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User Blog

Should OKC look to the Euroleague for coaching?

With owners spending more on staff than player signings, there is an interesting development in the summer transfer period. The NBA is importing Euroleague coaches to introduce team-oriented...


System of A Down

I'll start by outright stating that I don't believe Kevin is trying to diss Kawhi, albeit the timing of the Tweet was unfortunate. I'm going to muse over the rhetoric, without necessarily trying...


Coaching, another take

A lot of discussion regarding the draft continues to ignore the fact that new ownership has not assigned a new GM, or coach. Instead, they've opted to roll with the current system, despite a...


Danny Granger... still a Sixer!

via sportscipher.com There's been a lot of talk about buying out Granger's contract on LB, and I'm happy to report he's still a 76er today. Danny Granger has always been one of my favorite...


For laughs: Rondo trade

via www4.pictures.zimbio.com The content of this article is not meant to be taken seriously... unless it is. HoopsHype ‏@hoopshype 3h Rumors: Celtics want two first-round picks for R...


Valentine's day - Share the 'Love'

via static03.mediaite.com Just for fun, three theoretical trades for Kevin 'Love' Trade 1: http://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=k7dzx6c Boston gets: Kevin Love Dennis Schroder B...


Trade Deadline - The Gasol Imperative

via rsn.scene7.com I have always considered the Lakers to be a loyal, and honorable organizations in the NBA, at least under Dr. Jerry Buss. For better or worse, the cap rules coupled...


Send Ersan to PHX

I just read this article http://www.libertyballers.com/2014/1/5/5276484/sixers-rumor-phoenix-suns-thaddeus-young-trade-request#main_comment_form Source: One team very interested in #Sixers...


Twin Towers Part II

via sitracking.files.wordpress.com Duncan is on the last playoff run of his career (possibly, who really knows with Timmy?)Splitter's inefficiencies are apparent with every playoff game, as...

Serious talk


You can't always get a first rounder in a draft, given the short supply/high demand of this year. With Thadeus Young's latest performance, his trade value has never been higher, if a first round pick is out of sight, let's stop chasing unicorns. Grab two players already with promise. http://insider.espn.go.com/nba/hollinger/statistics/_/position/rookies/sort/trueShootingPct http://insider.espn.go.com/nba/hollinger/statistics/_/position/rookies I'm not being facetious when I say Sixers should trade for Giannis and Hardaway Jr. Both the Knicks and Bucks have shit GM's, that make terrible decisions time after time. Thad, Turner and Spence are not worth what these two youngins will be worth in (I shit you not) a single year from now. Grab em, grab them now before they get hot.


Want vs. Need - The 2014 NBA Draft

There isn’t a GM that doesn’t want to build a team around Durant, or to plug and play Lebron for quick results. But how do you avoid the pitfalls of drafting the most hyped player? Hype can...

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