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I am a big passionate Football Fan. I love the Arizona Cardinals and been a Cardinal fan since 2007. I used to be a soccer fanatic but since I played Football at Brunel University in London, This Games has become my thing. I love and bleed Cardinal Red.

My Fave players of all times are:

QB- Peyton Manning, Warren Moon ( Best pure thrower of the football) & Kurt Warner.
RB- Adrian Peterson ( soon to be the G.O.A.T RB)
WR- Jerry Rice (The G.O.A.T football Player) , Larry Fitz, Michael Irvin and Sterling Sharpe.
TE- Shannon Sharpe

DT- Warren Sapp
DE- Reggie White and Bruce Smith

OLB - LT ( the best pass rusher ever) and DT ( the great)
MLB- Ray Lewis ( greatest MLB of all time)

CB- Dick "Night Train" Lane ( Father of all CB's), Deon Sanders ( Prime Time) & Patrick Peterson

Go Bird Gang.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB St. Louis Cardinals
  • NBA Los Angeles Lakers
  • NFL Arizona Cardinals
  • NCAAF Arkansas Razorbacks
  • NCAAB Texas A&M Aggies
  • NHL Pittsburgh Penguins
  • MMA Jon Jones
  • Boxing Floyd Mayweather Jr & Muhammed Ali
  • Soccer Arsenal
  • Tennis Serena Williams
  • Bundesliga Bayern Munich
  • FIFA Ghana
  • Serie A AS Roma
  • La Liga Barcelona
  • EPL Arsenal
  • MLS N. Y. Redbulls
  • General L. A. Galaxy
  • Fantasy America's Dynasty
User Blog

Arizona Cardinals need start preparing for next season now!!!

I watched yesterday's game with a heavy heart that my beloved Cardinals played so average yesterday especially the offense. We have a very good defense and great playmakers but we are becoming a...


Arizona statistical predictions!!!

After watching yesterdays game, I believe Arizona Cardinals would finish the season 9-7 or 10-6. That is my prediction and I believe We will go 3-3 in the division. Win 3 at home and lose 3 away...


Arizona Cardinals Mock Draft after Acquiring Carson Palmer!!!

The Arizona Cardinals would shock a few teams in 2013 and might sneak into the playoffs. This is because I believe in Bruce Arians and his offensive philosophy as well as his honest and no nonsense...


The Arizona Cardinals Receiving Corps

I was just watching the NFL Top 10 Receiving corps and I started to think about the Cardinals receiving corps and started to think that the Cardinals could've the best receiving corps in the league...


Arizona Cardinals will be much better for long time starting in 2014!!!

The current Front Office and coaching staff seems to making the right decisions so far in this offseason. The only decision I wish they would've done better was the release of Adrian Wilson but...


Arizona Cardinals Free Agency / Mock Draft - Th best possible forecast

Now that The Front Office and Coaching staff has been established. it is time to forecast free agency and the draft. I have seen the combine performances of almost every group apart from the DB's....


Where the Arizona Cardinals Stand- Coach Hire and Draft !!!

COACHING STAFFI think it is fair to say that Arizona has missed out on the top 2 targets in Andy Reid and Mike Mccoy. Unless a report comes out tommorow to say that Bruce Arians is going to...


Why QB Kevin Kolb should return in 2013!!!

Some numbers for you with Kolb and the other QBs throwing to Fitz. In the 5 games Kolb started: 32 catches, 367 yards, 3 TDs. In every other game this season: 25 catches, 287 yards, 1 TD In...


The Ideal/Perfect 2013 Offseason for Arizona Cardinals!!!!!

We all know it has been a terrible season, as far as i'm concerned its better to finish 4-12 or 5-11 to be honest. I think we will finish with a top 5 pick. its better to finish with high draft...

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