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Has Replay proven Umps hate Braves?

As we sit here today, roughly 25% of the way through the regular season, the Braves have had SIX calls against them proven wrong by replay. Over the course of an entire year, that averages out to...


Hudson goes for immortality tonight!

Only six pitchers in the modern era of baseball (1900 to present) have racked up 200 pitching victories AND done so with a winning percentage of .650 or higher: Whitey Ford Pedro Martinez ...


Huddy is 7th all time in Win Percentage!

Maybe I was spoiled by watching Maddux and Glavine and Smoltz. Maybe I was distracted by the fact that ESPN only talks about the Phillies, Red Sox and Yankees. Maybe I was oblivious when Tim...


Will Hanson/Boras be "team players" down the stretch?

We are already hearing that Hanson uttered profanities when he was told by Fredi that he was headed to the minors for a rehab start... so what kind of attitude can we expect from him when he finds...


The brutality of Uggla (using wRC+)

The brutality of Uggla and his $13 million annual contract is best shown with my favorite new stat: Weight Runs Created Plus (wRC+). Weighted Runs Created Plus (wRC+) measures how a player’s wRC...


Who is our DH going to be?

I know that I am looking ahead, but I do this every year when we have a shot of reaching the World Series... because I HATE the fact that the stupid AL has a huge advantage in games where the DH is...


Can Brian McCann see OK?

As we all remember, Brian McCann went through a brief time in his career when he was having problems with his vision and tried wearing glasses/goggles before finally having Lasix (Lasik?) surgery...


Can't spell FREDI without F-I-R-E-D

Please, Frank Wren.  That was a deer in the headlights last night.  Chipper was managing the team while Fredi just paced and stared.  That was a full year of terrible strategies.  Overused...


Chipper now into the Top 50 All-Time?

With Chipper recently hitting his 500th double and driving in his 1,512th run, he moved into 50th place All-Time in both categories (Doubles and RBI).  So in addition to these two new "Top 50"...


McLouth: Best Braves baserunner ever?

OK, I know the title of the post makes you say "This guy is a ruh-tard"... or it gets your brain thinking about guys like Otis Nixon, Ralph Garr and Brett Butler... but there is a method behind my...


Braves to climb over .500 in 2011

No, I'm not talking about our win percentage for the 2011 season. I'm talking about our win pecentage FOREVER!! It has been a long climb since 1876 when we started off as the Boston Red Caps... b...


Glaus at 3B?

Did we even give Glaus a single minute of playing time at 3B? With Prado hurt, would Glaus be the back-up 3B after Conrad? Will Glaus even be on the 25-man postseason roster if we make the...


Minor in postseason rotation?

Hudson is obviously the guy we would want in Game 1, Game 4 and a crucial game 7 right now... and JJ is looking like a strong guy for Game 2 and Game 6. Hanson is reeling a bit... and Lowe is...


1991 World Series

Do any of you folks know where I could get copies of all 7 games of the 1991 World Series?  I don't want a condensed highlight DVD.  I want the complete games as they aired on TV...with all the...


If J-Hey bats cleanup...

I know we talk all about the projected line up and whether J-Hey should hit second or seventh, etc. But what if we just realize that we are dealing with a FREAK and admit that he is just "that...

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