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Texans Redemption

Texans Fan - who crawled through a river of shit and came out clean on the other side. I wrote a fan post a couple seasons ago expressing my never ending frustration with Houston NFL franchises....


Need Info on PSL Club Level Purchase

A friend of mine and I are looking into purchasing some PSLs on Club Level for next season. He and I have read some information based on acquiring PSLs via auction on the Texans website and have...


Chase Davidson...Springer and Armstrong status

Was it the 2008 draft where we failed to draft multiple top picks?  Or was it another year?  Anyways, I read where Davidson was a 3rd round pick for the 'Stros in 2008, but chose to go to Georgia. ...


Projected Lineups and Rotations 2012-2013

I figure since the general direction of the CFB is focused on the future, we could all put in our projected lineups and rotations for 2012 and 2013.  There is a lot of debate how these prospects...


Possible 1B Log Jam

I'm hoping Brett Wallace comes around and gets his hitting stroke corrected.  He and Villar must pan out in order for the Oswalt trade to have return value.  However, I'm a little worried about the...


2012 - Is Trey Williams the no brainer pick for the 'Stros?

His legend is growing.  Not to the Bryce Harper level, but the kid is impressive to say the least.  I mean, the kid was walked with the bases loaded one time.  Scouting report says he has soft...


It's early but...

Kody Hinze is doing what he did in Lancaster, so I'm gonna throw this out there... Do you call Hinze up in September if his line in CC was .315/.370/.985? Do you possibly put pressure on Wallace? ...


The Trade Machine: Texans Style

It's apparent one player isn't going to turn this defense into the Steel Curtain or anything of the sort, but we need help none the less.  So, channel your inner Smithiak for a day and tell me as...


Angst & Affirmation - Week 1

Affirmation: I knew the o-line would be much improved this season.  The interior has a little experience and some depth at the G position.  They really showed us how well they work the one cut...


The wife has full discretion with the credit card

I told her ass to not come home until 10:30.  It's Monday Night and our pad has been turned into a bachelor castle.  I've got beer, wings, chips, and dip.  I hope Bud Adams gives us the finger...


OT: How 'bout them Coogs!!!!

I had my head burried into a bar stool at B-dubs in the Woodlands.  Keenum had just been sacked on a two-point conversion and the Cougars dream season had all but been written off.  I turned to my...


My thoughts on the Bills/Texans game

What I was most impressed with was the three ealry turovers that we overcame and just absolutely controlled the 2nd half of the game.  The running game was impressive, albeit against the 32nd...


Forever stuck in the depths of defeat

There is just something about an NFL franchise with the first name 'Houston' on its name plate that makes them so god damn frustrating to watch. It all starts with Oilers joining the NFL in 1970...


Avoiding the letdown game

     Historically for the Texans, coming off huge wins has spelled disaster for this team.  Below is a breakdown of huge wins for the Texans and what ensued the week after: W 19-10 over the D...


The Fight on the Sidelines

I just finished watching the NFL Replay on the NFL Network and this may not bode well for Texans fans.  Andre Johnson dragged Cortland Finnegan down by the facemask and the fracas carried deep...

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