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Lawyertariat mount up! (but do not bill)

I'm mulling a career change. I initially did not enter law school for (college grads and naive and stupid) reasons, so this is not a sudden wild hair. I would be attending a reputable school...


Carolina's historic streak of national rankings

South Carolina is in the midst of school record streak of appearances in the national rankings. How does Carolina's streak match up with the rest of the nation?


Why did you change from "It's ClemPson..." for SBN?

I loved the old name, and was happy to see someone reminding the national media that they are all saying it wrong. I have even occasionally corrected South Carolina fans who make "LOL. They said...

1980 Cocktail Party, Full Game & Notes at FB Study Hall

I've seen the famous play, but never the whole game. Still haven't, but if I were a Georgia fan, I'd probably want to wander over there and watch it. I hate Buck Belue.


If you want to preserve any sympathy for Penn State, you should probably avoid their fans

The fan community at Black Shoe Diaries, Penn State's SBN site, has always struck me as closer in tone to the suspended TAMU site than to the average SBN site, but I imagine they are still a better...


Non-Death Penalty Punishment for Penn State

I've been trying to think of a punishment for transgressions of the magnitude of Penn State's that does not entail completely shutting down the football program, largely due to the effect that...

Spencer Hall's pen name is not fooling anybody

Clearly this is a well written caricature of a Georgia fan ranting on the internet. Needs more "Arps!"

You can only get away with muggings for so long

When South Carolina fans last saw Alfonzo Dennard, he was provoking a confrontation with Alshon Jeffery that somehow led to a Citrus Capitol One Bowl double ejection, to the shock of everyone in America not wearing Husker red and white. The former Nebraska cornerback probably sent his stock plummeting when, against all odds, he ran across the one man in the state of Nebraska unwilling to tolerate Dennard's affection for physical contact. Taylor Martinez is pretty sure Dennard could take the officer in a rematch.


First-hand Report from Carolina-LSU womens' game

Game Report from Carolina-LSU womens' game.

"Dabo had this backwoods Carolina operation he ran."

"Rumor was the guy started off a butler, and then got the job when the old boss got whacked and someone needed to sign the papers and move the product. Hang around long enough in life and things happen. Just act like you know what you're doing, right? That was Dabo."

Hey, you guys wanna see a dead body?

Hey, you guys wanna see a dead body The Dodd Coach of the Year in action in Miami.

Lorenzo Ward Promoted to new Defensive Coordinator

John Whittle and the TheBigSpur have been all over the DC search from the start, as they are with most Carolina football stories. Spurrier made the rumored announcement official this afternoon. I know Stoops is a bigger name, but he would likely bring in a new system, a couple of assistants, demand a much higher salary, and jump at the first HC job that came along. Ward provides continuity with the system and recruiting, and would likely display more loyalty to Carolina if he pans out. Spurrier has been on a good hiring streak, and I will trust him on this one. Congratulations, Coach Ward.

ESPN's Chris Low posts Schedule Updates

Several Georgia fans were incensed by G&BA's suggestion that the Bulldogs have received preferential treatment in scheduling. A couple suggested our claims that South Carolina would lose a return trip from Mississippi State and pick up an away game at LSU were nothing but paranoid internet rumors. We can either add ESPN's Chris Low to the conspiracy bandwagon, or admit that South Carolina has been treated horribly in this process. Everything that follows assumes that the multiple credible reports regarding Carolina's and Georgia's 2012 West opponents are true. I am extremely unhappy with our AD, Eric Hyman, for not getting a fairer result for our program. His job is to look out for our best interests, and he failed miserably in a very high profile opportunity to perform that duty. I am absolutely furious that this was allowed to occur at the SEC level. One of the things many SEC fans and administrators have prided themselves on, and even used as a recruiting tool in the expansion wooing process, is the league's supposed equality. Conference fans root for SEC rivals in OOC games largely because of a perception that the SEC is a conference of equals where no program or cadre of programs is the favored son(s) of the league office. The 2012 scheduling process has exposed that notion as a lie. Go Michigan State.

SEC Releases 2013 Georgia Schedule

SEC releases 2013 Georgia Schedule (GABA exclusive)

Oklahoma State in the BCS is better for the SEC

SEC fans should hope for an LSU-Oklahoma State championship for the good of the conference.

Will Muschamp is the Last Man Who Still Believes his Own Press

TKK and other Georgia fans I respect seem united in their disdain for Will Muschamp, a man with all the arrogance of Steve Spurrier, but none of the Head Ball Coach's wit or humility. Or ability. Here's what the coach of the first Florida team in over thirty years to finish with a losing conference record had to say after Carolina's victory over the Gators: "We have two good teams in our league -- and that's Alabama and LSU -- and the rest of us you can throw us in a sack and shake us up." Carolina and Georgia dominated the trenches against the Gators, and both teams completely shut down Florida's anemic offense. Muschamp must be thinking of Florida and Vandy.

Tennessee Sure is Smart

Tennessee learns from their mistakes.

South Carolina Gamecocks Enjoy a Great Off Day

Thanks to the upsets in Norman and East Lansing, there are now a handful of teams that will almost assuredly make the national title game if they win out: LSU, Alabama, Oklahoma State, Kansas State, and the University of South Carolina. Though an impartial observer must concede we are perhaps more likely to lose in Knoxville than to win in Atlanta, it is still nice to think about.

I come to bury Stephen, not to praise him

Did you ever have one of those college relationships that just became so exhausting to put up with that even thinking of the other person was tiring? That's how I feel about Stephen Garcia as the...

South Carolina Football Stat Profile

Marcus Lattimore is the only Gamecock among the national top ten, but my favorite statistical quirk is the Gamecock currently 25th in the SEC in rushing yards per game. (Hint: He's killing it in yards per carry.)

South Carolina Gamecocks 45 - Georgia Bulldogs 42: A Dose of Perspective

Some perspective on Carolina's victory over Georgia.

South Carolina Poll Watching

This PollSpeak comparison just warms my heart. The site is a great place to poke around for an hour or so while we count down to kickoff in Charlotte. While you're there, be sure to cast your vote for this week's worst voter. I did.


Best minor subplot of SEC expansion talk

In the last few days, I have seen fans of multiple "football schools" say things like the West Virginia fan who admits: I want no part of an expanded SEC gauntlet. ACC or B10 is fine. (emphasis...

As Baseball America's Jim Shonerd says, if our CWS was a movie, it would be too over the top to be...


As Baseball America's Jim Shonerd says, if our CWS was a movie, it would be too over the top to be believed.

Gamecocks to the Championship!

Hats off to UVa for making us work for it in a great game. They are likely the best team we saw outside of the SEC. They'd definitely have my #4 vote.

Who among us is Michael Roth?

Baseball America has a well-earned reputation for loving the ACC, but they are giving South Carolina a lot of respect in their CWS coverage.  There have been a couple of quotes from Baseball...

2011 CWS: Cal Baseball perspective from Cal Golden Blogs

2011 CWS: Cal Baseball perspective from Cal Golden Blogs. Cal Golden Blogs answers our CWS questions.

2011 CWS Q&A - Carolina Baseball and Cal Golden Blogs

2011 CWS Q&A South Carolina responds to Cal questions about this year's field.


UC Irvine: 'Cock Tease

UC Irvine: 'Cock Tease

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