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Dedicated to the art of winning championships.

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User Blog

New Research, New Questions


You already know - Research begats more fun ways to analyze our Hawks - and it's all truth! Let's get it...

History speaks to Str8Talk


Learning what history says about how to win championships and where to start.

Truth Telling Time


Time for an early season look into the mind of Hawk Str8Talk

The truth and nothing but the truth

Giving the people what they need - it's the Truths! Season Preview style...

Hawk Str8Talk Dares To Question Danny Ferry


While the basketball world is enamored with Danny Ferry, HS8T dials back the wildeyed optimism with a dose of the truth.

Silence Isn't Golden: Honesty Corner Is BACK


After a few months of exile, the fire of Hawk Str8Talk is back and shots are fired.

Ball Don't Lie & Neither Does HawkStr8Talk


Get ready for another edition of the 5 Truths where we set the record straight on Josh, Larry, and the guys shooting free throws (Curly & Moe), plus lots more. Plus, our Grammy Award winning...

Hear Ye, Hear Ye - Truths Right Up


Love or Hate It, but it's still the Truths from HawkStr8Talk

Talking Heads Unite - Squawk Box is back!


You got questions. We got answers.

Str8 Talk is firing shots again


Josh Smith, Jeff Teague, playoffs and roller coasters?!! Hawks Str8Talk is bringing the truths -- read, comment and dispute. It's what he does.

Peachtree Hoops Squawk Box, Vol. 2


What have the writers at Peachtree Hoops cooked up for debate this week? Sharpen your knives...

Read HawkStr8Talk's 5 Truths


HawkStr8Talk has a rookie revolt, an agreement with Danny Ferry and a Larry Drew extension endorsement? Yup, it's all in there. Agree, disagree, discuss. Rinse, lather, repeat.

Read Hawk Str8Talk's Season Preview


The incomparable, opinionated Hawks Str8Talk is back with a Hawks Season Primer that begs to be read and commented upon.

Inauguaral Peachtree Hoops 'Squawk Box'


The writers of Peachtree Hoops sit down to give their thoughts on the upcoming season for the Atlanta Hawks.

Atlanta Hawks Commentary: More To Be Done & Plan A is the Only Option


The Str8Talk is back on Peachtree Hoops with a commentary on the job half done by Danny Ferry and Hawks ownership and why Plan A is the only option right now.

Atlanta Hawks Commentary: John Jenkins, Jeff Teague Should Start


Starting backcourt, Danny Ferry doing work and offense is now king in the ATL are today's topics of conversation in... HS8T: Honesty Corner's 5 Truths Vol. 18 No filibustering today. No using...

HS8T: New Days & New Truths


The blog left off last week in dire need of a new slogan to replace its long-held disclaimer that the blame for the lack of championship pedigree in Hawks land rested with poor ownership, poor...

HS8T: Discarding The Disclaimer


(Channeling my inner Bill Simmons) In August 2008, I started HawkStr8Talk. The purpose of the blog was to give voice to an honest appraisal of the Atlanta Hawks while also being very much the...

HawkStr8Talk: End of Season Truths


Party People, Yep, it's been 2 months since my last post and well, you're better off for it. I had a end of regular season review, then I had a playoff update and then well - I just lost...

Honesty Corner's 5 Truths: Vol. 15


Party people, It's been over a month (January 30, 2012 to be exact) since my last post. This is for good reason - simply put, I had lost inspiration for this team and writing about it. Why?...

Honestly Corner's 5 Truths: Vol. 14


In previous episodes of HS8T, we spread such truths as Horford's injury won't have any 'getting to the playoff impact'; Ivan Johnson's job saving ability; why Jason Collins shouldn't start; and...

Honesty Corner's 5 Truths: Vol. 13


Looks like the Atlanta Hawks have hit adversity in the name of a Hawks injury, but So, it's time to read the disclaimer and then - let's go... Disclaimer: As always, all criticisms come after...

Hawk Str8Talk's Honesty Corner: Vol. 12


Hawk Str8Talk is back with the Honesty Corner!!! Yes, we're back and it's time to provide our signature weekly article about our fair Hawks. Since everyone and their mama wants to do a game recap...

Hawk Str8Talk is back - Offseason/Season Musings


It's time for some Str8Talk. After flirting with the end of the blog (by virtue of my pledge that I would quit blogging if the Hawks defeated the Bulls in last year's playoffs), it's time to get...

HawkStr8Talk: Operation Championship? The Hawks 2010-2011 Season


It's certainly WELL overdue, but it's about that time that we do our end of season review of our Atlanta Hawks.  Unlike most blogs that do these things, the point here is - what is moving us toward...

ESPN The Mag quotes Hawk Str8Talk


So, just when you wonder whether or not anyone hears your see this little blog that leads you to your moment in the sun. Check out the link on or if you're an insider,...

Honesty Corner's 5 Truths: Vol. 11


We'll be providing a complete Year In Review once the NBA Finals are over, but for now - here's some truths to tide you over - mostly dedicated to the news that Rick Sund will continue to be our...

Honesty Corner's 5 Truths: Vol. 10


Hawk Str8Talk is back with his Honesty Truths, which this week cover the media, Larry Drew, Jeff Teague, and others.

Things My Grandmother Could Teach About Basketball


On this Mother's Day, I will be celebrating by taking my mother and my grandmother to the Hawks game.  Now, this sounds self serving, but for a family that has significant Indiana roots where...

HawkStr8Talk's Honesty Corner's 5 Truths: Vol. 9


Time for another Postseason Edition of the Honesty Corner, so let's get to it. Disclaimer: As always, all criticisms come after blaming the Atlanta Spirit Group first, ...

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