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Pat Y: Saints' Nightmare Scenario


"Since winning the Super Bowl in the 2009 season, the defense hasn’t been very good. ... Take Brees and the offense back down to what they were in 2007 and ’08" For the record: In 2008, Brees threw for 5069 yards, and the offense was #1 overall, averaging 29 points/game. In 2010, the defense was 4th overall in yards allowed, and 7th in points allowed. Oh, what a nightmare that would be!


Junior, Concussions, and Depression

I am terribly sorry if this is an inappropriate place to write this (and I feel quite sure that it is), but I cannot think of any other place where this might be more appropriate. Hearing the news...


CSC Survivor - There Can Be Only One

Thanks to unforeseeable collapses from the Ravens and Eagles, three more players were eliminated this week. And that means we have a winner. Congratulations! to Tac Hammer for ten straight weeks of...


CSC Survivor - Week 10

Another one bites the dust. Thursday Night Football is upon us, so for the next several weeks I will be putting this post up on Tuesdays. There is a fair chance that I will fail to do this at some...


CSC Survivor - Week 9

My fantasy team is named Surf City Saints. Just as the real Saints did, my team lost in weeks 6 and 8 to substantially inferior opponents. This last week was particularly distressing as I would...


CSC Survivor - Week 8

Despite warnings, coldpizza stuck with his pick of Oakland last week and suffered the consequences. The disaster that was Monday Night Football claimed two more victims here and countless others...


CSC Survivor - Week 7

My apologies for posting this so late. I completely forgot it was Wednesday. For the first time this season, no one was eliminated. Good job folks. Let's see how long that lasts. All survivors...


CSC Survivor - Week 6

As I mentioned to sXe hXc AMF last week, Eli's suck dial goes up to 11, and he sured had it cranked up at the worse possible times on Sunday. The Giants loss knocked out more players than any other...

Want to Watch Coaches' Film?


The NFL is conducting a survey to gauge fan interest in access to the full coaches' film for every play from every game. All-22 surely would be yet another over-priced product from the NFL, but it's value would be tremendous to the serious football junkies out there. Go take the survey and tell them how great this would be!


CSC Survivor - Week 5

Safe picks are not always safe. And going out on a limb early in the season has proven valuable for at least a few players. Week 4 saw the number of undefeated teams reduced to two, the Bills' loss...

Lance Moore is ripped! When did he get that big?


Lance Moore is ripped! When did he get that big?


CSC Survivor - Week 4

Another week and another big group of safe picks. That can't last for much longer. Three more players were eliminated this week, at least one of whom probably thought he had a fairly safe pick. So...

Payton Reflects on Return to Superdome


"I don’t think we’ll ever lose track or not remember Steve Gleason blocking a punt ... That was ... probably the loudest I’ve ever heard any stadium, ever. ... The significance of that season certainly was equal to the significance of eventually winning the Super Bowl. ... 2009 was important because you won a championship but ’06 for many was just as important, if not more." Wise words


CSC Survivor - Week 3

After the carnage in week 1, most entrants played it safe this week, with 13 of the remaining 25 picking the Steelers, Jets, or Lions (those teams beat their opponents by a combined score of...


CSC Survivor (aka Elimination League) - Week 2

UPDATE: I'm not putting up a reminder post this week because it would be sitting right next to this one in the fan post section. Week 1 is in the books, and nearly half of the original 48 entrants...


CSC Elimination League Week 1 Reminder

This is your weekly reminder post for the Elimination League. Below is a table of everyone's picks so far. If you haven't picked a team for this week, now would be a good time to do so. There is...


Fantasy Football - Need Help

Perhaps I should have titled that "Help!!". I've never played fantasy football, but I've had an increasing interest the last few years. Last night, I decided to investigate all the details, but...


CSC Elimination Pick 'Em League

Welcome to the 2011 Canal Street Chronicles Elimination Pick 'Em League. This is a simple, weekly NFL pick 'em league that hopefully will be as fun as last year's game. The rules are simple: Pick...


Saints in the Top 100

According to last night's edition of the Top 100 Players of 2011, the Saints have 5 players on the list. Since none of them have yet been named, that means that all of them are in the top 70. Is...


Resting Players in Week 17

There is a very good chance that by the end of week 16 the Saints will be locked into the 5th seed wildcard spot for the playoffs, with no chance of moving higher or lower. Assuming the Falcons...

Chris Ivory nominated for Rookie of the Week - Go Vote!


Chris Ivory's 23 carries for 99 yards and a 1 TD has earned him a second rookie of the week nomination. Let's make sure he wins his second time as well. Vote early and vote often.

You can't be too careful. And you can't believe too much.


You can't be too careful. And you can't believe too much.

Saints don't blame injuries for poor running game

When addressing the Saints' trouble running the ball, Payton said he doesn't "want to point to injuries." The running game is "an area that we feel like we're going to improve on," Payton said. "We understand the importance of that aspect to what we do." I guess he doesn't want to call out the offensive line directly, but that sounds like he thinks the problem is there, not with the RBs.

Remember Saints fans - it could be a lot worse.


Remember Saints fans - it could be a lot worse.


Why The NFL Needs Four Preseason Games (Or Not)

Why The NFL Needs Four Preseason Games (Or Not)

Jim Schwartz Shows Class After Tough Defeat


Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz demonstrates class in his post game press conference, after losing to the Bears on a ridiculously bad call that took away a winning touchdown catch from backup QB Shaun Hill to Calvin Johnson. Perhaps Vikings fans/players/coaches could take a lesson from this. Skip to 00:38 for the goods.


Bull$#!% reasons to hate an 18 game season

The proposal of an 18 game season for the NFL has generated a lot of opinions and arguments, both in favor and against. Some of the arguments are intelligent, well articulated, and debatable. Some...


The 18 game season - Facts, Opinions, and Horsehockey

In recent days, the idea of an 18 game season for the NFL has overtaken Haynesworth, Tebow, Bradford, Brady, Lombardi, and every other story named for an individual. It has bloated the comments...

I dreamed i was eating shredded weat and i woke up to find my mattress half gone.


I dreamed i was eating shredded weat and i woke up to find my mattress half gone.

Jeremy Shockey twitter

Monday Night Key Matchups: Saints Offense vs. Patriots Defense

Monday Night Key Matchups: Saints Offense vs. Patriots Defense

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