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Postseason trip to Atlanta

Alright Braves faithful, time to show your Atlanta chops here. This is the 3rd year straight that I bought post-season tickets only to see a massive failure in 2011 and a massive disappointment in...


Introduction thread for our new members (CAC/TC merger)

Two popular Braves sites merge in the beginning of Summer. Baseball is no longer new, and it isn't close to it's final stages. Lost in glorious daily-baseball action is the nuts and bolts of this...


OT: General Amusement and Shenanagins

So we are without an OT thread again. Spring Training is right around the corner, and we will soon be rewarded for our involuntary patience with real, live baseball. Pitchers and catchers report on...


So did we improve?

This has been an eventful off-season for the Braves. After the stand-by offseason following 2011, our failings in 2012 created a buyer mindset in Atlanta. As a result, this year saw FW making...


OT: Game of Thrones

Here's the moment that 5 of you have been waiting for. To begin, watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJ5-vgFSQQs Good luck ever watching the GoT show intro the same way again. I'm well...


Heralding the first ever, annual and highly sensitive, Competitive Balance Lottery!

It seems like I am learning about new parts of the new collective bargaining agreement on a regular basis. Not surprising given the expansiveness and subtlety that exists within. But...

Chipper Activated, slotted to start against Jays in series finale, Constanza called down


Looks rainy today so I'm not sure if we'll see him, but Chipper has been activated and was set to start the final game in the Jays series. Jose Constanza, of the nearly identical triple slash, has been called down to work on his bat licking mechanics.

OT: Another publicized account of an Alabama Fan with no working moral system


A pattern is emerging. Even the oft maligned LSU fans haven't received as much bad press in the last 10 years as Alabama fans have in the last 2. This is even worse than the Updyke incident, with an Alabama fan crossing a major line. I hope he burns for this personally. Here's a nice quote from the comment section: PHILLIES ARE WORLD CHAMPS 2012 LIKE .... IF YOU LAUGHED WHEN YOU SAW THIS YOUTUBE VIDEO. 4 fans like this. It would be easy for me as an Auburn fan to claim that there is something about rooting for Alabama that creates crazy fans. But I don't totally buy that. Sure Alabama fans take things way too seriously (anyone in the state can attest to this, and it isn't really that unique in the SEC) but at a certain point the focus changes from enjoying a sporting event to a pure focus on winning. That change in mindset is what, in my opinion, causes people to take things way too seriously. And that is what encourages Updyke and this ass to do such outrageous things.


Open Letter to Frank Wren

To Frank Wren: Pardon my candor, but it is not incorrect to say that Fredi Gonzalez is the Radio of Major League managers. I understand that the esteemed Bobby Cox recommended Fredi, but it was a...


MLB Expands Playoff to 10 Teams In 2012

http://espn.go.com/mlb/story/_/id/7638357/mlb-expand-playoffs-two-teams-10 So they ended up implementing it for this year. It really changes the landscape of the play-offs in my opinion by...

ESPN on Chipper's future, a look at the Braves


Some good stuff here. The video is especially nice, revealing that Freddie Freeman improved his bench press from 160 lbs (....) to 260 lbs. Can't wait to see angry hulk freeman. A good quote from Chipper: "So you pay attention a little more," he says. "You cherish your little fraternity that you're in. Whereas you took it for granted 10 years ago, now it's like, 'Well, this might be my last time, to go through this particular stage of the season with these guys.'


Martin Prado and the One Year Contract

After a career worst season in 2011, Martin Prado was signed to a one year contract for $4.75 million. I think it's a good value for a year's worth of Prado. But is that the right move for the B...

Heart Warming story and an example for role models everywhere


Great story about a child's struggle with cancer and the inspiration he gained from his favorite athlete, footballer Eric Abidal. Very moving stuff. Money quotes: "The only thing I was able to tell my son was, ‘You have in your head the same thing Abidal had in his liver, and tomorrow they will take it out,’ " J. Garcia Serra said. "My son said, ‘Dad get me the shirt of Abidal; I will fight like him and will win my own Champions League.’ "Juan Garcia broke down in tears when he met his idol, which prompted the 32-year-old France international star to present him with an incredible memento. Abidal took the Rolex Daytona watch from his wrist and presented it to the boy, refusing all attempts to make him take it back." "It was impossible to get Eric to take the watch back," Garcia Serra wrote. "He told me: ‘It doesn’t matter what this is worth. I want your son to be happy.’ "He embraced all of us and continued his visit to other sick children. I looked at my son, and I will never forget the look of happiness in his face. I’d forgotten what he looked like when he was happy. At night he kept switching on the light to look at the watch’s inscription." And one more: '"Abidal told my son: ‘Come, come, brother, I am here to give you courage. I am also fighting against this disease and will set up a foundation that gives joy and helps all the sick children."' Wow, what a role model.


The Obvious...

The Braves are done for 2011, and we might as well focus on 2012.   The Phillies won the WS in March, and then again in August.   Kimbrel for ROY, hell no, have you seen baseball lately, he is...

Very OT: Auburn and Alabama fans win child support arrest sweepstakes!


I even struggled to put a title on this, and I'm really torn on my reaction so here are is a brief teaser. The Lee County Sheriff's Department constructs a rather elaborate strategy to make arrests. Seems they are taking a hard stance on child support non-payment/delinquency and are using the time-tested humiliation method. Thus Operation Iron Snare was born


Trade Watch 2011

The deadline is fast looming and every indication from the front office is that the Braves are going to play a part in it. Now what that part might be has yet to be determined, but I have a feeling...


Baseball as a Metaphor for America

First, a few quotes: Baseball is an allegorical play about America, a poetic, complex, and subtle play of courage, fear, good luck, mistakes, patience about fate, and sober self-esteem.  ~Saul...


The Case for Acquiring an OF Bat (or my Two Pence)

This is partly in response to an article written by our own Scott Coleman, the article can be found here h...

Jason Heyward back Today


I figured we'd hear that he is back today because the guy seems to be a mature team player. and it is obvious that we really need him. It was getting a bit ridiculous but he is back. If only because of presence alone, this is a huge addition to the lineup for the hobbled Braves.


Chipper's thoughts on Heyward's playing status

First, let me acknowledge that I am aware that there is a fanshot posted by biggentleben, but I feel that there is a lot to talk about here and that fanshots are often too overlooked to provide...


Jason Heyward should bat 2nd:The Most Original Idea Ever

What if...Jason Heyward batted 2nd? Take a moment if you need, I understand that this is earth-shattering stuff here .Don't be shocked, and whatever you do don't point to just one at bat as your...


Opening Under New Management

We have heard a lot of extreme statements thrown around about the ending of the Bobby Cox "regime." So has Freddi Gonzalez. If the relationship that he and Bobby had is half as strong as it is...


Failcoeur T-shirts:

Look I know I'm a bit late to the Failcoeur T-Shirt party but that is genuinely a brilliant t-shirt. I want one badly. Is there anyway we can bring that back?   Royhobbs, if there is any place...


The Extreme side of Fandom:

I understand this isn't entirely in the scope of a Braves blog but as our favorite team is located in the Southeast I'm sure some of you guys have heard of this thing called "college football."...

Andy Pettitte to retire:


While not Braves news, this is not minutia in terms of the mlb landscape.


The Lost Baseball Card Collection:

I just recently unearthed my baseball card collection (easily numbering in the thousands) that lasted from 1987,1989-2001 and found tons of interesting stuff that I had forgotten that I owned....

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