the Birds, Levi Brown (LT) just signed a five year deal with the Cardinals. The Cardinals I believe were the only team Demetrius Bell visited. Does this mean Bell is headed...


Great Site for Learning Potential Draftees I don't watch a lot of college football so the above link was great for me, the site has a great grading scale for...

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