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Joel, you get your 10%, don't fret. Mizzou mouth breathers, be the most stylish fan out there...


Joel, you get your 10%, don't fret. Mizzou mouth breathers, be the most stylish fan out there watching your team getting Sandusky'ed by the rest of the SEC. For only $30 (shipping included) you can have this super vintage Mizzou cap. Straight White Men Can't Jump style. Your fellow wife beaters will be green with envy.


Twin Cities MNF Watch Party?

Ja Boi is going to be stuck in the land of Kirby Puckett and overrated Juicy Lucy's on Monday night. Believe it or not I'd rather watch the MNF game with some of you slack jawed, Minnesota mouth...


Fantasy Football Free-For-All

 Ja Boi has a few short term goals: 1)      Get on the KC Parks and Rec Board and get some concrete ping pong tables in local parks 2)      Get my girlfriend to mow the lawn 3)      Eradicate...


Overanalyzing Baldwin

We’re all approaching our fake football drafts which means it’s time to switch our minds to overanalyze mode.  My old friend Yoga Nate once told me “I’ve overanalyzed every decision I’ve ever...


Damn you, late game!

Damn you, late game!  You’re messin’ with my flow.  If you’re anything like me, and God help you if you are, your fall weekends are pretty routine.  Get out of work Friday, jam some tunes, pounds...


A Hustler's Guide to Ticket Scalping

  So you want to see your KC Chiefs play this weekend?  The problem is, just like Francois Ja Boi you ain’t got no money, you ain’t got no job, you ain’t got no credit, you ain’t got no girl. ...


So you're coming to Kansas City

So you’re coming to Kansas City, good for you.  I’m here to help you with your trip to our fine city.  I’ll tell you right now, I don’t know anything about anything north of the river.  It’s all...

Thank God we passed on this tool


Thank God we passed on this tool


Unofficial Friday Night Open Thread

Another Friday night is upon us, suckas.  Its funk night and I'm sunburnt as all Hell.  I bet you guys are stoked about your 3 day weekend?  Think that's cool?  Your boy, HIV 2 Elway has a 10 day...


Why the Chiefs must trade for Bad Touch Ben

  We’ve all heard the adage “buy the rumor, sell the news.”  While it applies to stocks well, it doesn’t apply to NFL players.  Rather the opposite is true, teams must pass on the rumor, or...

Anyone notice which RB jumped the highest and the furthest?


Anyone notice which RB jumped the highest and the furthest?

My main man Blount. Pioli, draft the man.

More Whitlock hate


I've tried to show some love to our home town boy but it gets harder and harder every day. Joe Pa he aint.


Mocking the Draft – KC Restaurant Edition

I hate mock drafts. We’ve already seen countless mocks and we don’t yet even know who will be leaving school early. Every year we are bombarded with clichés like "upside, playmaker, raw athletic...


Chiefs Scout Oregon at Arizona

Chiefs Scout Oregon at Arizona

Fudge Berman


If this asshole sat behind me there'd be hell to pay... "Chief's season ticket holder here. I've had the same family of meat gazers behind me for 15 years. If actually paying to watch the Chiefs wasn't bad enough, this year one of the college aged kids behind me has decided that he is going to try his hand at Berman's shtick, ALL FUCKING GAME. I'm talking all the "whoops" the "tic tic tic tic tics" the never funny nicknames. Any advice on dealing with this? Arrowhead does have one of those anonymous fan narc lines." Jesus, that's awful. I'd sell my tickets. You're not gonna miss anything the next three years anyway. Go home. Listen to Kid A. Fingerbang your own butt in the shower. Anything else is an improvement.


Who's Missing Out on the Playoffs?

Okay sports fans, it's time for a quick preseason bet before the action starts tonight.  Some of you meat gazers have chimed in on this already but lets give it one more go so the picks are...

Spiderman MJ Memorial???


I Towelie's voice..."I don't even know whats going on."


Any Freaks Going to Opening Day?

I know, I know, it’s a football blog, baseball is boring, they play too many games, steroids and the Yankees are ruining the game, blah blah blah.  Forget that, most of us are fans of all Kansas...


Congratulations mooseface79!

Everyone please join me in a big round of applause for the 2009 AP NCAA tournament pool winner mooseface79.  Mooseface put us all to shame by correctly picking 46 of 63 games (73% accuracy).  Old...


AP NCAA Tourney Pool

Ok Sports Fans, brackets are out.  Arizona keeps the streak alive for the 25th year, BEAR DOWN!   Lets get in on the action.  An Arrowhead Pride pool has been set up through Yahoo.  All you meat...


Clark Hunt Conference Call

I probably shouldn't be telling all you mad dogs about this since its intended for REAL Kansas City Chiefs fans like myself, but there is a conference call with Clark Hunt tonight.  He is going to...


Chiefs Haiku

Alright sportsfans, we've had tons of posts about who the Cheifs should or shoudn't draft.  It's Friday and many of us are counting down the hours, or in my case ripping the spiders out from...


The Case For Willie Tuitama

Everybody wants a QB.  I'm of the belief that its not the QB position that is holding this team back, rather its the O-line, D-line, and LB's.  Well, and the lack of a competent head coach.  S...


Possible 1st Round Trade Partners

I will be saying this ad nausea this off season but I do not want to draft a QB with out top 3 pick. I’m sure there is some talent worthy of a top 3 pick available. Still, I’d like to see our boys...


The rebirth...

Not shortly after having the ban hammer dropped on me, I received an email from Chris.  He was extending me an olive branch and laid out the terms of my suspension.  We're both reasonable dudes,...


Sayonara, Herm!

Adios!  Chio!  Auf Wiedersehen!  Its been a great run, Herm.  So sad to see you go.  You'll be leaving awfully tough shoes to fill.  Not anyone can blow all 3 timeouts with a two score lead in...


What is Mizzou's Signature Win?

  I know this is an NFL site but… Can someone help me find Mizzou's big win this year?  The Illini?  Cornhuskers?  This team is a joke.  Chase Daniels is a joke, the player takes every big game...


How Will LJ Be Received?

So the Chiefs most prominent woman beater since Warren Moon returns to the field Sunday?  How do you expect him to be received?  Will he be booed?  Or will the sight of him finally back in Chief's...


Cutting Herm Some Slack

Its been a while since I've had a Sunday where I didn't fall asleep wishing gonorrhea on Herm.  Too many Sunday’s have been ruined by that smug, reluctant to take blame for anything, asshole.   ...

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