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Advice for My First Trip to Mile High?

Hello fellow Bronco fans. I've been a fan of the Denver Broncos since 1983. I've watched a lot of games over the years, but I've never seen them play live, and I've never even been to Denver. ...


A Valuable Role For Knowshon?

As everyone around MHR is aware, Knowshon Moreno has become a very controversial player. Much of this stems from the fact that he was overdrafted by McDaniels, and a lot of it also has to do with...


What Vegas says about Denver in 2012

There has been a lot of discussion on this site about Denver's prospects in 2012. Most of the commentary seems to expect that Denver will compete for the AFC West division and make a run in the...


An Open Letter to Tim Tebow

Dear Tim, You don't know me. I'm a lawyer in Missoula, Montana. I'm 37 years old, and I have three young sons. I was one of the people in the crowd in Missoula when you did that fundraising...

Texans' Matt Schaub out for the year!


Sources are reporting Schaub has a lis franc injury and will miss the rest of the season. I predict the Matt Leinart Era will not turn out well. Anybody think Elway should call up his old buddy Kubiak and see if they are interested in Kyle Orton? How about we offer a 3rd rounder and Orton for Ben Tate? Thoughts?

Tim Tebow, Converter of the Passes


This article nails the cultural issues surrounding Tebow. Some of his opponents, whether they will admit it or not, want Tebow to fail because they want Tebow's worldview to be defeated. And in fairness, some of his proponents want him to succeed so that his worldview (and theirs) will be vindicated. Here is the money quote from this article: "But if you're against Tebow, you can't read too much into Tebow's failures, or else Tebow has already won."

Tim Tebow on Hannity


In the interest of full disclosure, this interview is mostly about Tebow's faith and not much about football. I'm not trying to start a political or religious discussion, so if you hate Fox News or Christianity, then this fan shot is probably not for you. But I think every Bronco fan should be proud of how well-spoken, respectful and charismatic our QB is.


Looking for the "safest picks"? They aren't who you think they are.

My approach going into this draft has been based on the idea that we can't have any more whiffs like Willie Middlebrooks, Ashley Lelie, George Foster and Jarvis Moss.  We don't need to end up with...


Tebow to the Patriots? Please no...

Hello Bronco Fans: I have rarely felt as strongly about an issue involving professional sports as I feel about Tim Tebow.  And I heard something on Sirius NFL Radio this morning that makes me want...

24 Hour Extension Reached


Per the Mothership. Sounds like there might be some positive momentum.

Tebow drives the green on a 349 yard par 4.


Impressing Jack Nicklaus on the golf course is no small feat. Tebow continues to represent the Broncos well wherever he goes. I can't wait until we're watching his drives on the gridiron instead of the links. Good stuff.


Breaking News! John Elway is a good businessman!

According to unnamed sources, when John Elway owned car dealerships he was in the habit of not criticising the very vehicles he was trying to sell to the public.  In fact, he often went so far as...

Feds Seize Live Streaming Sites


It appears the Feds have taken action against a large number of live sports streaming sites, including and Apparently, these sites contain links to live broadcasts of sporting events, and they are used by folks who are subject to blackout restrictions or out-of-market restrictions. Score another victory for Big Brother.


Congrats McD Haters!

You should all be very happy!  You threw your little tantrum and got Josh McDaniels fired.  You logged onto DP in your parents' basement and bashed your team's head coach and it worked.  You...

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