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Royals in on Kendry Morales?


Here's Rotoworld's take: "Duquette also mentions that signing Morales could give them the flexibility needed to deal Billy Butler for pitching help. The market has been very slow to develop for the 30-year-old slugger, impacted by the fact that he's tied to draft pick compensation, and that he's a butcher in the field and best served as a designated hitter."

Bowe concussed


Don't care about this week's game, but hope he'll be okay for the playoffs.

McCluster has a foot infection



Beltran signs with Yanks for 3 years, $45M


I'm kinda glad we didn't sign him for that kind of deal.

Denver columnist thinks Chiefs are "frauds"


If we win, I want to read his next column.

Royals interested in Phil Hughes


I wouldn't mind Hughes as a reclamation project, assuming the contract's reasonable.

Chiefs reportedly considering Tony G



SI says Bowe not looking as explosive


This is part of bullet #6: "The Chiefs have a big problem with receiver Dwayne Bowe. Not sure what has happened to him, but he lacks explosion and can’t beat man coverage anymore. Defenses don’t fear him at all." Interesting. That hadn't been my read from watching the games, but I can't claim any particular aptitude for evaluating these things...

Giants Nervous They Might Actually All Be On Same Page (from The Onion)


To be fair, this could have been written about the Chiefs pretty much any week last season. So glad it's not last season anymore. =)

Royals scouting Cards' pitching prospect?


"Derrick Goold of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that scouts from the Phillies, Padres, Royals and Blue Jays watched Carlos Martinez pitch Sunday at Triple-A." No idea what it means, but the Post-Dispatch article says the Cards are looking for SP, RP, and SS.

The reason behind last night's tarp challenges


So they weren't purposely sandbagging it just because they were losing. =)

One good Royals hitting stat


Although we all know how few walks the Royals draw (currently 28th in baseball), I was surprised to find that we also don't strike out very much. As of right now, our batters have struck out the fewest times of any team in baseball. No idea what it means, but it completely took me by surprise.

Yost + Stats = Sign of the Apocalypse?


Yost: "I had our statistical guys make up an optimum lineup for us by the way we're going against right- and left-handed pitching to take any advantage of it."

Maybe they'll trade us for Getz?


Chiefs know whom they're picking #1, but they're not telling


"[T]he plan is for the Chiefs to keep their decision secret -- even after they're on the clock -- to give other teams one more opportunity to offer a trade for the No. 1 overall pick."

Royals keeping Kottaras over Hayes




Anyone know what our current cap status looks like?

Moeaki gets knee scoped


Reid said tight end Tony Moeaki, drafted one round after McCluster in 2010, had arthroscopic knee surgery after the season but will be ready to go when offseason practice begins in May.

Kansas City Star

Yost attempts to Jedi mind trick reporters about Hoch's demotion


It's not a demotion. It's actually, quite frankly, a bit of a promotion in my mind. You go from helping your team win every five days to help your team win every day.

USA Today: Chiefs interested in trading for Nick Foles


We've been speculating this for a while, but this is the first actual report I've seen stating this.

Trevor Bauer responds to criticisms by... rapping?


If Bauer and Montero are going to have the first MLB rap battle, I'm hoping it's like the "Walk Off" from Zoolander.

Sporting News prediction: Ned Yost, AL Manager of the Year


They also pick us to finish second in the division. And yes, I know... but hey, we can dream, right? Right?

This should feed the Alex Smith rumors...


Found this on Rotoworld, where they added, "The tea leaves suggest Kansas City is the early favorite to land Smith via trade, likely for a middle-round pick."

Royals hiring a "creative statistician/analyst"


From the end of the article: -- The Royals are hiring. According to an advertisement at, they are "seeking a highly motivated and creative statistician/analyst to develop analytics for use in decision-making by the Baseball Operations department." Moore said it’s a new position as the team continues to build its analytics department. -- Any takers here? =)

Soria signs with Rangers


Generally speaking, the team that scores first wins 64-67% of the time, BUT...


"According to the Elias Sports Bureau, the team that scored first in 2009 won 66.4 percent of the games played. Since 2000, it falls into a 64-67 percent win ratio.... So, doing whatever it takes to score first including bunting should be the top priority." My problem with this article (and Yost's use of this stat) is that they're assuming causation (i.e. assuming that scoring first makes you win more often) instead of simply correlation. It's also quite possible that you're more likely to score first when the opposing starter is having a bad day (or not any good to start with), and your increased win percentage has nothing to do with scoring first, but is instead the result of facing a bad pitcher (or at least a pitcher having a bad day).

Because... how else do you celebrate a 7-3 win over the O's?


Because... how else do you celebrate a 7-3 win over the O's?

Nice night for a couple Royals pitching prospects


Sam Selman posted a 5 IP, 1 H, 2 BB, 11 K line (link in the title), and Kyle Smith (fresh off the DL, I think) put up a line of 7 IP, 3 H, 0 BB, and 12 K's (

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