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2011 CWS Q&A - Carolina Baseball and Cal Golden Blogs


2011 CWS Q&A South Carolina responds to Cal questions about this year's field.


UC Irvine: 'Cock Tease

UC Irvine: 'Cock Tease


Early Scouting Report on UConn stars

Garnet and Black Attacks takes an early look at Husky star players for the looming Carolina-UConn Super Regional.

Shouldn't dynasties win more than none? I immediately thought of our LSU friends when Southern...

Shouldn't dynasties win more than none? I immediately thought of our LSU friends when Southern Cal was officially stripped of their ill-gotten title today. I'd say the LSU fans should bring back an updated version of this famous billboard, but now that the Trojans aren't winning titles, there is a sudden shortage of Southern Cal "fans" in Los Angeles.

Media, Delany complicit in Ohio State Scandal


Did OSU's Big Ten membership provide cover for their years of cheating? An explanation of why some were shocked by the extent of the violations in Columbus.

Carolina assigned Clemson's regional teams in NCAA snafu


That is the only rational explanation I can come up with for the baseball regional assignments released this afternoon. South Carolina was given the #4 national seed, which I really cannot argue...

"I want to believe there is nothing inherently cursed about South Carolina football"


And with that, Spencer Hall speaks for Gamecock fans of all ages, and of the cautious optimism for 2011 that many are almost afraid to voice aloud.

Eidson leads Maccabi into Championship Game


Gamecock fans will not be surprised that "Chuck Eidson stood out in Friday's semifinal, scoring 19 points, grabbing 8 rebounds and setting a Euroleague semifinals record with 6 steals." Maccabi will now face Greek power Panathinaikos in Sunday's title game in a showdown that could potentially alter the trajectory of Eidson's career. Every NBA team scouts the Euroleague Final Four, and many send their GM's to see the games in person. With a strong game Sunday afternoon, Eidson could potentially play his way back to the US, though a team would have to like him enough to buy out the final year of his Maccabi deal. If the rare Coldplay-fueled highlight video from the last Eidson post was not enough for you, I found a nice Scottish accented report on his Week 1 MVP performance, and a highlight play from his time in the German Bundesliga. (I love Chuck Eidson.)

Chuck Eidson Playing in Euroleague Final Four


Former Gamecock favorite Chuck Eidson hopes to lead Maccabi Tel Aviv to the title in the Euroleague Final Four, which features the best basketball teams you will find outside of the NBA. From The Painted Area's preview: "Not many American fans are likely familar [sic] with the name Chuck Eidson, but he has been one of the better all-around players in Europe over the last few years. The former S. Carolina Gamecock is a versatile combo guard with sneaky athleticism, who will help Pargo handle the ball. Eidson is probably more dangerous shooting off the dribble than when he has his feet set. Eidson's averaging 9 ppg, 4 rpg, 4 apg & 2.6 steals per." If you're a big basketball fan, you may recognize Eidson's teammates Jeremy Pargo (Gonzaga), and David Blu (formerly Bluthenthal, Southern Cal). If you are a huge basketball fan, you may also recognize C/PF Sofo Schortsinitis ("Greek Shaq") from a couple of impressive international performances against Team USA. Maccabi's semifinal tips off at 3 pm Eastern, and can be viewed online at ESPN3 live or replayed. The Painted Area will provide coverage of game results.

The "N" Stands for Knowledge


The "N" Stands for Knowledge. Jim Delaney smug cloud threatened by AAU expulsion.

Guess who has negative win shares?


Two members of the South Carolina basketball team have managed to post negative offensive win shares on the season. To borrow from Bill Simmons, this means not only have they brought nothing to the table this season, but they are actually taking things off the table. As depressing as it is to have a head coach that does not understand advanced statistics, it is even more depressing that 99% of South Carolina basketball fans can name the two players without following the link and scrolling to the Advanced stats at the bottom of the page. For the other 1%, here's a hint: In the seconds it took you to read this short message, one of the players committed three head-scratching turnovers and the other missed four rushed three pointers, all while Eric Smith watched from the bench.


Jadaveon taunts Happy Fun Ball

In an in-depth FoxSports story on his recruitment, Clowney says of the Nick Saban in-home: "I don’t see no big deal like everybody else," he said later. "They’d say, ‘He’s the king of all of...

