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I live in Colorado Springs, but grew up in Chicago...loving baseball, hockey, and football.

-Grew up a south side Cubs fan...maybe if the other team in town had their games on WGN back while I was growing up a snot-nosed baseball nut in the 80s, it might be a different story, but it's not, and I don't give a damn. I was, and remain, a die-hard Cub fan.

-My Dad covered the Blackhawks for the Tribune in the mid-80s, so having the opportunities I did as a youngster to see games/practices, meet players, etc. hooked me in for life as a Hawks fan...so much so that I was one of those 7,000 in attendance at the UC during the dark years.

-How can you grow up in Chicago and not be a Bears fan? I guess if you HATE football?

-Sure, I can call myself a Bulls fan...not quite to the degree of the aforementioned Chicago favorites, but I cheer for them.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Chicago Cubs
  • NBA Chicago Bulls
  • NFL Chicago Bears
  • NCAAF Michigan Wolverines
  • NCAAB Butler Bulldogs
  • NHL Chicago Blackhawks
User Blog

Have an opinion about the Cubs? Yahoo might publish it! After all, they published this...


What a joke. Just in case you became aware of Major League Baseball yesterday...here's a quick, and (sarcastically) in-depth article about the Cubs. This guy follows the Bears and Bulls more closely...that's fine, those are his teams. Then why, in the name of the flying spaghetti monster, would Yahoo publish his thoughts about the Cubs? For good measure, he adds some more in-depth musings about the White Sox. Dear Yahoo editors, Try harder. Love, Everyone

You're Welcome, Bears


I became giddy as a school girl when I saw Jim being announced; ready to belt out our national anthem. Bravo to our fans who brought the tradition to Soldier yesterday...and may it be used against those damn dirty cheeseheads this Sunday. P.S. Same Puck Daddy blog comment policy in effect here...read at your own risk. PLEASE.

Not only can the Hawks prove how mentally fragile the Vancouver Canucks are, apparently even the...


Not only can the Hawks prove how mentally fragile the Vancouver Canucks are, apparently even the Minnesota Wild fans can prove it too! Sweet fancy Moses, what a bunch of jagbags.

Coach Q getting a contract extension


Well deserved. Details of the contract to come this afternoon at a news conference - 2:30 on CSN, and also streamed live at CSNChicago.com. Side note (opinion): This is another Tallon acquisition that seems overlooked (not necessarily by hardcore Hawks fans) Although we all loved Savy, and he helped to begin the NHL development of one Patrick Kane, Tallon made the tough decision to replace a guy with his number in the rafters with experience and proven success behind the bench. He knew where this young team was headed and what they were capable of, and that it needed the correct leadership...Q was/is that leader. Congrats to Coach Q, much deserved. May he lead us to many more Cups.

Ryan Grant out for season


Now they know what it's like to lose a key component of their team during the first week of the season. Some Pack fans are already saying things like, "Yeah, that sucks, but with Rodgers, our receivers, and our D, we'll be fine, Brandon Jackson is good enough." What do you think? Will this truly affect their offense? Or are they right for not worrying too much? And of course, does this really help the Bears? Kev's Note: Props also to Boondock_Saint812 who linked this up in the Den thread.


My Moment with the Cup (now with local news video) Courtesy of Adam Burish

Watching via computer, reading stories online, and listening to reports on the radio about the day the Hawks came back to Chicago with the Cup, I was jealous.  "Dammit.  Today is the kinda day I r...

Support a displaced Hawks fan as well as cancer survivors and fighters


Pretty cool story from Puck Daddy about a fellow Hawks fan...

Moose, Rocco! Help Travis find his cheesesteaks!


In the weird, alternate universe in which the Flyers won the Cup, Second City Hockey would've paid their debt in a relatively timely fashion. But, since that universe exists only in the corners of Carcillo's sociopathic mind, the reality is the Hawks won the Cup, and the debt which was to be paid in the form of cheesestakes from Broad Street Hockey...remains...in arrears. Fix this.

Thrashers talking to Torch


We probably won't be shocked it both assistants find head coaching jobs elsewhere. As it will be said...hate to see him go, but we'll wish him the absolute best of luck (unless it vs. the Hawks, of course) he deserves it. Haviland also rumored for the Devils' vacancy.

We'll take the win, you keep the puck, Chris.


Is he really trying these cute, little get-the-other-team-off-their-game antics against the Hawks? This is to the same effect as, "You can't bullshit a bullshitter." It's fun to watch and laugh at though, Chris. Keep it up ol' boy! The Hawks and their fans are really enjoying it!

Duncan Keith. Awesome on the ice...and off.


I just discovered this video this morning in David Haugh's column in the Trib; wrapping up the Preds series. My apologies if this link/video has been posted already somewhere in the game threads...but since I didn't see it in the FanShots, I figured I'd put it up here. I'll describe this video in four words, in which you probably already know, but...Duncan Keith is awesome. Enjoy!


Attention: Blackhawks fans in Madison!

Editors' Note- HawkVision asked that we plug his Madison game viewing get-together, so here it is. If you're in Badger country, stop on by. - McClure (co-author of SBN's Second City Hockey) Those...


Transplanted Hawks Fans in MADISON, WI

Editors' Note- HawkVision asked that we plug his Madison game viewing get-together, so here it is. If you're in Badger country, stop on by. - McClure Those Hawks fans who are based in the Madison,...

Burish is ready


At full strength, soon we will be. Good article about his impending return. I can't wait for this Badger bastard (I mean that in a loving way, of course, i.e. 'you magnificent bastard!') to wreak havoc on the ice again. Not simply because he fights, but I think the team takes on a little different persona - a little more energy and fun, which usually results in ass-kickin in more ways than one.


Enjoy what we're watching

I stumbled upon this article/blog on the Y! Sports NBA section titled 'Ball Don't Lie' (yahoo's NBA equivalent to Puck Daddy) and the author, Kelly Dwyer.  I know, it's a basketball blog, an NBA...

How Chicago radio staples cover the Blackhawks


Yet ANOTHER reason why I visit SCH and the Hawks official homepage for ANY AND ALL news/analysis. Can't talk intelligently about hockey, oh dearest of douchebags, Boers and Bernstein? Can't talk about an actual WINNING team in Chicago? Of course you can't...so, let's become Star Magazine. This is the MOST they've EVER talked about/covered the Hawks, and this is how they do it. Christ almighty, seriously guys, fuck you. You're truly an embarassment. Sure, the pics are funny. But how they've presented it, and subsequently whined about how if they were NFL or NBA players in these photos, the pics would be taken differently? Puuuuuhleeease! The only team in Chicago that's truly great, and this is the effort they make to cover them. Bravo gentlemen.


NFL gives double birds to Hawks, as well

Seemed like an appropriate headline given the latest post showing the Hulk-a-mania Pens fan displaying his IQ to VERSTEEG!, but I digress.  Remember those commercials we were suppose to get with...


Catfish on the move?

Bob McKenzie said on "NHL Live!" that the Hawks have been shopping Sopel paired with a 2nd-round pick for any player that would become a UFA. Darren Dreger reporting the same thing...Could we...


Burish Supports Local Wisconsin Farmers

I saw Badger (Adam Burish, for those that aren't familiar with the nickname) at the Madison farmer’s market this past Saturday, but completely didn’t have the stones to stop him to say hi…he...


So, I'm gonna ask it...Wings or Ducks???

Thursday night our Hawks get to sit back and watch (most notably, rest) while the Scum take on the Ducks in a do-or-die game seven.  While the majority of us, and the hockey world, would like to...

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