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I'm an Iowan living in Charlotte, North Carolina. I'm a huge sports freak and really into music that no one else listens to.

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  • MLB Minnesota Twins
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  • NCAAB Iowa Hawkeyes
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Bobcats/Kings Summer League Thread

So, yea, I figured I'd make one. Didn't know if an official one was going to be made. I'm there's a bunch of us up and ready to see our draft picks and our second year guys play a little scrimmage...


Iowa Hawkeye Hockey

Wanted to know if anyone knew where I could find Hawkeye Hockey on tv?  I would assume BTN but they're too busy showing womens volleyball that night(wtf?).   I wasn't sure if anyone knew if Fox...

Speculation on the west coast for the Bobcats


check out this speculative piece I wrote about Jordan and Higgybear's recent west coast trip.

Peja to Dallas? Ajinca to the Raptors?


I don't care, but I figured a few would like to know.

Rockets have an abundance of players


At the same position. Maybe a viable trade partner for a 3 team trade involving...I dunno. SPECULATE!!


The trade to save our season.

*this is a joke, but wouldn't it be nice to see it happen?   Charlotte trades Larry Brown, Boris Diaw, and Dominic McGuire   Philly trades Jodie Meeks, Spencer Hawes, and Nocioni.    We cut...

Orlando Close to: Carter/Gortat to Phoenix for Hedo/JRich


Their roster will be: PG: Arenas/Nelson/Duhon/Williams(four pg's?) SG: J Rich/Reddick/Q Rich SF:HedoPietrus/ PF:Bass/Malik Allen C:Dwight/Dwight/Dwight I bet they move 1 or 2 of their current PG's as well. I know you don't trade a big for a small, but they are in desperate need of a backup C.


Donovan McNabb

Long time reader. First time Fanpost-er.  Now before you jump all over me on this. Hear me out.  I believe we should go after Donovan McNabb in order to mentor in a young QB(whom we would draft...

Melo will ONLY sign with Knicks if traded


so...there ya go. Ends that speculation.


Iowa Basketball worth watching for ONE reason. HOPE

I've been a pretty devout basketball fan for as long as I can remember.  The past three years(and a few of the previous...sigh) have been nothing shrot of catastrophic.  BUT! with this season I'm...

Peja/Bayless To The Raptors


"The New Orleans Hornets and Toronto Raptors have agreed in principle on a five-player trade that would send Peja Stojakovic and Jerryd Bayless to the Raptors for Jarrett Jack, David Andersen and Marcus Banks, a source told ESPN.com Saturday."-Chris Sheridan ESPN Thoughts? grumblings? Calderon back on the market? Reggie Evans to the Bobcats? lol.

81 Bobcats Games in HD!


81 games! that's freakin awesome!


Opening Night! Who's going?

Wanted to see how many of you all are coming out to opening night VS the Pacers?  I am considering getting lower level tickets for my fiance and I(shh don't tell her haha).  We will more than...


No Boris at Media day?

There was no video, or questions, asked/answered by Boris Diaw on the Bobcats site.  Everyone else had a question and answer in video on the site.  Players that weren't on there were; Darius Miles(...

Hornets Sign Luther Head?


Don't know if it means anything for us, but they have 3 PG's right now. We have some players we don't quite want. boosh. kakow.

Bulls Sign Carlos Boozer


Man, this is a pretty good pickup for them. They have a solid lineup with SG being their main concern as well as backup PG.


Anybody going to the Open House at the Cable Box?

On June 24th Gerald Wallace, along with MUGGSY! and David Thompson will be hosting an open house(with FREE hot dogs, soda, etc).  From 6-9pm and will be broadcasting the NBA Draft on the Jumbo...


The NBA Playoffs after the first round

I know this may not really be the place for it, but has anyone noticed how god awful the playoffs have been since the first round ended?  Even in our sweep we showed heart and passion unlike this...


Quick dumb question(s)

I honestly have never followed a basketball (football is another story. who gets excited for the Iowa spring game?...me)  team in depth as much as the Cats.  Therefore I know nothing about the NBA...

Gerald Wallace on Jim Rome is Burning.


Gerald Wallace on Jim Rome is Burning.


Taking advantage of the final stretch

(DA -- From the FanPosts) We all know this is a crucial time for the Cats to stay focused and get ourselves into the playoffs. I'd like to see what everyone's opinions are on the remainder of the...


Boston Shopping Big Baby for DJ?

 ESPN REPORTS CELTS SHOPPING BIG BABY I'm all for it.  This means we're probably going to give Raymond the contract he wants and keep Flip.  We'd have a young big man already in a defense oriented...


Top 10 Gerald Wallace Dunks

TOP 10 GERALD WALLACE DUNKS ON NBA.COM   Yea, they are pretty much royally bad ass.  The Predator showin MAD skills.   I have to make this 75 words, so I am eating up space.   My vote for best one...


NO FEE Ticketmaster Kiosk outside TWC Arena!!!

I hope I'm not kicking a dead horse by saying this, but there are two ticketmaster kiosks outside the arena down past the Bobcats Team Store outside.  They have a sign above them that says NO...


Good Places to Buy Bobcats Gear

I figured since the blog is getting quite a few new people(not like I'm a veteran) this would be a good place for people to post where they've found Bobcats gear around Charlotte.  Considering it...


Trade Rumors?

Just wanted to know if anyone has heard any trade rumors about the Bobcats?  Are we looking to unload some baggage?  Who would you like to see come to the Cats and who do you REALISTICALLY think we...

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