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Alexey Shved Highlight Video

Hey guys, It's me again. I hope you guys liked the video on Dante Cunningham and Greg Stiemsma. I appreciate the plays a lot. I'm here to bring you another one on our Alexey Shved. I tried to find...


Dante Cunningham and Greg Stiemsma Highlights

A couple of highlight videos on our favorite new backup frontcourt Greg Stiemsma and Dante Cunningham All plays are appreciated very much so. They have 2 things in common, the songs are done by...

I was really impressed by Rubio. Can't shoot but it won't matter too much, he'll still have an...


I was really impressed by Rubio. Can't shoot but it won't matter too much, he'll still have an impact. Fun to play with, always up to stuff. - Bill Simmons

MN Training Camp Day One

Training Camp Day 1: Rick Adelman (via MNwolves) Training Camp Day 1: 1-on-1 with Ricky Rubio (via MNwolves) Training Camp Day 1: 1-on-1 with Michael Beasley (via MNwolves) If the...


DISCUSSION! Did Kahn Really Have ANYTHING to do with Adelman's hire?

I think we have to discuss this internally amongst each other. I know I haven't posted much of anything around here, but I pay very close attention to this site and read this site the most out of...

Phony Feud in MN (Relationship between Kahn and Adelman)


(HOOPSWORLD) It’s time to correct some misconceptions that are floating around about the coaching situation in Minnesota. First and foremost, yes, Rick Adelman and Timberwolves president David Kahn did exchange some pleasantries following Adelman’s Houston Rockets’ 121-102 win over the Timberwolves on April 13. The two were acquaintances because they are both from the Portland, Oregon area, though to say they were friends might be overstating things. It’s being said that this was the beginning of some secret plot for Adelman to take over the Timberwolves organization, but nothing could be further from the truth. You see, at that time, two important events had not taken place: Rick Adelman had not officially stepped down as Houston’s head coach, and the Timberwolves had not yet decided to fire head coach Kurt Rambis. The Houston Rockets, in fact, offered Adelman a contract, but he turned it down because he was tired of having to piece together lineups for a team that couldn’t seem to add the free agents they needed. Adelman just didn’t need the headache. He’s 65 years old, has more money than he knows how to spend, and really just cares about teaching and coaching. The more he has to worry about front office moves or anything else the more miserable he is. He was seriously considering just taking a year or two off from basketball, especially since it was a busy summer for his family and he wanted to be a part of all of that. Did David Kahn know Adelman, and exchange some postgame pleasantries as many people from one team do with another following a game? Sure. Were they, at that time, planning to work together? Not at all. It’s also completely inaccurate to characterize the relationship between Adelman and Kahn as contentious, in reference to Adelman’s time as the head coach of the Portland Trail Blazers and Kahn’s time as a journalist covering the team. If there were ever any hard feelings between the two, which both deny, that’s ancient water under a far away bridge. Let’s keep in mind – Adelman last coached the Blazers in 1994. Why would Adelman take a job he doesn’t need to work for a man he doesn’t like? He wouldn’t. Next up we have the involvement of Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor in the Adelman hire. It’s been suggested that Kahn couldn’t get the job done, that Adelman wouldn’t work with Kahn, so Taylor had to step in and close the deal. This is absolute nonsense. Taylor was in the room for discussions, as was team CEO Rob Moor, but it was Kahn’s call. The reason it took so long for Adelman to get on board was because he had several big events in his family and he wasn’t thinking about basketball. Once his calendar cleared, the deal with Minnesota progressed quickly, primarily handled by Kahn himself. In fact, on a conference call on Tuesday, Adelman and Kahn openly laughed at this suggestion that they don’t get along for some reason. Next up, Kevin Love. There is a perception that Adelman and Kevin Love are old family friends, that Adelman wanted to coach the Timberwolves so he could coach his son’s old high school basketball buddy. Adelman does have somewhat of a relationship with Love, but that didn’t figure prominently into his desire to coach the Timberwolves. So now we have the reasons that did not figure prominently into Adelman’s decision to head to Minnesota. Why, exactly, did Rick Adelman take the job? Simple. Rick Adelman is a teacher. He loves developing young players and he loves finding ways to make the most of his talent. He doesn’t need or care about the money, he wants nothing to do with front office politics. Rick Adelman wants to walk into a gym every day and teach kids how to play basketball and then turn that teaching into lessons that garner wins on the basketball court. Crucial to this discussion was Ricky Rubio, the heralded Spanish point guard who is now facing questions about whether or not he can play at the NBA level. When Kahn was discussing Rubio with Adelman, the former Sacramento Kings head coach pointed out that he had once made something out of a young man named Jason Williams, who many thought would never be a good NBA point guard. Williams may never have been an All-Star, but he has had, to date, 12 seasons to his credit, largely because Adelman believed in him and helped him grow into the player he became. Beyond that, when you look at the Timberwolves’ roster you see everything Adelman loves about the NBA. There are no egos, and there are only five players on their 16-man roster with more than three years of NBA experience. There are three international players on the squad, and it was Adelman’s Sacramento team (featuring Vlade Divac, Peja Stojakovic, Hedo Turkoglu) that really put international basketball players on the NBA radar. In short, the Timberwolves are a virtual blank slate with enormous potential and their biggest areas of need are areas where Adelman has repeatedly shown strength. The Timberwolves also present Adelman with the golden opportunity to take a team from the worst record in the Western Conference to respectability in what could be record time. Adelman’s track record for that sort of thing is virtually unmatched in the ranks of NBA head coaches. Instead of taking players and forcing them to change to fit a system, Adelman looks at his players’ strengths and creates a system to match – often on the fly. It’s what kept the Houston Rockets winning when their roster was overcome with injuries, and it’s what will make the Timberwolves a better team on Day One. So, to set the record straight, it was Timberwolves president David Kahn who hired Rick Adelman. He did it directly, with Glen Taylor’s support, but not his direct involvement. Adelman’s interest in the job had little to do with money, and much more to do with the fact that he’s taking on a young, promising franchise with young players who he can mold into – hopefully – a playoff team. Finally, the last thing on Rick Adelman’s mind is taking over as GM of the Timberwolves – or any other team – down the line. He wants to be down in the dirt with his players, and as far away from front office politics and dealings as he can possibly be.



