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Rays 7, Tigers 2: Price Trade Canceled


Kevin Kiermaier and his pair of triples propelled the Rays to victory.

Game Recap: Rays 12, O's 7


Rays set press conference to announce hitting coach Derek Shelton's extension for 7pm ET. (No, for real though... Matt Joyce had the game of his life at the plate today.)

Game Recap: M's 5, Rays 0 - UGH


The punchless Rays strike out 17 times while Balfour gives up 5 runs in the 9th inning of today's Festival of No Fun.

Rays 8, Red Sox 5 - Rays Sweep Sox at the Trop

Not even a bench clearing brawl could save the Red Sox from themselves as they lose their 10th straight.

Angels 6, Rays 0 - Camo Hats Strike Again


CJ Wilson dominates the Rays in a complete game shutout

Indians 6 Rays 5 - Nyjer Morgan Bedevils the Rays


Morgan was the story today in a Rays loss. Chris Archer could only go 5 innings, and the Rays offense came up just short with a late rally.

Rays 5 Yankees 1: Wil Myers Loves Yankee Stadium


Ever seen an inside-the-park 3 run homer? How about with a bat flip and trot?

Game Recap: Rays 2 White Sox 9.


Ah, so this is what rock bottom feels like.

Game Recap: Yankees 10, Rays 2


The horrors continue.

Hatfield's Corner: About Last Night


Thoughts & Musings from Game 2 at the Trop.

Hatfield's Corner: The Return

Oh, how time flies. We're quickly approaching one year since the last Hatfield's Corner post. We'll have to check the spreadsheets, but I believe that's roughly the same writing frequency as...


GDT 4/14/13 : Team Doesn't Care, Blog Doesn't Care

It seems as if no one from the Ivory DRB Tower will be making a GDT today, so I am biting the bullet and doing it. Please frontpage this ASAP. 75 words 75 words 75 words 75 words 75 wardes 75...

Hatfield's Corner: March 2, Orioles at Rays

The masthead wasn't available to cover yesterday's 5-4 loss to the Blue Jays, which featured a sharp performance by Chris Archer in relief -- pumping 98 mph in the strike zone over three innings....


GDT 8-29-12 Rangers Give Naughty Rays Another Spanking

Picturesofpeoplespankingsealife.gif Hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello word count word count word count word count word count word count Hello...


GDT Kotchman vs the Rays 7-16-12

This is going to be awful. But you asked for it. If you would like to chat during the blowout, feel free to do that here.


HR Derby Open Thread

Spot the DRB user!!!! SRQMan has been throwing up gang signs throughout the AB's of the first two participants. Who has a screenshot????


The USF/Florida Southern Showdown

As your friendly neighborhood VD5 member and Florida Southern alum, I was wondering who would be heading over to the Lakeland Center to check out this matchup. Should be a good time.  I was...


Baaaack back back back back... Home Run Derby Open Thread

via 1.bp.blogspot.com This thread serves almost entirely as a forum for SRQ to humblebrag about all the cool happenings at the All Star Game.   Other topics include (but are not limited to): -...


2011 Jimmer Draft Open Thread

You've asked for it... here it is!    The place where we intelligent basketball fans can discuss obvious #1 pick Jimmer Fredette, his hustle, the multiple wives in his future, and the...


This is better than Christmas...

What news could make us all squeal with glee?   Carl Crawford signs with the Astros and promises to sit out any interleague or World Series games against the Rays? Better. James Shields rented 'How...

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