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Dude... one of the biggest titans fans i know... I been reading posts from this site for a year now and I'm totally in love with it... in other sports my second favorite sport is basketball and I'm a supporter of the Grizzlies and the Lakers... I'm a fan of the players but some teams you just gotta hate... (THE COLTS!!) I look forward to getting to an inevitable Vince Young debate (can't we just let it go, he's gone... he's not coming back, unless we give him more money)

A Fan Of...

  • MLB New York Yankees
  • NBA Los Angeles Lakers
  • NFL Tennessee Titans
  • NCAAF USC Trojans
  • NCAAB North Carolina Tar Heels
  • NHL Nashville Predators
  • MMA tie between GSP and Anderson Silva... goin down next year
  • Boxing Money Maywhether (boxing is dying cuz of him and Pacquiao not fighting)
  • Tennis Serena
User Blog

Things you'll never hear NFL fans say during the offseason

So I'm bored, again... and we're getting ready to reach a very dead moment in the offseason when the players take off until training camp in about a day and a half so. Let's have some fun... Here...


Offseason open thread #8 The "I'M ALL JACKED UP ON MOUNTAIN DEW" Edition

It's your favorite MCM hater not named Golden Grams and this would totally be another hatorade post... IF it wasn't STILL THE FRIGGIN OFFSEASON!!! I'm bored as HEEEEEEEEEEEELLLL without my...


Accountability and Leadership, not just for Coaches

So we've been pissed and angry all week. It seems the whole fanbase is drinkin the haterade wh en it comes to our Tennessee Titans, only 2 games in and we are losing hope. Years ago this wouldn't...


Bathing in the Hatorade

Bored as shit again!!!!! gonna be this way until I get Madden 13. AH WELL!!!! ONTO THE SEVERE HATRED!!!! This week, it's franchise/fanbases... OHHHH AND THERE ARE A FEW I DON'T LIKE!!! ...


Who wants to drink some Hatorade!!!!???

I've been immensely bored all day, so little to do and so much time to not do it in...... Anyways I've been stewing a pot of hate and I'd like to share it. Here's my top 5 most hated moments in T...


MCM best/worst case scenario Brainstorm

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees it's the offseason, know what that means.... it means schmucks like me are bored scanning anywhere and everywhere for a friggin headline to read about. The last season, was a BIT...


MCM truth or dare

So apparently I'm known as the weird prediction dare guy... soooooooooooooooooo like any other red blooded American I'm going to capitalize on my fame, here's some random thoughts and predictions...


My feelings about this upcoming season

 Sunday as everyone is aware of the Titans are trying to make a serious statement against the AFC Champion Pittsburgh Steelers. Now, if they win, I might get tazed by one of my Steeler loving...


Titans Week one

Instead of speaking on if we win or not, or the score I shall make some predictions on stuff that happens this week within the game


Let's start a new tradition on MCM called We Locker Stocker Fridays

Ok you might not think Locker is as bad-ass, or NFL ready, or any of the above as I do, but you got to admit, the kid is nice, seriously I haven't been so happy to have one dude on my team since...


Disgruntled Fan is tired of teams claiming to be in "Rebuilding Mode"

Yes football is back... I'm happier than a pig in shit right now... The whole summer of having Hunter S. Thompson like thoughts as it seemed more and more like this season WAS NOT gonna happen ......



Seriously, it's been like 3-4 months now, and every day we get reports of, "oh man, we're working round the clock, we're out for you guys the fans" PSHHH, if either side was really cared they...


Peyton Manning needs a tissue

The lockout is not only boring the crap out of an already boring summer offseason for us NFL fans, of course you know that it changes the players lives... Take Mr. OCD... the source for the most...

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