Rick Adelman, who has coached 20 NBA seasons, will be the new Timberwolves coach. According to two league sources, Timberwolves president David Kahn is calling other candidates and telling them he has struck a deal with Adelman. Terms of the deal, or if Adelman got the five-year, $25 million contract he was believed to be seeking, are not known. Some quick information on the new Wolves coach



It's confirmed: Rick Adelman is new #Timberwolves coach, two league sources say VIA JERRY ZGODA TWITTER EDIT: O' here, with another edit for you guys. Because believe me, this may be the most important aspect of this hiring: When I talked about the prospect of me re-signing, I always said one of the things we'd have to have is a great coach. If it's true (that Adelman has agreed to take the job), we've got a great coach. - Kevin Love to ESPN

Just a video mix on Wes Johnson.. I like it, probably because I made it! Remember the good times he...


Just a video mix on Wes Johnson.. I like it, probably because I made it! Remember the good times he had... and of course the bad ones.

I'm sorry, but looking at this highlight video of Brewer in college, I just don't think Wolves need...


I'm sorry, but looking at this highlight video of Brewer in college, I just don't think Wolves need to let the guy go.. Will he take a rookie contract re-up?Is that overpaying? I feel he's an extremely strong bench player for us, and he could still get better,keep in mind he isn't shooting as well as he was last season... Oh, and he's nowhere near this explosive now, he's lost a step (crazy right)...


Brewer and Telfair to Boston?

Please tell me this is a rumor, otherwise, this will disgust me..   Brewer and Telfair to Boston for Rasheed Wallace's contract and a 1st rounder????? No freakin way would we do that? I saw this...


A Video That Made Me Say, This Can't Go Wrong.

Yes, I know it's a video. And it's influenced by the music, and of course i've got on these massively powerful Delta headphones, so the sound is incredibly clear and loud...   Well, I'm sorry, if...


Andre Iguodala

I was just thinking, since the Sixers are all in on Turner, why don't we go after Andre?   He would be a good fit in my opinion, 26 years old, and if we can get him to stop shooting so much, he'd...


Nick Young...

I've been contemplating as to who the Wolves need to trade for in this free agency period. We need a player that can create or have potential his own shot, someone that's athletic and can shoot the...



What's the potential for this duo? Darko says he likes playing with Al, Cousins is a bigger Al Jefferson... Can these 2 co-exist? Would you be willing to flip both Al and Love for these 2? They...


Pau and Bynum

Call me crazy, and I probably am... But what are the chances that Darko and Cousins could resemble that of Pau and Bynum? Probably a stretch, but if you could think that if Darko could make some...


Getting Turner and Granger

Ok, we Wolves fans want Turner, and we also want Granger, thats a roster that Rubio has to ooze in love with right? Wolves have tons of assets, so how about this... Wolves get: Tayshaun Prince #7...

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