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Born in India, stint in Michigan, but I was meant to bleed blue and orange from the get go.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Detroit Tigers
  • NBA Chicago Bulls
  • NFL Denver Broncos
  • NCAAF Alabama Crimson Tide
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User Blog

Orange and Blue Bowling Bash!

Hey there fellow Broncos fans. I haven't posted much lately, but have been reading up on the great posts everyone has taken the time to write. As a huge Broncos fan, one of my favorite times from...

TJ Ward to handle MLB duties on 3rd downs?


Elway makes some interesting comments.

Mock Drafts on average have a 2.5% accuracy


Turns out of the five main mock guys (Kiper, McShay, etc.) are off by an average of 23.1 picks spots.

Pro Football Focus grades the Broncos O-line as best in the league


None of our potential playoff opponents are in the top 10. Advantage: D line. They get to practice against the best, only to go up against the mediocre.

Take a li'l somethin' from the Ravens?


This, along with the idea that they want a diverse and bigger backfield, could free up Ray Rice to a trade. (


Thinking ahead - 2014 free agent pool

Now, I know this is early in the season, but I was thinking ahead to next year. Willy2BFree had mentioned in a comment to me that he was excited about the free agent lines forming at Dove Valley...

Ronnie Hillman deactivated for Redskins game.


CJ Anderson to suit up. Thoughts?

Shaun Phillips


I know he's not on everyone's radar right now, but he's only 10-15lbs lighter than Dumervil, and has seen a lot of success rushing the passer in San Diego. He has the frame to put on 15lbs and start with his hand in the dirt. What does MHR think about converting Phillips to a 3-down DE?


2012 Broncos draft analysis (NOT a mock!)

We all see a plethora of mock drafts going on, not just here at MHR, but throughout the information world; whether it be at one of the major sites like NFL or ESPN, or the thousands of other blogs...


A breath of fresh air

You know, there's been a lot of talk lately. Most of it has been about Manning, Tebow, and Payton and the Saints. There's been lots of mocks and FA ideas. Well, I figured that like myself,...


Post-Manning mockery - no more crazy FA talk!

Well, as many emotions as I have going on right now, I'm looking forward. I'm hoping we keep Tebow, but that's seeming more and more unlikely. Even then, I'm creating this mock to see what ya'll...

@AdamSchefter: Broncos will inquire about former QB Peyton Manning's availability and see if he has...


@AdamSchefter: Broncos will inquire about former QB Peyton Manning's availability and see if he has interest in coming to Denver.

Who says we can't spend big in FA?

I've heard a lot of people saying that Free Agency isn't the way to win games. I've heard that we're better off building our team for the draft, and we don't have the money to go after any big...

Cox acquitted


Wonder if he comes back on the Broncos' radar, especially after the testimony from DT?


Hopes and dreams!!

We all have all sorts of ideas on how things might go this year. While I don't claim that my ideas are any better or worse than anyone else's, jump with me to see what hopes and dreams I have for...


Mockbizzle - top options in the first three rounds.

Just a few ideas I had regarding what could be a good potential draft situation.


Is it just me?

Or is this the longest Friday in the history of Fridays? It's been a long time since I've been so excited about a Saturday game! Jump with me and let's get pumped!


Some musings

First of all: HOLY HELL, HOW EXCITING WAS THAT?! The girlfriend and I were over at a Steeler fan's place to watch the game, and even said Steelers fan was amazed at how "on" Tebow was, how good...

"The average male reindeer weighs 310 lbs - the same as the average offensive lineman in the...


"The average male reindeer weighs 310 lbs - the same as the average offensive lineman in the NFL." AWESOME.


One superstar and his infinite ceiling.

How funny life is: rarely do people succeed when attempting to reach lofty pinnacles expected by others. Then you have this guy whose lofty pinnacle hasn’t even been determined by the so-called...


Urlacher's comments about Tebow.

This link shows a story that's been getting discussed on a lot of major sites that cover the NFL (ESPN,, SI, etc.). It claims that Brian Urlacher calls Tebow a runningback, and that he...


Who wants to watch a game or 19?

Being fairly new to this board, I'm interested to see -- do you guys (especially locally in Denver) ever have meets at a bar or something to watch some of the games? I only have a handful of...


Tim Tebow, but not the way you think.

OK, I get it. Not everyone is on the Tebow Train. I guess that's why he's called such a polarizing figure -- people love him or hate him, and they do both with gusto. So many people, from...


I LOVE the talking heads.

It's true! For all their boisterousness, thick-headed ideas, refusal to admit defeat, lack of loyalty, penchant for jumping around opinions, and general demeanor. Why, you might ask? Well, let's...

"Needs no caption"


"Needs no caption"

Sunsets aren't the only "orange and blue" things in nature!


Sunsets aren't the only "orange and blue" things in nature!


Qualcomm predictions.

We all know that Phyllis and the Dolts are free-falling at the moment, and we know that our beloved Broncos are a-surgin'.  Jump and find some of my [over-the-top] predictions.


Drafty McDrafterson

Tebow-mania is hitting all sorts of craziness right now; we beat what was ranked the 3rd best defense in the league, on a 95-yard surgical drive in the last five minutes of the game.  We've beaten...

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