SEC Programs as Biblical Figures


SEC programs cast as biblical characters.

SEC Commissioner Mike Slive's not going to let 'em ruin his strut though. From Chris Low's...

SEC Commissioner Mike Slive's not going to let 'em ruin his strut though. From Chris Low's "Kicking it" with the commissioner: CL: What’s your take on some of the criticism the SEC has received this year for some of these off-the-field matters? "MS: The ones who want to be critical of the SEC found things they can talk about this year. When you’re successful and having the kind of success we’ve had and the kind of distribution we have around the country, when things happen that aren’t in our best interest, we all hear about it."

Clowney is "The Future" (ESPN Insider)


I think we initially missed this ESPN Insider piece on the South Carolina Shrine Bowl team. You need to be an Insider for the full article, but I can legally excerpt a couple of the best quotes. Clowney: "I looked at the North Carolina team and said, 'Man, they've got some big boys.' But down here in South Carolina we can hit. And we can play." NC Head Coach: "We knew we needed to score early and we did. Then they brought in the Baltimore Ravens." The writer also claims the best defensive unit to take the field over a weekend that included six minor bowls and the 1-AA playoffs was the Sandlapper unit.


Ohio's just full of win today

"The state most afflicted by bed bugs is a bit of a surprise: Ohio. Three of the Buckeye state's cities--Cincinnati, Columbus, and Dayton--are on the exterminators' bed bug-infested lists. "At...

TCU to join Big East


TCU to join Big East at 2:00 press conference.



Wrestling style celebration after South Carolina leaves Gainesville with the Football Championship Belt.



South Carolina gets in the mood for tomorrow's game with the Gators with 80's wrestling style.

NCAA Investigating Cam Newton's Recruitment


According to MSU, Newton's representative claimed Cam "really liked Mississippi State", and offered the Bulldogs a 10% discount from the $200,000 other schools had already offered. Can we get a rush on this? If we could get those wins forfeited before our trip to the Swamp, that would be great. Auburn probably has to roll with Newton at this point, though the investigation could cost him Heisman votes. If they hold him out of any games, it's pretty much an admission that there is something to the allegations. If* the WarTigerPlainsmen are later found guilty, we could become the first school in SEC history to finish second in a division race with record one game better than the first place finisher. * it's Auburn. This should probably be "When".

Bob Fulton has passed


Longtime Voice of the Gamecocks Bob Fulton passed away this afternoon. He called Carolina football from 1952 to 1994, bringing the games to life for generations of Gamecocks across the state.

The Daily Feed // 11.3.10


Today's Daily Feed features not only links about football and recruiting, but also the women's soccer team's post-season preparations and honors, and news of former Gamecocks trying to work their...

Chris Culliver Out


Chris Culliver tore his pectoral muscle in the first quarter Saturday. He tried to play through the pain, but it obviously affected his performance. He will have surgery that is likely to cost him at least the remainder of the regular season. Let's hope C.C. Whitlock has a big game against the SEC's top passing attack..

Smurf Turf Open Thread: WAC Speed!!!


My preference is obviously for South Carolina to win the SEC.  If that is not possible, I want a respectable Gamecock showing against Auburn or Alabama, followed by the SEC West champ acting out...

Open Thread for Saturday Afternoon


Looks like a couple of potential upsets out of the gate.  Texas is having trouble with Iowa State, and Northwestern is up on Michigan State early.  By the time the game kicks off, we may be facing...

SEC Deal or No Deal, Update


Would you take the offer right now for your favorite SEC team's remaining schedule, or can they do better?

SEC Deal or No Deal, Mid-season Review


We review the SEC Deal or No Deal at the halfway point to see which teams chose wisely and which teams chose poorly. No, I don't call this archeology.

Detailed explanation of the coverage breakdown


Travis Haney of the Charleston Post and Courier provides aan explanation of what happened on the busted coverage on 4th and 7 that led to Kentucky's game winning TD. I told you he's the best Gamecock beat writer among traditional media. The defensive coaches also claim we will run more press coverage in the secondary, so Gamecock Man can hopefully sleep a little easier this week.

I feel hollowed out right now


South Carolina lost

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