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Stowed away at PNC (Game 4)

I promised a recap and didn't realize it was this long so I had to sadly make it a fanshot. Heading to the game, I gave pause about wearing my Cardinals gear. Over the last two year, there had...


Cardinals vs Astros, The End of an Era

With the final chapter of the Cardinals/Astros National League rivalry over, I thought it a good idea to look back on the history (and eventual bloodfeud) of the two teams. While the Astros...

Thanks to D-Dee for the gif. This is from a WGN video of a play that happened on April 16, 1969...


Thanks to D-Dee for the gif. This is from a WGN video of a play that happened on April 16, 1969 between the Cubs and Cardinals at Busch. Mike Shannon hits a ball down the line that is a sure double, only to have it bounce off the umpire and back to Ron Santo, who makes the throw. Shannon then plows into Beckert, injuring him. Here is a newspaper article about the play.


Cavs have traded for Jamison (WaPo)

Washington Post says the Cavs have traded for Antawn Jamison in 3 team deal that involves sending Drew Gooden to a Western Conference team.   UPDATE: Rumor is now that it is Big Z and a first...


How will the Cavs use Wally Szczerbiak?

The Cavs still maintain Wally World's Bird Rights.  Despite what he says, he has no intention of returning to the NBA as his knee is shot.  But because they have his rights, they can sign him in a...


Any uniform info?

This past year, the Cavs wore these various uniforms:   Full-time rotation   2008/2009 Alternates   via     Over the last few years, they've worn the creamcicle Orange...


Chris Duncan has been TRADED (OFFICIAL).

Chris Duncan has been traded to the Boston Red Sox for the charred remains of Julio Lugo.  No links yet.   Lugo was a disliked player in Boston because of his inability to perform at the level he...


1968 World Series Game 1- Open Thread (MLB Network)

mclain                                   hoot 31-6, 1.96                          22-9, 1.12   the defending champion cardinals are looking to become the first back-to-back champions since the...


Ben Wallace considering retirement

Ben, by this fan's eyes, was the best post defender we had in the Orlando series and it will sad to see the 'Fro go.   But pragmatically, when I saw this story I automatically thought about his...


Which pitcher would you rather have back?

If tomorrow you woke up and found a blank, already signed Presidential Executive Order laying in the street by your house (you know the government, very wasteful...can't keep track of anything)...

It's the Playoffs, Man!


It's the Playoffs, Man!


Bill DeWitt considering changing uniforms

On KTRS last week, Bill DeWitt Jr. said the organization was kicking around the idea of replacing the 'CARDINALS' on the road uniforms and changing it to  'St. LOUIS' under the Birds on the Bats.  ...


Where the Cavs can stand historically

The Cleveland Cavaliers are within reach of some pretty prestigious company as the season draws to a close.


VEB March Madness Brackets

I did this last year, I figured I would do it again this year.   Group ID #188657 Password: izturisstillsux   Fill out your brackets by noon...


Anyone find yellow 70's HWC shorts for sale?

I'm sorry if this isn't the type of thing that belongs in a Fanpost but it is something that has been a problem for me for most of the season: Finding these shorts to buy. Until recently, I hadn't...


Alex Rodriguez tests positive for steroids

On the 104 player list from 2003, Alex Rodriguez tested positive for 2 different anabolic steroids (per   I'm a little worried that a few Cardinals could be on this list.  We dodged a...


What's brewing on the trade front?

Just wanted to get the communities take on what might be brewing on the trade front for the Cavs?   I think we've seen the most pressing issue against the likes of Los Angeles and Boston is the...


More discontented fanbase this off-season?

While it may not 100% pertain to the VEB-readership, there is a large sentiment amongst Cardinals fans that this off-season has been a failure.  On my drive home today, I was listening to MLB on XM...


NLCS Game 7 Open Thread: October 19, 2006

Here is the game thread Larry gave us.  First pitch on MLB Network at 8 pm EST. suppan               perez 12-7, 4.12        3-13, 6.55 over at, the cardinals are trading at...


World Series Game 5 Open Thread- 8th October, 1956

the barber                           larsen 13-5, 2.87                        11-5, 3.26   maglie, a former giant was outright sold by the indians in may after making only 2 appearences for...


I've got the MLB Network

And you don't! Ok, that may not be true but I came home today and there it was.  It is a Hi-Def channel with the sides cut off to make it standard definition but that doesn't matter to me. The...


TB Rays: The Poor Chicago Cubs

If 100 years wasn't bad enough, Since the Chicago Cubs last played in the World Series, these expansion franchises appeared in the Fall Classic: New York Mets - 1969, 1973, 1986, 2000 Houston...


How NOT to fix the 2009 bullpen

“Interest exists in retaining pending free-agent Jason Isringhausen after the franchise’s career saves leader required surgery earlier this month to repair a torn tendon near his right elbow. ...


Get on the Rays October Bandwagon (Octob-ray?)

Dear Sir or Madam, This is a letter to inform you that we are deeply sorry they your team has been eliminated from Major League Baseball playoff contention. We understand you must be upset and we...


Must Win: Skins vs Arizona

Is there such a thing as a 'Must Win' in Week 3?  Probably not.  However, this is as close as it gets.   The Redskins play their 2nd home game of the season.  They will only have 6 left after...


Jim Edmonds turns on St. Louis

In probably the dumbest business decision of his career, Edmonds disowns St. Louis media and the Cardinals organization after today's game:     No, what he did was this, according to Mike...


2009 All-Star PreGame suggestion

In 2008, we saw the greatest collection of living HOF'ers at Yankee Stadium.  It was a special moment, and really, it'll be hard to top that. However, I think I've got one better. Instead of...


Reason for hope? A look at history

It's after game 114, and let's take a look back at where Tony LaRussa Cardinals teams have stood at this point in the season:             Game 114    Final       Finish1996     61-53           ...


All-Star Game Overflow 2

This is the one that wins it for the NL. Hope it doesn't end in another tie; Bud Selig will never get out of Yankee Stadium alive. By the way, the guy was safe at the plate on McLouth's throw...


Al: Another Cubs/Clemente Game

You has said when I pointed out what appeared to be footage from July 2, 1971 Pirates/Cubs games that if I ever found anymore to pop in and let you know.   While watching the end of Clemente...

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