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When you're born, you go towards the light.
When you die, you go towards the light.

In between, we're all fumbling around in the dark.

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  • NFL Dallas Cowboys
  • Fantasy Nagasaki Blast
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  • Boxing Tyson (Cicely not Mike)
  • Cycling Evel Knievel
User Blog

The Dirty Dozen

As fans, what do we expect from the draft? Maybe I should rephrase that. As fans, what do we realistically expect from the draft? Sure, we all have the fantasy of hitting on every pick and...


One Big Happy Family.....

A non-descript little man with glasses and a slight potbelly sat on the smashed hood of his brand new Chevy station wagon, waving and smiling to the vulgarity-slinging passers by as he puffed on a...


Injury Timeout

Tony Romo walked slowly towards the sidelines as the rest of the Dallas Cowboys offense bunched together on the field while the opposing team's doctors tended to an injured player. "Damn, man," D...


Good Morning, Mr. Halprin

Dave Halprin, editor of Blogging the Boys sat on the edge of his bed, scrunching his bare toes in the carpet. And sighed. He knew everything after this.....Everything from the time his toes...


Dear Diary: Doug Free

Dear Diary: It's me again, Doug. I know I haven't written in a while, but I was pretty busy with the season and all. It didn't turn out as well as we had hoped. Finished 8-8.....One game out...


That Pesky Mortal Coil

Jerry Jones sat in a stiff, straight-backed chair opposite a rather plain, non-descript desk. Might have been a piece of furniture you'd see in the office of junior high vice-principal. Drab,...


A Very Diamond Christmas

Jerry Jones was gassed. Hair standin' up on one side. Eyes floatin'. Silly, crooked grin.....Speck of foam in one corner. If he wasn't posin' with a bunch of kids, I would have laughed. "...


The Case Of A Desperately Despondent Dez

Spring diggin' in my back. Cracks in the ceilin' and walls. Damn drippin' sink swimmin' upstream against the gin.....Like a jack-hammer in my skull. Fuzz on my tongue tastes like...


Gameday: Sean Lee

The alarm clock wakes Lee from a deep, dreamless sleep. There's no need to dream when your awesomeness in real life would trump anything you could possibly conjure in your subconscious. He...



Jerry Jones and his wife Gene stood at the tee on the first hole of their country club's golf course. Waiting. And waiting. Tony and Candice Romo stood off to one side, cuddling. "How long...


BTB Grammar School

Principal: Dave Halprin Counselors: NYHorn, scottmaui Instructors: Brandon Worley, One Cool Customer, KD Drummond, Tom Ryle, Archie Barberio, Rabblerousr, Coty Saxman OCC: "Alright...


Smell The Roses

At some point in the future, the Dallas Cowboys are going to bring home another Lombardi or two. Whether that happens with this generation of players or the next...well, that remains to be seen. ...


The Case Of The Millionaire's Missing Mind

"Mr. Diamond?" Heard the voice in my sleep. "Mr. Diamond, are you awake?" Didn't know myself. Felt the hat bein' lifted off my face and opened one eye. "At least you're half awake. That...


Defending The Faith

The other day I bumped into a guy I've known most of my life. He's a pretty decent person on the whole, just not someone I enjoy running into. Loud. Boisterous. In your face. Always...


The Case Of The Curiously Cross-eyed Kicker

Midnight. At least I think was midnight. Wasn't sure. Had to give my watch to the cabbie just to get me this far. When the watch stopped, the cab stopped. Funny how it always seemed to...


Death Match! Part 1- "The Interview"

The last couple of weeks, we've had several spirited debates on BTB regarding who's the better quarterback---Tony Romo or Eli Manning. Both sides have presented their cases admirably and all...


The Case Of The Hopelessly Harrowed Housewife

I sat in my shabby office, feet propped on the desk, thumbing through the latest issue of Throb!. I pushed a stack of unpaid bills aside with the heel of my scuffed wing-tips and reached for a...


Big But(t)s

What do you see when you look up and down the Dallas Cowboys' offensive roster? I can't speak for anyone else, but I see undeniable talent mixed in with limitless potential. It's safe to say,...


Crystal Balls

On Wednesday night, September 5th, the Dallas Cowboys open the 2012 NFL season against the Super Bowl Champion New York Giants. the Super Bowl Champion New York Giants I actually threw up a little...


Forward...Into The Past

I think it's safe to say, Dallas Cowboys fans are diverse. That diversity is defined geographically, ethnically, occupationally and generationally. The latter is what intrigues me the most. ...


Alternate Reality Check

Well, well, well...Here we are again. We're stuck in the middle of another off-season. Hours roll into days. Days roll into weeks. Weeks roll into months. Torture. In the past, the...


Kickers...No Wonder I'm Bald!

Early in the Week 2 game against San Francisco last season, the Cowboys lined up for what should have been an easy, chip-shot field goal. The ball was snapped. Rookie kicker Dan Bailey made his...


My Heroes Have (Not) Always Been Cowboys

As I am fairly new to BTB, I thought for my first post I would give the long-time readers a small glimpse into what makes me tick and how I became a loyal and devoted follower of the Royal Blue and...

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