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My real name is Len Seaman. I'm a long suffering Cleveland sports fan since the mid-1970's. My misery is only compounded by the fact that I now live near NYC and am surrounded by Yankee and Giants fans.

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Someone Like Kipnis or things to do when you're miked by MLB TV


Someone Like Kipnis or things to do when you're miked by MLB TV

Bringing Thome Back Into the Tee-Pee


Zach Meisel (and almost everyone else) is reporting that the Indians did put in a waiver claim on Thome. The uncertainty is whether the White Sox also made a claim as well. Of course, if the Indians were awarded the claim, there's that issue about what the Twins would ask for in return, and whether it would be worth giving up a this point.

Another Award for the Captian of the Evil Empire


He probably deserves this more than the one he got yesterday.

An Update On Juan Lara


This story of Lara's drive, determination, and humility coupled with the organization's commitment to him (financially and otherwise) reminded me of why, even with their horrendous on filed exploits of late, I'm proud to be a fan of this team.

Philly Fans Not Treating Rays Fans Cordially


Joe Romano a sports columnist for the St. Petersburg Times is complaining that Philly fans are being none too kind to Rays fans - including the children of some of the players. It seems like a typical Philadelphia sporting event - complete with the pelting of Joe Maddon's granddaughter with packets of mustard.

Why This Award Isn't Named After Derek Jeter Is Beyond Me


But The Captain wasn't even nominated for the 2008 Pepsi Clutch Performer Award. Cliff Lee is among the nominees however. So, in the words of the Greater Chicago Democratic Party - vote early and vote often!

PTBNL to Be Selected Today


According to Hoynes, the Indians will pick the PTBNL today - choosing between Brantley and Green. Do yourself a favor, refrain from reading the comments to the article. I did and my head is still spinning and my stomach hurts. While he says the PTBNL will be picked, he doesn't say it will be announced.

Tribe in Cleveland thru 2023


The Indians have extended their lease with Gateway (the non-profit group that owns Progressive Field) for another ten years — until 2023. The extension includes a provision that allows the team to play five "home games" at a site outside the U.S. and Canada over any five-year period.

MLB's Greatest Moustaches - Honorable Mention for Our Pal Sal


I understand Hrabosky, Fingers and Gossage being high on the list, but see no reason Sal should take a seat behind the likes of Mattingly, Hernandez or even Beck. (In a related note, no mention of Casey's beard at all)

Indians Making One Last Run at Signing CC


According to an unnamed major league exec, the Indians are making a last ditch effort to sign CC before trading him. This comes from the Yankees beat writer for the Newark Star Ledger. While he won't name his source, you can assume it is someone in the Yankees organization who we can expect would have been interested in CC, so that puts this just a hair above useless speculation.

Sabathia? SABATHIA! Sabathia.


A look inside C.C.'s brain. Where's Chuck to tell us the anatomy's all wrong?

C.C. Hosting a Sleepover Party


Apparently dozing off on the mound isn't enough.

New Agreement Reached on MLB Drug Policy


As part of the deal, players named in the Mitchell Report will not be disciplined. To the extent this was creating a distraction for Byrd, at least that's over.

Casey Wants R-I-S-P-E-C-T


In an off day article from the the Tribe's propaganda bureau, we have some discussion of of Blake's penchant for failing to drive in runs. The word play was nice, but it would have been better if they had referred to him as L-O-Blake

Opening Day Standings


Tampa and both KC lead their divisions. Gotta be a first time.


Juan Lara Re-signed to Minor League Deal

The Indians finally made the necessary roster move with Juan Lara.  He's been dropped from the 40 man roster, cleared waivers and re-signed to a minor league deal.  This way, he'll remain on the...


C.C. - When I come to that road, I'll cross it.

C.C. had his promised "one time only" discussion with reporters on his decision to table contract negotiations.  It's reported here.He recalls what a distraction the negotiations were on his...


Rocket Fuel Was Lidocaine and B-12

In excerpts of the 60 Minutes interview, Clemens admits he was injected with drugs by Brian McMcNamee, but he claims that they were lidocaine and B-12.The AP story is here.How stupid do Clemens and...


Papelbon's Dog Eats WS Ball

For more proof that this guy's an idiot, see this article.Apparently, he left the ball Varitek gave him from the final strike out of Game 4 "on the counter," and his dog Boss, "tore that thing to...


STO Post Game - Pie Video

This season because of the Extra Innings/Direct TV Debacle, my cable company, Cablevision, didn't get the E/I Package until June.  (Of course, it was offered at the full-regular season price...

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