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Thoughts from CHA for Iowa v Oky St

Wow. What a meet! I read through some of the open thread from the meet and saw a lot of disappointment with the final result, which I think would be reversed had the tiebreaker gone our way. As a...

Formerly of the California (Virginia) Penal League


Pretty good and interesting story about an Iowa basketball recruit.


Michigan: God Made them Jerkoffs v Iowa Hoopyball Open Thread

Because I couldn't find an Open Thread for the game and this website has conditioned me to no longer be able to watch Iowa sports without discussing it with buffoons on the internet.    The Buffoon...


Iowa releases plans to play without RB next season

In light of recent events, Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz has announced that Iowa will not have a single running back on the team next year.  "That's it.  We lost the war.  AIRBHG has officially...

This just flat out needed to be posted. Merry Christmas!


This just flat out needed to be posted. Merry Christmas!


Wootenocalypse: Part Duex

Did you see this?  Have you heard about this?  The Evil Witzgerald and Corey Wootton have teamed up again to bring destruction to an unsuspecting QBs career.  I am frankly surprised to not have...


I'm starting to get sick of this

and I'm talking about the whining and pissing and moaning of our fanbase every time something goes wrong.  Have some perspective people...this team is where it is because of Kirk Ferentz and not in...

Stoops Explains Decision to Punt


Asked on Monday why he elected to punt late in the fourth quarter with his team trailing to Missouri, Stoops said he was trying to maintain a respectable losing margin for pollsters to look at. "It's a long year. Who knows how poll people look at scores?" Stoops said, according to The Oklahoman. "Had we had a reasonable amount, some kind of field position, had we shown any signs the previous three plays of making a play, we would have (gone for it). But I didn't see that."


University already caving on tailgating rules

The University has officially changed one tailgating rule...undoubtedly in response to a high volume of complaints from fans.


Masoli cleared by NCAA after his appeal

For those who are unaware of how this went down...here's the long and short of it: 1.)  Masoli jacked some frat guys and stole a bunch of electronics...then got run down by one of the frat guys...

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