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Rewatching Vengeance 2003 when suddenly, BUNNY! THE BUNNY!


Bradshaw and Farooq were being interviewed by Funaki backstage (that's a bottle of Jack in JBL's hand), when this furry little critter popped outta nowhere. (Farooq followed it with a, "Well I'll be DAMNED!")


A 5th Year HMBander Reflects on 5 years of Hawkeye Football and implores you come to the game on Friday (YouTube videos galore!)

The class of 2008 has been fortunate to suit up for 44 games over our 5 years with the Hawkeye Marching Band. Through those 44 games, the Hawks have gone 31-12 (.705). We’ve seen 4 bowl games and...

Freshman Women's basketball player Claire Till dreamed of playing for Iowa: Dreams Come True


#GetToKnowAPlayer Claire Till is one of four freshmen who've made their way onto Lisa Bluder's team (joining other new face Kathy Thomas who transferred from a Kansas Comm College). As mentioned in the article, she's bled Black and Gold from infancy, and her mom played ball with assistant coaches Fitzgerald and Jansen. She dreamed of coming to Iowa, but was plagued by knee issues in high school and there were doubts she'd get an offer from Bluder. Now she's here and averaging 8 minutes a game, showing she can make an immediate impact. I look forward to seeing what she can do in the future. If you're in town, come catch the game at 7pm in Carver-Hawkeye Arena, or (blech) follow the stream on

James Vandenberg has a previous career in professional wrestling


The Sinister Minister, James Mitchell, went by the name James Vandenberg when he debuted in WCW in 1997. "Mitchell debuted in World Championship Wrestling (WCW) as James Vandenberg, the manager of Mortis." Mind blown, how has this not been brought up yet?

Bring GameDay to Iowa City! Have you voted yet today?


There's only one day left to put your vote in and let your voice be heard. Bring GameDay to Iowa City!


Any news on McCall's Suspension?

One of the guys here at Iowa said he saw on the news it was in response to a Facebook status McCall had made criticizing Ferentz's decision to burn his redshirt by playing him at Purdue.  I can't...

Have you ever wondered what the Iowa Fight Song would sound like as a disco? Well put your mind at...


Have you ever wondered what the Iowa Fight Song would sound like as a disco? Well put your mind at ease.


Overheard on FaceBook (jNW)

A fellow high school graduate and former-friend that now goes to jNW posted the following on Facebook yesterday:"Hey Hawks, do you know why folks here in Evanston call it the University of IO_A? ...


The Real Cambus Has Arrived

Just this spring, Iowa got a walk on commitment from an Independence, IA native who already has a year at Iowa under his belt.  His name is Cameron Hayward and he played football, wrestled, and did...


No complaints about the refs?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not blaming this game on the refs by any means.  There's been more than enough discussion about the coaching, time management, the chipping away of the defense, etc.  I...

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