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I KNEW This Fox Deal was Gonna End Up Pissing Me Off

While there were the negotiations ongoing with the UFC and everyone I was rooting HARD for them to go with ESPN. Zuffa wants the UFC to go mainstream and the big unconquered realm for the UFC is...

BJ Penn in Assassin's Creed Revelations Commercial


BJ Penn in Assassin's Creed Revelations Commercial


Before Everyone Freaks Out About the UFC on Fox Primetime Ratings...

Yesterday after(in most places) the early NFL game on Fox there was the debut of UFC on Fox Primetime. It had a lead in from Fox's post game show "The OT." I thought this was cool when it was first...

UFC 137: Diaz vs. Penn finally gets a trailer


UFC 137: Diaz vs. Penn finally gets a trailer


Corners Need to Do a Better Job of Protecting Their Fighters

During the main event of UFC 131: Carwin vs. dos Santos I felt that the corner did a terrible job of doing a base duty as a corner.  Going into the fight it was hyped as a guy with technique versus...

Jon Jones gets a new car


Jon Jones gets a new car

Jose Aldo's Weight Cut Struggle before UFC 129


Jose Aldo's Weight Cut Struggle before UFC 129


"Rampage" Forced Jon Jones to Answer the Biggest Question About Him

Going into every Jon Jones fight for the last couple of years it was always about him being "tested" or answering questions. Going into this fight there were questions as usual: "What would happen...


How Do You Beat Dominick Cruz?

Dominick Cruz may be the least respected Champion among the hardcore fans. He has defended his title 4 times already, but he isn't spoken of in the same light as GSP, Jose Aldo, Anderson Silva, or...


You Know What One of my Favorite Things About MMA is?

One of the big reasons I like MMA that is I am literally watching a sport grow before my eyes. I've been a sports fan since I was young, however; back then the major sports were already popular...


Why the Rise of the 'Jones Era' is Not the Same as the 'Machida Era'

After watching Lyoto Machida knock out Rashad Evans Joe Rogan made a statement that was a good idea of the time. He proclaimed it the start of the "Machida Era." To that point Lyoto had not lost a...


Overeem, Not Jones, to Be the UFC's Next Big Thing

I'm sure we all know of Brock Lesnar's surgery for diverticulitis(bawss, spelled that right on the first try). The UFC expects him to come back early next year, but I am pretty pessimistic  about...


I Find It Stupid That So Many Fans are Dancing on the Grave of Anthony Pettis' Title Shot

Something has been bothering me in the last week of my treks between here and Sherdog. There is an alarming number of people who are happy that Anthony Pettis lost to Clay Guida. These aren't...


The Blueprint: How to Beat Jon Jones

"Every man can be beaten," is a quote we've heard from many fighters. Throughout history it has been proven virtually true one way or another with fighters in both boxing an MMA. However Jon Jones...


Want to Build Up the Heavyweight Division? Poach NFL Players

Quick question, which division is the worst top to bottom in MMA? If you said the heavyweight division then congratulations you watch MMA. The lack of depth in the heavyweight division has been a...


Jon Jones is the Personification of Greg Jackson's Genius

After Jon Jones choked out Jake O'Brien he made the best move of his career. He decided to join highly regarded Greg Jackson's Mixed Martial Arts gym. Over the past 15 months, yes it's only been 15...


Jon Jones, Greg Jackson, and Mike Winklejohn Catch Criminal in New Jersey

I'll let Jon's Twitter tell the story(all the tweets are jumbled together) So while we were at the park today a crack head smashed this old ladys car window and took off running with her gps just...


Dana White's Lack of Being a Real Sports Fan is Going to Cause the UFC to Plateau in the US

This has been something that was on my mind for a while. With the Pro Bowl coming up I had to type it up now or it would lose some of it's relevancy. Over the years something that I've come to...


It's Annoying That MMA is the Only Dangerous Sport that Gets Bashed for Being Dangerous

About 2 weeks ago MMA experienced it's second death in sanctioned competition. This of course fueled the "Anti-MMA" fire with NY Assemblyman Bob Reilly saying: "To put two men in a cage or two...

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